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  • This booklet is designed to be a pocket reference when you forget what you are supposed to do concerning others and yourself. It would benefit you to read through it every morning over breakfast or at night before retiring. In this manner, your positive attitude will become part of you throughout your entire day.

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  • This mini-eBook is dedicated to a dear friend and colleague who was taken too early, but who continues to motivate and inspire us: Satyam Anand 1979 - 2012 "I come to work every day with a positive attitude and every situation in life I try to take it in a positive way... There are a lot of negative things around, but you need to try to be positive as much as you can, and things will fall in place."

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  • People are not neutral observers of the world. They evaluate what they encounter and form attitudes – the positive and negative evaluations of people, objects, events, and ideas.

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  • Dialogue 1: CINDY: Grant's a lively person, who never seems to stop talking. He's short and solid with blue eyes and a mop of grey hair. He's considerate and gentle, with a good sense of humour. He's very active physically, and loves all kinds of sport. I'd say he has a positive attitude towards life and people. Dialogue 2: CINDY: Michelle's a likeable woman, who cares about other people. She's quiet and shy and not much of a conversationalist. She prefers reading to sport. She's tall and thin. She's fair skinned and very pretty with long, straight, blonde hair and green...

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  • A Carpentier annuloplasty ring was sutured. With the ring in position, the chordae were retrieved from the ventricle, and both needles were woven into the prolapsing segment, straddling the point of maximal prolapse. Two or three bites were taken through the coaptation surface to the line of coaptation. The two arms of the suture were tied on the atrial surface with a slip-knot to bring the leaflet to the annular plane, and a clip was placed across the knot. Pericardial pledgets could be used if the leaflet tissue seems fragile.

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  • This is a book about you. It is your personal journal. As you work these exercise's, be honest. Do not give what you feel is the right answer but instead give the honest answer. As you work through this book, you will discover new things about the greatest person in the world and that person is you. It is my hope that after you have completed this book. That you will find new talents that you did not even know existed and that you have established new goals for your life. But more importantly that you now know how you will be able to reach these...

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  • Sub-Saharan Africa has the worst indicators of women’s health—particularly of reproductive health—of any world region. These indicators include the highest number of HIV-positive women and the highest infant, maternal, and HIV-related death rates worldwide. The ability of a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body and her reproductive life are key to improving these indicators.

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  • Adolescents exposed to the interventions in Site B were more likely to support use of contraceptives by unmarried adolescents than those in Site A, and a similar pattern was seen for contraceptive use by married adolescents. Adolescents who were exposed to the intervention showed more favorable attitudes regarding use of condoms by unmarried adolescents than the non-exposed in both Site A and B. The analysis also revealed a more positive attitude towards health facilities for contraceptive and STI services compared with pharmacies as a source of supplies and services.

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  • Zimbabwe continues to be among the least competitive economies in the World. According to the World Bank 2011―Doing Business Survey‖ Zimbabwe ranked 157 out of 183 countries in the world, a move up of two positions compared with the 2009 report. Its ranking however is still well below those of neighboring countries such as South Africa (34), Namibia (69), and Botswana (52) (Figure 2).

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  • The digital projector is the new device that comes into your projection booth. It is essential to provide it with a position that gives you the ability to work easily all around it and ensures the right operating conditions. In no instance, should you make compromises concerning any alterations required. Today, it is essential that the projection booths provide enough space to take up two projectors, one 35 mm and one ...

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  • Investments are deemed to be held for trading. Investments are recorded at their fair value with the change between this amount and average cost being recorded as unrealized appreciation (depreciation) in value of investments in the Statement of Operations. Securities listed on a recognized public securities exchange in North America are valued for financial statement purposes at their bid prices for long positions and ask prices for short positions.

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  • The only impact evaluations the IDB has are beneficiary evaluations; that is, the IDB asks the beneficiaries in the communities how they evalu- ate what they received: Was it working correctly? Did they like it? Was the choice an adequate one? Was the project sustainable? The IDB study summarized about 800 project visits in various countries in which this sort of beneficiary evaluation was done, and in general, the beneficiary evaluations are quite positive. School projects have the highest evalua- tions even if a few schools that were built are not operating.

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  • Throughout Europe, savings banks share common values, such as local ties, a positive attitude to all customers not excluding certain categories of clients, together with a socially responsi- ble behaviour. Savings banks therefore embody a “stakeholder” model, seeking to bring value and return to the whole community of stakeholders, which surround them (investors, suppli- ers, customers, employees and the local community in which they operate).

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  • In May of 2000, I graduated with an undergraduate degree in elementary education and a minor in English as a Second Language. My first teaching position was in a rural school district. I taught fourth through eighth grade bilingual classes, two sections of seventh and eighth grade Spanish, and worked with several at-risk students. Frustrated by the educational gains these students made, and the lack of respect for bilingual education, I applied and was hired for my current fourth grade position in a neighboring school district.

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  • Second, information providers such as teachers and facilitators should be trained to effectively convey reproductive health education to adolescents. Similarly, service providers should be trained on elements of adolescent friendly services. Third, since the adolescents showed positive attitudes towards health facilities for contraceptives and STI services, relevant authorities should prepare health facilities for adolescent-friendly services.

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  • A strengths-based approach to the Health and Physical Education curriculum will acknowledge that most students come to the learning area feeling positive about their health. ‗The majority of young people rate their health as ―good‖, ―very good‖ or ―excellent‖‘ (AIHW 2011). This is not dismissing the fact that some groups of young people are experiencing poor health. Rather, it recognises that all young people have particular strengths and developing positive attitudes and a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills can improve their health and wellbeing. ...

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  • In a first stage no distinction is made between cars owned by private business, government and  utilities on the one hand and personal cars on the other hand. This distinction could be useful  because the policy instruments can be different  in both cases and because changes  in the com‐ position of the fleet stock eventually filter down to the personal car stock. Including a separate  category of  fleet  cars would  require modelling  the  transition of  these  cars  to  the personal  car  stock.

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  • PERHAPS the greatest asset of the United States in the present condition of tension in international relations is its strong na- tional economy. It is this economic strength which, in large meas- ure, is responsible for the rise of this nation to a position of tre- mendous power and influence, and for the development of an unrivaled standard of living for its citizenry. Economically power- ful though the United States may be, however, it is not self-suffi- cient. The world is, in fact, economically interdependent.

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  • In the body of research investigating students’ attitudes towards interacting with other students in online and distance education courses, there are some studies that report overwhelmingly positive attitudes. For example, O’Reilly and Newton (2002) found the majority of their 90 survey respondents highly valued interaction with peers and reported a wide range of benefits including mutual support, friendships, a reduced sense of isolation and new insights into the concepts being studied. Yildiz and Chang (2003) similarly reported that most...

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  • Of those who were satisfied with the quality of discussions, most indicated they enjoyed having access to others’ experiences and views, and that other students’ posts helped them learn and complete their assignments. Several commented that e-Communities was a positive and safe environment in which all contributions were welcome. Of those respondents who were either dissatisfied with or indifferent about the quality of discussions, most commented either that few postings mean few quality discussions or that the discussions that do...

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