Poverty reduction program

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  • Agricultural development is widely recognized as crucial for poverty reduction. At the same time, agricultural expansion and ever more intensive practices are widely recognized for their contribution to ecosystem degradation. Less well recognized is that, in many cases, agriculture offers the potential to generate both poverty reduction and better environmental outcomes. The studies presented in this volume look at one policy tool that may address this gap: payments for environmental services (PES).

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  • In the process of Vietnam’s integration into the world economy and particular Vietnam became the mamber of the Worth trade Organization (WTO), economic risks will arise, people’s lives will be greatly affected, therefore, it is essential that social policies be adjusted in response to growth trend and pace of modernization.

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  • Established as a temporary mechanism or a transitory program, social funds were intended to transfer resources to those groups that were hardest hit by adjustment programs. In the last few years, they have become more like permanent poverty reduction programs. NGOs point out that, while the purpose of social funds is not to eliminate the struc- tural causes of poverty, it is possible for them to affect some of its symp- toms and manifestations.

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  • Poverty reduction has two fundamental requirements: enabling the poor and marginal groups to participate in decisionmaking about their own development, and giving them access to capital, technology, credit, and land, especially in the case of the rural poor. Programs to deliver these basics must be designed with accuracy and sophistication within a frame- work of macroeconomic social policies whose main objective is poverty reduction.

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  • Helping to build country institutional capacity is at the heart of the World Bank’s mission to promote sustainable development and poverty reduction. Greater integration of project management in a country’s existing institutions and systems is important to this goal, and to the Bank’s effort to move toward greater use of country systems in lending. The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness adopted at the High-Level Forum in March 2005 reaffirmed the donor community’s commitment to align their programs to national development strategies, institutions, and procedures.

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  • A key component of the strategy is the CGA, a country-level gender analysis that identifies critical areas in which gender-respon- sive actions are likely to enhance growth, poverty reduction, and well-being in a particular country context. Country Directors will ensure the completion of these assessments in a timely manner in countries with an active lending program (and in which an assess- ment has yet to be conducted). In line with the ongoing reform of the Bank’s analytical work, the methods for carrying out these assess- ments will be flexible.

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  • Particularly if poverty reduction is the goal, listening to the poor, in- volving them in decisionmaking, in the planning and implementation of programs and projects that affect their lives is a must. Empowerment of the poor is as critical to their well-being as giving them the projects, investments, and programs to improve their quality of life. Some of these insights implicitly or explicitly shape and influence the thinking of social funds, but this is an evolving process. New insights are made every day.

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  • Government efforts to meet the Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS) Child Health program societal outcomes will have long-term benefi ts for Ontarians and the province. Provincial government strategies, e.g., the Poverty Reduction Strategy (including the Children in Need of Treatment [CINOT] expansion) assist in achieving the OPHS Child Health program goal.

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