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  • On May 5th, 1997, the European edition of Business Tech Magazine led with Hoffman’s cover story "Internet Communities: How They're Shaping Electronic Commerce". This cover story highlights the extent to which the term virtual community has become almost synonymous with various forms of group-CMCs (computer mediated communication), including email-list forums, chat-systems such as IRC, web-based discussion areas and usenet news-groups.

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  • Many people believe that the number of words in the test is not limited so the vocabulary is also impossible. However, it is absolutely not true. The amount of the TOEFL test vocabulary is quite limited and predictable, including many synonyms. Further tests also use the universal language. Therefore, learners need to equip yourself with the list of target vocabulary, synonyms and words generated may appear on the test.

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  • Homer, in all probability, knew no rules of rhetoric, and was not tortured with the consideration of grammatical construction, and yet his verse will endure through time. If everybody possessed the genius of Homer, rules and cautions in writing would be unnecessary. To-day all men speak, and most men write, but it is observed that those who most closely follow Homer's method of writing without rules are most unlike Homer in the results. The ancient bard was a law unto himself; we need rules for our guidance.

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  • Today, multiple terminologies used to describe mitral pathology. Terms such as prolapse, flail, partial flail, redundant, overshooting, stretching, elongation, floppy, billowing, ballooning, Barlow, dysplasia, myxoid, and myxomatous, for example, have different meanings for different specialists. The confusion comes first from the fact that several of these terms are synonyms. For example, flail leaflet, overshooting leaflet and leaflet prolapse are synonyms. Other synonyms are Barlow, billowing, ballooning, myxomatous valve, and mitral valve prolapse.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Analogies Grades 4 - 5 helps sharpen critical thinking skills and boost test scores by providing your students with plenty of practice using analogies such as daisy is to flower as quarter is to coin, or sail is to boat as handlebar is to bike. These 40 fun practice pages will help students recognize and classify relationships between words including user/object, synonym, antonym, homonym, and more.

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  • Vocabulary in Context was written especially for you. The program was designed to enrich your personal word bank with many hundreds of high-frequency and challenging words. This book presents topic-related readings with key terms in context. Follow-up exercises provide a wide variety of practice activities to help you unlock the meanings of unfamiliar words. These strategies include the study of synonyms and antonyms; grammatical word forms; word roots, prefixes, and suffixes; connotations; and the efficient use of a dictionary and thesaurus.

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  • (BQ) A revised and updated edition of this teach yourself workbook on phrasal verbs, with a new easier-to-use design and layout, more exercises, more synonyms and opposites and new review pages. Now even more helpful for exams. Specially written to help learners gain a thorough understanding of the meaning and grammar of 100 essential phrasal verbs through authentic examples and guided practice. Inviting you to refer to part 2 of ebook.

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  • The terms codes and standards are almost synonymous; they have essentially the same meaning. They are different in that codes are usually requirements imposed by regulatory authorities, whereas standards are consensus documents adopted voluntarily by organizations with a common interest in a technology, product, or practice.

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