Precipitation types

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  • Hydrology is a branch of scientific and engineering discipline that deals with the occurrence, distribution, movement, and properties of the waters of the earth. A knowledge of hydrology is fundamental to water and environmental professionals (engineers, scientists and decision makers) in such tasks as the design and operation of water resources, wastewater treatment, irrigation, flood defence, navigation, pollution control, hydropower, ecosystem modelling, etc.

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  • Cell-free expression has become a highly promising tool for the fast and efficient production of integral membrane proteins. The proteins can be produced as precipitates that solubilize in mild detergents usually without any prior denaturation steps. Alternatively, membrane proteins can be syn-thesized in a soluble form by adding detergents to the cell-free system.

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  • Hydroxyapatite (HAp) has been widely used as biomaterials (bone replacement, implant, etc...) thanks to its good biocompatibility. In this study, hydroxyapatite/chitosan (Hap/CS) nanocompozite was prepared by precipitation method. HAp was synthesized from CaCl2 and Na2HPO4 solutions, the interaction between HAp and CS led to the formation of nanosized spindle type HAp particles (long axis is ca.41nm, short axis is ca. 22nm). Then, the obtained nanocompozites were characterized by different physico-chemical analyses (XRD, IR, TEM, TG).

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  • Neurogenic Causes Causalgic pain may occur in diseases that injure sensory nerves. It has a burning character and is usually limited to the distribution of a given peripheral nerve. Normal stimuli such as touch or change in temperature may be transformed into this type of pain, which is frequently present in a patient at rest. The demonstration of irregularly spaced cutaneous pain spots may be the only indication of an old nerve lesion underlying causalgic pain.

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  • Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr. (December 24, 1910–September 5, 1992) was an influential American writer of fantasy, horror and science fiction. He was also an expert chess player and a champion fencer. Leiber (pronounced Lie-ber) married Jonquil Stephens on January 16, 1936, and their son Justin Leiber was born in 1938.

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  • The peptide hormone endothelin transmits various signals throughGprotein-coupled receptors, the endothelin type A (ETAR) and B (ETBR) receptors. Caveolae are specialized lipid rafts containing polymerized caveolins. We examined the interaction of ETBR with caveolin-1, expressed in Sf9, COS-1, and HEK293 cells, and its effects on the subcellular distribution and the signal transduction of ETBR.

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