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  • Concerning the first threshold, we do not see any reason to refer to the volume of the Available for Sale portfolio (AfS). The AfS portfolio is a banking book portfolio which is widely used for asset/liability steering purposes. The volume of this portfolio is not a good indicator for the volume of proprietary trading. In page 101 of the Report it is clearly set out that these assets shall not be included in the ring-fence. Also the held for trading portfolio as such is not a good indicator as this portfolio covers not only proprietary trading. The needed volume...

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  • The model yields the following results. First, the model is consistent with volatility clustering or GARCH e¤ects. The market price of risk, which is the instantaneous component of stock return volatility, has three components: endowment risk, sentiment risk and solvency risk. These three components are persistent, hence the model reproduces volatility clustering or GARCH e¤ects. Endowment risk is persistent because the "two-trees" feature of the model imply that endowment risk is proportional to the shares of aggregate endowment, which ‡uctuate randomly between zero and one.

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  • Single sampling devices and methods have their limitations in obtaining adequate smears from the cervix. A combination of two devices, usually spatula and endocervical brush, give better results. Triple smear or the vaginal-cervical-endocervical (VCE) technique can provide the best results. However, feasibility and cost factor need to be taken into consideration. In postmenopausal women, the squamo-columnar junction recedes making it difficult to obtain good amount of endocervical cells and cells from TZ.

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  • Establish a clear network access control policy. It is often the case that the administrators of grid resources are not the same individuals as those of site access control systems (e.g. firewalls). Consequently, it is important for the reliability and availability of grid services that the connectivity requirements are properly communicated and agreed by the network managers. This will reduce the likelihood of ports being closed unexpectedly and facilitate the proper monitoring of traffic.

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  • Destinations are some of the most difficult entities to manage and market, due to the complexity of the relationships of local stakeholders (Sautter and Leisen,1999). Managing and marketing destinations is also challenging because of the variety of stakeholders involved in the development and production of tourism products. The destination experience is essentially comprised of regions, resources and amalgams of tourism facilities and services, which often do not belong to individuals.

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  • The door to my room banged open so hard that it sent a pile of books tumbling off my shelf. One of them bounced off my cheekbone, sending me reeling back, head cracking against the tiny, grimy window. I wrapped my head in my hands and pushed myself back into the corner. Dad's big hands grabbed me. He'd been a scrapper when he was my age, a legendary fighter well known to the Bradford coppers. In the years since he'd taken accent training and got his job working the phone, he'd got a bit fat and lost half a step, but in my mind's eye, I still...

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  • The Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial is the nation’s oldest tuition-free arts education program. It provides arts classes for children and adults of all economic backgrounds and skill levels, both at its main facility in South Philadelphia and through its Community Partnerships in the Arts program. Fleisher’s artist residency programs in public schools and neighborhood organizations reach families throughout the city who otherwise lack access to high-quality arts education. Centers like the Fleisher Art Memorial serve as critical relationship intermediaries.

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  • Federal funds are the heart of the money market in the sense that they are the core of the overnight market for credit in the United States. Moreover, current and expected interest rates on federal funds are the basic rates to which all other money market rates are anchored. Understanding the federal funds market requires, above all, recognizing that its general character has been shaped by Federal Reserve policy. From the beginning, Federal Reserve regulatory rulings have encouraged the market's growth.

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  • An imposing barrier to entry for current plant-derived materials, and the issue most often debated, is the competitive cost situation. In many cases, the current cost of using plant-based materials is viewed as being relatively high, and not competitive with hydrocarbon-based processes. However, the cost-competitive situation contains several highly complex interactions among the key factors: value of product, cost of materials, volume of throughput, degree of processing required, and performance of the building blocks used.

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  • each year some eight million of the estimated 210 million women who become pregnant, suffer life- threatening complications related to pregnancy. in 2000, an estimated 529,000 women died during pregnancy and childbirth from largely preventable causes; 2.7 million infants are stillborn every year and three million infants die within the first seven days of life. globally, the maternal mortality ratio has not changed over the past decade. Ninety-nine percent of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries16 . Somalia has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios in the world.

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  • The total number of mammalian cortical granule proteins has been estimated to be between four and fourteen or more [10,19,20]. Several specific proteins have been iden- tified as cortical granule proteins [21]. N-acetylglucosami- nidase was detected in exudates of ionophore-activated mouse oocytes using an enzymatic assay and was local- ized in the cortical granules at the electron microscopic level [13].

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  • Housing loans are considered to be relatively less risky due to their collateralised nature (Fitch Ratings (2006)). Moreover, the Philippine government extends housing loans to households under its National Shelter Program, which is aimed at addressing the country’s chronic housing shortage.

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  • For countries with a tradition of reliance on laws and regulations (rather than standards) for the fixing of accounting and auditing requirements, specific issues arise. Rather than giving authority to a continuing process of standard-setting, new statutory measures are required whenever a new international standard is enacted, or an existing international standard is amended. Typically, such changes must be gazetted in the official language of the country.

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  • The CGAP measure of relative macroeconomic performance is attractive for a number of reasons. First, it is based on changes in real GDP, a fundamental variable that should be highly correlated with changes in underlying welfare. Second, our measure should not be unduly sensitive to the stage of an economy’s business cycle going into the crisis. An economy that was overheating prior to 2008 would tend to have a positive unexplained component at that point in time, but it is only the unexplained component during the crisis itself that is considered in our analysis.

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  • The goal of the Child Health program is “to enable all children to attain and sustain optimal health and develop- mental potential.” (1) Achievement of this goal involves a complex interplay of internal and external factors for families and their children. Accordingly, the Child Health Program Standard is structured around six key areas: positive parenting; breastfeeding; healthy family dynamics; healthy eating, healthy weights and physical activity; growth and development; and oral health.

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  • Despite the steady growth in the organic sector in recent years, it remains a fledgling research area, particularly in Western Canada. Most of the information on the benefits and impacts of organic agriculture is based on research from Europe, and there has been comparatively little research focused on the contribution of organic production to sustainable agriculture in the Canadian context.

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  • The nature of this bias is illustrated in Table 26 which summarizes the reasons for the rejection of 1,713 personal loan applicants by a metropolitan bank. The first two rea- sons—too much borrowing and weak statement—account for about 50 percent of the total number of rejections and suggest that the vocational and financial characteristics of these prospective borrowers were unsatisfactory. Rejections of this nature might well be expected to bias the sample.

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  • A British visitor to the Rocky Mountains, despite the fact that his Denver hosts had urged him, 'You'll love the Rockies', complained that there were too many trees of too few kinds, mostly the same monotonous evergreens, too many rocks, too much sun too high in the sky, not enough water, the scale was too big and there were not enough signs of humans, no balanced elements of form and colour, nothing like the Lake District or the Scottish lochs. 16 Can one argue that he was wrong? One argument is that he did not have the right scientific categories....

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  • He worried that if that inspired way of playing ever left him, he'd not be able to play. So he took lessons and learned music (finally getting the left brain into the art). It didn't alter his playing ability but it bought him some insurance. I'm suggesting that somehow he had early on tapped the creative force and bypassed the ponderous study period, like all geniuses seem to do. I have a Mozart piano piece that he wrote when he was around 9 years old. I've been working on it for years and still can't play it. Who...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'canada science and technology museum corporation', giáo dục - đào tạo, cao đẳng - đại học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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