Preliminary characterization

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  • It seems like it was only yesterday that we drove the last of you to the airport. The memories and the spirit of the Scientific Detectors for Astronomy Workshop (SDW2002) remain fresh and strong. For us, this was a very special event, a great gathering of what may be one of the friendliest and most cooperative technical communities on our little planet. We have tried to capture the spirit of the Workshop in these Proceedings and we hope you are able to relive your week in Hawaii. For those readers who did not attend, we invite you into this community....

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  • Microbubble-based contrast agents for ultrasound were introduced some time ago, although their clinical application has become widespread only in recent years. Since color and power Doppler reveal overt artifacts after microbubble injection due to the peculiar features of harmonic signals produced by insonation of microbubbles, dedicated contrast-specifi c modes of US were introduced to optimize the registration of such signals.

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  • Electrokinetics is a subject that has been at the core of numerous fundamental advancements in the field of colloid science for over a century. Electrokinetics is a self-contained body of science that has led to spectacular applications in separations, characterization of surface properties, manipulation of colloidal materials, and facilitation of fluid transport in microchannels. For instance, electrophoresis is one of the common techniques for separation of biological macromolecules (such as proteins).

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  • The picture of the Brazilian pulp and paper sector presented in this section is useful to qualify the preliminary hypotheses pointed out above based on the general review of the literature on FDI sustainable development impacts. The Brazilian pulp and paper sector is presently composed by 220 firms widely located in 16 Brazilian states. To give an idea about this sector importance for the Brazilian economy, in 2005: this sector directly employed 108.000 workers; it produced 10.1 millions tons of pulp and 8.6 millions tons of paper, corresponding to 1.4% of the GDP.

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  • The mitochondrial respiratory complex II, or succinate:ubiquinone oxido-reductase, is an integral membrane protein complex in both the tricarboxy-lic acid cycle (Krebs cycle) and aerobic respiration. The gene sequences of each complex II subunit were measured by RT-PCR. N-terminal sequen-cing work was performed to identify the mitochondrial targeting signal peptide of each subunit.

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