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  • With a partner, choose one of the following topics to discuss for about 10 minutes. Try to use the body language and emphasizing or minimizing language that would persuade your partner to agree with your point of view. Prepare for a presentation 1.1.Identify your audience2.Clarify the purpose and the objectives of the presentation3.Plan the content4.Design suitable visual aids5.Determine how long the presentation should be6.Follow a clear structure and make some notes for each part7.Anticipate questions the audience may ask and prepare answer...

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  • Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: An Introduction for the Life and Medical Sciences is an invaluable text allowing students to develop appropriate key skills when designing experiments, generating results, analysing data and ultimately presenting findings to academics and referees. Taking a hands-on approach, each of these key areas is introduced clearly and carefully, showing how to access and evaluate information using a variety of resources. Basic analytical theory is gradually introduced alongside practical applications to enhance student understanding.

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  • No one ever said that mastering the art of presentation was easy. That’s true. Others have said good presenters are natural presenters. That’s not true. A simple aim for this short guide to mastering the art of presentation is to prove this point. Everyone can present with flair, style and success. Everyone can be effective. Yes, it requires an understanding of good presenting practice and some adherence to guidelines…although these are not rigid rules. Good presenting will come more naturally to you with time and experience.

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  • With successful presentations in Tokyo behind me, I boarded the 5:03pm Super Express bound for Osaka complete with my ekiben (a special kind of Japanese lunch box or bento sold at train stations) and a can of Asahi beer in hand. The quintessential "Japan experience" for me is zipping through the Japanese countryside aboard cutting-edge rail technology while sampling traditional Japanese delicacies with my chopsticks, sipping Japanese beer, and catching glimpses of temples, shrines, and even Mount Fuji out the spacious side window.

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  • When we began as editors of Lawrence Erlbaum Associates’ Organization and Management Series, our lofty aim was to publish works, both theoretical and empirical ones, that would nudge the boundaries of organization studies. Lord and Brown’s book admirably achieves this aim. The authors present an innovative theory that, we predict, will drive empirical research. The theory supplies a new way to think about an old topic, leadership. It does so by drawing heavily on ideas about social cognition and self-regulation. Reading Lord and Brown’s book is truly eye-opening. Enjoy the adventure....

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  • From my everyday experience and observation I have to agree with the statement that our present experiences become valuable lessons for the future. Someone said that today's problems will be the best experience in the future. Below I will give some examples to support my position.

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  • I recently built a social portal called Mumbai Health Tracker. I am pleased to let you know that a lot of material covered in this book was used to create this application and there is no reason why you should not be able to create a similar application using the material presented in this book. Mumbai Health Tracker is a social web service that aggregates health issues reported by its residents. These health issues are then categorized, aggregated to provide information that will be useful to Individuals, Government & Doctors....

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  • I would like to share you an experience I had learnt last semester when we learn Market leader – an English material. The professor asked us to present one company in a group of four students and our performance would be graded as a middle exam. We were all anxious because it was the 1st time we worked in group and presented in front of the crowd. Still, there were a lot of tasks that we did not know how to get it done. I was vice – monitor of the class so I was honored to be nominated as...

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  • Nearly a decade has passed since the publication of the first edition. Many instructors have used the first edition to teach master's and Ph.D. students. Based on their feedback and our own teaching experience, it became clear that we needed to revise the book to make it more accessible to a larger audience, including upper-level undergraduates. To this end, we have expanded and reorganized the early chapters in the second edition. For example, our book now provides a self-contained presentation of regression analysis (Sections 1.4-1.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'savings banks' socially responsible activities, a wealth of experience', tài chính - ngân hàng, ngân hàng - tín dụng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • We present a novel approach to Information Presentation (IP) in Spoken Dialogue Systems (SDS) using a data-driven statistical optimisation framework for content planning and attribute selection. First we collect data in a Wizard-of-Oz (WoZ) experiment and use it to build a supervised model of human behaviour. This forms a baseline for measuring the performance of optimised policies, developed from this data using Reinforcement Learning (RL) methods.

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  • This paper describes a novel framework for interactive question-answering (Q/A) based on predictive questioning. Generated off-line from topic representations of complex scenarios, predictive questions represent requests for information that capture the most salient (and diverse) aspects of a topic. We present experimental results from large user studies (featuring a fully-implemented interactive Q/A system named F ERRET) that demonstrates that surprising performance is achieved by integrating predictive questions into the context of a Q/A dialogue. ...

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  • Automatic sprinklers are highly effective elements of total system designs for fire protection in buildings. They save lives and property, producing large reductions in the number of deaths per thousand fires, in average direct property damage per fire, and especially in the likelihood of a fire with large loss of life or large property loss. When sprinklers are present in the fire area, they operate in 93% of all reported structure fires large enough to activate sprinklers, excluding buildings under construction.

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  • The choice of verb features is crucial for the learning of verb classes. This paper presents clustering experiments on 168 German verbs, which explore the relevance of features on three levels of verb description, purely syntactic frame types, prepositional phrase information and selectional preferences. In contrast to previous approaches concentrating on the sparse data problem, we present evidence for a linguistically defined limit on the usefulness of features which is driven by the idiosyncratic properties of the verbs and the specific attributes of the desired verb classification. ...

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  • Experience idea "Using and managing role play in classroom" is to give the students an opportunity to work with others in determining how an individual or group might behave in response to a particular situation. Role playing is often used primarily to promote classroom discussion. The use of role playing as a cooperative learning model also includes class discussion as a vital step, but in this approach the entire class is involved in preparing and presenting role plays through group activity.

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  • This paper discusses the use of statistical word alignment over multiple parallel texts for the identification of string spans that cannot be constituents in one of the languages. This information is exploited in monolingual PCFG grammar induction for that language, within an augmented version of the inside-outside algorithm. Besides the aligned corpus, no other resources are required. We discuss an implemented system and present experimental results with an evaluation against the Penn Treebank. ...

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  • A novel approach to the problem of text understanding is presented, which exploits a distributed processing concept, where knowledge from different sources comes into play in the course of comprehension. In the paper the rationale of advocating such an approach and the.advantages in following it are discussed. A prototype parser based on an original distributed problem-solving architecture is presented.

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  • carriers of semantic Information - were substituted for by a mere "-", whereas other formatives were left in their original shape and place. These transformed texts were presented to subjects who w e r e a s k e d to fill in the gaps in such a w a y that the texts thus obtained were to be both syntactically correct and reasonably coherent. The result of the e x p e r i m e n t was r a t h e r astonishing.

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  • Substantial formal grammatical and lexical resources exist in various NLP systems and in the form of textbook specifications. In the present paper we report on experimental results obtained in manual, semi-antomatic and automatic migration of entire computational or textbook descriptions (as opposed to a more informal reuse of ideas or the design of a single "polytheoretic" representation) from a variety of formalisms into the ALEP formalism.

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