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  • Purposes of the research Abstract of Ph.D. Education science dissertation: Teaching based interaction in training primary teacher of university level: Designing some teaching based interaction models in training primary teacher of university level, in order to improve the quality of training of primary teacher of university level today.

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  • Research objectives: Identify the rationale and practical basis of E-learning materials to meet the needs and professional characteristics of the primary teachers; design E-learning materials and e-learning system to support the primary teachers’ professional development based on network communication technology.

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  • Research objectives: The study is based on the basis of studying the theories research, survey, evaluating situations, building up solution systems of management of in-service primary teacher training programmes based on the professional standards, thereby improving the quality of primary teaching staff and serving the education reform goals.

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  • In the context of fundamental and comprehensive renovation of primary and secondary education in Vietnam nowadays, teachers have a very essential role. However, there are many factors which can influence how they understand and adopt new ideas in their practice. In this article, based on the review of literature, the researcher recommends some suggestions which may contribute to a successful renovation in Vietnam.

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  • The purposes of this research paper is to study argument basis by the way approaching the work of developing human resources and the group of ethnic 2 minority elementary teacher development, by that creating reasons to propose a number of possible solutions on developing the group of ethnic minority elementary teachers in the North-West region in order to meet the demand of education and training innovation.

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  • The aim of this survey research is to get evaluative feedback from the teachers who are using the primary English textbooks developed under the National Foreign Language 2020 Project to find out their strengths and weaknesses so that further corrections and revisions will be made to perfect the materials before putting them into use on a large scale.

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  • In this provocative book, David McNamara looks at primary education as it struggles to create for itself a post-Plowden ideology. He argues first of all that a ‘teacher-centred’ approach to teaching in the primary school, especially in the later years, is actually in the best interests of the children. The teacher must be seen to have ultimate.

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  • Improving students’ problem solving skills is one of the most important goals of mathematics education. However, the problem solving method in textbooks may be one of the reasons which cause difficulties for students, for instance, the situation of the problem ”find x”. In this paper, we inquire the difficulties of primary students in solving ”find x” problems and some solutions from teachers to help their students.

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  • References for teachers, elementary school, preschool professional English - Disney first look bird. Disney Featuring Winnie The Pooh And Friends..Padded Hard Backed Book Has Beautifully Illustrated Close-Up Pictures Of Many Wonderous & Breathtaking Animals, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Sea Creatures & Insects.

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  • Family and Friends is a complete six-level course of English for children in primary schools. It uses a clear grammarbased curriculum alongside parallel syllabi in skills and phonics. In this way, children develop the confidence and competence to communicate effectively in English, as well as understanding and processing information from a wide range of sources.

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  • The employment interview is the most universally used method of selecting employees into a company. At P&G, its primary purpose is to obtain information from candidates to determine whether they are suitable for employment. A secondary purpose is to provide candidates with information about the job and Company so that they can make informed decisions about pursuing employment opportunities at P&G.

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  • Although listening has played a crucial role in foreign language learning, it has often been neglected by instructors (Osada, 2004). Nevertheless, listening examination has been included in most English proficiency examinations, such as TOFEL, TOEIC and GEPT, which implies the importance of listening. Listening comprehension is a difficult task for foreign language learners to master due to the interference of first language and the limitation of listening...

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  • The primary intent of this study was to investigate determine the status of the self- study activities of students in terms of students' awareness on self- study, study skills, habits during  self-  study, services for  self-  study, teacher  innitiative, self-  study location, administration at Hung Vuong university.   

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  • The organized work of those elements needs the proper functioning of each element separately (so for teacher projects: teachers, principal of the school, school health personnel, policy makers in the education sector; parent projects: parents of pupils of the school, community leaders etc; pupil projects: all pupils of the school). If there is a weak teachers’ project it will be difficult to achieve the objectives; the same if there is a weak pupils’ projects or parents’ project.

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  • The good friend who has so successfully terminated the task which he felt a vocation to undertake thought it would be of advantage to complete it by presenting to the reader a picture both of my life as a whole and of the work which it has been given me to accomplish. The better to accomplish his undertaking, he abstracted from my correspondence, as well as from the long conversations which we have so often enjoyed together, a great number of those memories of varying importance which serve as landmarks in life; above all in a life like mine, not exempt from many cares, yet not...

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  • To help you specialized English teacher with more references in the process of learning and teaching, invite you to refer to "Lesson plans Unit 1: My friends" below. Hope content useful lesson plan serves the learning needs and teaching.

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  • Some teachers and school administrators find sexuality education personally objectionable or lack sufficient understanding of the subject and thus are reluctant or refuse to go along with such programs (Smith, Kippax, and Aggleton, 2000). For instance, such opposition from teachers and teacher organizations is a problem in South Africa (Department of Education, 2002).

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  • The Schoolwide MPH degree program provides integrated training in the core competencies of the field of public health. MPH training gives public health professionals the knowledge and skills they need from a variety of disciplines to be able to define, critically assess and resolve public health problems. The MPH program is designed for professionals with prior field or academic experience who are interested in making a difference in the health of populations. Medical students are also eligible for the MPH program after they have completed their second year of medical school.

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  • Lesson plans unit 1 "My friends - Lesson 2" presentation on the objectives, requirements and summary articles My friends, teaching and learning activities of teachers and students. Invite you to consult lesson content for additional learning materials and research.

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  • To help you specialized English teacher with more references in the process of learning and teaching, invite you to refer to "Lesson plans Unit 2: Making arrangements - Lesson 1" below. Hope content useful lesson plan serves the learning needs and teaching.

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