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  • Manhattan GMAT Guide 5 Number Properties covers divisibility & primes, probability; & more teaches problem solving & data sufficiency strategies includes practice problems with detailed explanations updated for the official guide for GMAT.

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  • We show that any set containing a positive proportion of the primes contains a 3-term arithmetic progression. An important ingredient is a proof that the primes enjoy the so-called Hardy-Littlewood majorant property. We derive this by giving a new proof of a rather more general result of Bourgain which, because of a close analogy with a classical argument of Tomas and Stein from Euclidean harmonic analysis, might be called a restriction theorem for the primes. 1. Introduction Arguably the second most famous result of Klaus Roth is his 1953 upper bound [21] on r3 (N ), defined 17 years...

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  • As professionals in the real estate markets, we have worked with thousands of real estate investors and businesspeople, and we know that there is something different about the mindsets of successful individuals. They approach life with a certain set of assumptions, enabling them to apply analytical strategies to their decision-making and, as a result, create positive professional and personal lives. Why is having the right mindset important? Investors the world over are reeling from the effects of the Great Recession.

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  • The development of the LPT market is slower compared to overseas REITs. For example, while Malaysia launched its first LPT in 1989, REITs in Japan (introduced in 2000) now amount to 12 listed JREITs with approximately US$11 billion market capitalization (European Public Real Estate Association, 2004).

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  • However, in 1978, China differed from the Soviet Union in its resource endowment and economic structure. China was poor, and agriculture remained the dominant economic activity. Peasants suffered from high rates of under-employment and vulnerability to income shocks. In contrast to the Soviet Union’s large, vertically- integrated state enterprises, Chinese industrial output was produced in relatively smaller state firms as well as in small collectives. Infrastructure was weak, and there was little capacity to move commodities between provinces.

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  • Content: Chapter 1 – Introduction to accounting, chapter 2 – Types of business entity, chapter 3 – Double entry bookkeeping, chapter 4 – Trial balance, chapter 5 – Books of prime entry and subsidiary ledgers, chapter 6 – Accruals and prepayments, chapter 7 – Receivables and payables, chapter 8 – Property, plant and equipment,..., chapter 14 – Information technology.

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  • Because your score on the TOEFL exam can determine whether or not you are accepted into an aca institution or program, it is important to prepare carefully for the exam.As you have probably noticed are dozens of TOEFL exam preparation books available in libraries and bookstores. Most of these provide you with practice TOEFL exams to help you become familiar with the format of the test. But practice TOEFL exams will do little to boost your score if what you really need is to improve you English skills....

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  • Basic properties of numbers Factors, multiples, and divisibility Prime numbers and prime factorization Exponents (powers) Exponents and the real number line Roots and radicals Roots and the real number line Linear equations with one variable Linear equations with two variables Linear equations that cannot be solved Factorable quadratic expressions with one variable The quadratic formula Nonlinear equations with two variables Solving algebraic inequalities Weighted average problems Currency problems Mixture problems Investment problems Problems of rate of production or work Problems of rate...

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  • integer arithmetic modulo some large prime N +1, and the N th root of 1 by the modulo arithmetic equivalent. Strictly speaking, these are not Fourier transforms at all, but the properties are quite similar and computational speed can be far superior. On the other hand, their use is somewhat restricted to quantities like correlations and convolutions since the transform itself is not easily interpretable as a “frequency” spectrum.

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  • Investors mentioned that better tax treatment for REITs in Malaysia (tax exemption at both fund and investor levels) will enhance overall return, although the new tax-exemption at fund level is found to be encouraging. REIT corporations advised that their properties injected into REITs are carefully selected, high yielding properties in prime location. This study found that as all REIT corporations intend to hold 20 – 30% equity in their REITs, it is in their primary interest that their REITs continue to grow and provide attractive returns.

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  • The divisibility properties of Dirichlet L-functions in infinite families of characters have been studied by Iwasawa, Ferrero and Washington. The families considered by them are obtained by twisting an arbitrary Dirichlet character with all characters of p-power conductor for some prime p. One has to distinguish divisibility by p (the case considered by Iwasawa and FerreroWashington [FeW]) and by a prime = p (considered by Washington [W1], [W2]). Ferrero and Washington proved the vanishing of the Iwasawa µ-invariant of any branch of the Kubota-Leopoldt p-adic L-function. ...

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  • Before the implementation of 2005 REITs guidelines, LPTs are required to be subsidiaries of financial institutions and the investors think this hinders LPTs from acquiring prime, high-yielding properties. Investors feel the existing real estate assets of LPTs are not attractive, causing low transaction volume and resulted in the lowered liquidity level of LPTs market. Overall, most investors want an average daily transaction volume of at least 250,000 units as evidence of liquidity in the REITs market.

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  • Locating property outside the floodplain is a prime way to reduce flood risk. If this is not practical, siting new buildings in areas of lowest risk is the next choice. Local planning authorities must now consult the Environment Agency on planning applications where the proposed development is at risk from flooding or is likely to increase the risk of flooding elsewhere. The latest figures for 2007-2008 show that the Environment Agency’s advice is, in the main, accepted.

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