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  • The Panel for the Workshop on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program wishes to thank the many people who contributed to the development of the workshop and to the preparation of this report. The workshop was sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Caroline Taplin, of that agency, served as project officer for the workshop.

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  • Chapter 24 - Other property and liability insurance coverages. This chapter discusses some additional coverages that are important in developing a sound personal insurance program. First, the ISO Dwelling program should be easily grasped by most students because of prior knowledge of the homeowners policy.

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  • This is the third FinCEN study of SARs filed on transactions involving insurance companies and insurance products. A report issued in May 2007 provided a sum- mary of SARs filed in the 10-year period prior to May 2006 by all types of financial institutions regarding suspicious transactions involving insurance companies, insur- ance agents, and insurance brokers. 6 A report issued in February 2003 provided a summary of SARs filed between 1996 and 2002 by all types of financial institutions regarding transactions specifically involving life insurance products.

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  • Article 87 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland mentions – among the universally binding legislation – also ratifi ed international conventions/agreements. It means that these con- ventions/agreements form a part of the domestic legal order and have precedence over national laws in the event of potential collision with these laws, if they have been ratifi ed upon prior consent granted by the Act of Parliament (Article 91 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland).

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  • These estimates were obtained by asking survey respondents about their health insurance coverage for the 12 months prior to the interview in 2008. Respondents were asked about all kinds of private and government health insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, BadgerCare Plus, employer-provided coverage, and insurance bought directly from an insurance agent or insurance company. Respondents were also asked about whether they were insured for all 12 months since (date one year ago), or insured for part of that time, or not insured at all since (date one year ago).

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  • A third criterion for effective research on skills transfer is study over time. To be certain that students are transferring skills from their first language rather than using skills learned in their second language, researchers must study subjects who have received reading instruction in their first language prior to receiving it in their second language, and who have received sufficient first-language instruction to have developed a base of first-language skills that can be transferred.

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  • States seeking to operate a State-based Exchange or electing to participate in a State Partnership Exchange must submit a complete Exchange Blueprint no later than 30 business days prior to the required Approval date of January 1 (November 16, 2012 for plan year 2014). A State may submit its Declaration Letter at any time prior to this deadline.

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  • On the other hand, PHI does not play as significant a role as might be expected in some other countries without universal public coverage or where there are significant out-of-pocket payments. For example, while the Korean National Health Insurance system pays 44% of total health cost, a significant degree of out-of-pocket expenditure remains (41%).

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  • Based on results of the 2008 Family Health Survey, the majority of Wisconsin residents in 2008 had health insurance for the entire past year. That is, they were continuously covered during the 12 months prior to the survey interview. An estimated 4,868,000 residents (89%) were insured for all of the past 12 months. An estimated 319,000 Wisconsin household residents (6%) had no health insurance of any kind during the past 12 months. Another 276,000 residents (5%) had health insurance for part of the year and were uninsured for part of the year. Together, an estimated...

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  • Prior to the 1930s, there was little federal role in providing disaster assistance to farmers and ranchers. In 1886, Congress appropriated $10,000 for the Department of Agriculture to purchase seed for drought-stricken farmers in Texas, but President Grover Cleveland vetoed the act with the message, “Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character” (Porter, 1988).

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  • Prior to the 2010 renegotiation of the SRA, some observers argued that the reimbursement rate should be pegged to something other than premium value, such as the number of policies sold, to better reflect actual costs and to help reduce federal expenditures. If premiums are actuarially sound, the administrative costs of writing a policy are likely not proportional to the value of the policy (e.g., whether 10 acres or 1,000 acres, or $3 per bushel or $9 per bushel).

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  • The idea of collaborative science, and of appropriate attribution to previous work, vary greatly from culture to culture. In some cultures, the reference to another researcher’s concepts must be cited even when not quoting a previously published work directly. In other cultures, copying entire sections of another’s work and incorporating them into one’s own is an acceptable way of demonstrating the influence of that prior work.

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  • The insured event must be specified, i.e. the event cannot be a general protection against adverse deviations from targets, but must be explicitly or implicitly described in the contract. Where the contract provides an option to extend cover, this will only qualify as insurance risk at the start of the contract if the contract specifies the terms of the extended cover. The probability that the option will be exercised is taken into consideration when assessing the significance of the future insurance risk.

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  • SCHIP Is an Essential Component of Public Insurance Coverage for Children Many SCHIP enrollees were uninsured the entire year prior to SCHIP enrollment (30 percent to 60 percent). A substantial proportion of enrollees (17 percent to 44 percent) were previously insured by Medicaid and approximately one-quarter were covered by private insurance. Most SCHIP enrollees continued to be insured at least one year after enrollment. More than three- quarters were publicly insured. Few enrollees (4 percent to 15 percent) obtained private insurance coverage after leaving SCHIP.

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  • The best available evidence indicates that approximately $300,000 was deposited into the hijackers’ bank accounts in the United States by a variety of means. Just prior to the flights, the hijackers returned about $26,000 to one of their al Qaeda facilitators and attempted to return another $10,000, which was intercepted by the FBI after 9/11. Their primary expenses consisted of tuition for flight training, living expenses (room, board and meals, vehicles, insurance, etc.), and travel (for casing flights, meetings, and the September 11 flights themselves).

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  • The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 provided SSA with the authority to conduct pre-effectuation reviews (PER) for favorable initial SSI adult blindness or disability determinations. SSA started conducting these reviews in April 2006. They are conducted before the individual is awarded benefits and are done to ensure the accuracy of the determinations made by state agencies. The Social Security Disability Insurance (DI) program already required PERs, but prior to this legislation only SSI adult disability claims involving concurrent SSI/DI claims were subject to review.

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  • Unfortunately, not all children in America have health insurance coverage. According to the most reliable federal study, 8.7 million children age 17 and under were without health insurance coverage in the U.S. prior to the enactment of the ACA.11 For this reason, many of the new law’s provisions are designed to significantly increase insurance coverage for all Americans, including children. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 94% of non-elderly legal Americans will have health insurance once the law is fully implemented....

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  • Eligibility requirements for FHIAP and SCHIP were identical and eligible families could choose to enroll in either program. Those who chose FHIAP, however, were more likely than their SCHIP counterparts to have parents who were highly educated and employed and to have prior experience with private health insurance coverage and paying premiums. FHIAP and SCHIP enrollees reported similarly high levels of health care access and satisfaction after enrollment. More than half of low-income children who disenrolled from FHIAP and SCHIP no longer qualified for the program.

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  • It is clear from the findings of this survey and from prior research that the health care—and ultimately the health and productivity—of the U.S. population is being damaged as the nation’s insurance problem continues to grow. Real solutions that build on group forms of coverage already in place, including employer plans, Medicare, Medicaid, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, and state and federal employee benefits plans, will help to fill insurance gaps with meaningful, affordable coverage that helps link families and providers.

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