Prisoner’s dilemma

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  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a heterogeneous flow of funds, composed of both acquisition (cross-border mergers and acquisitions, M&A) and Greenfield investment (GF). Since the dilemma of a firm between GF and M&A is similar to the one between cooperation and defection in Prisoner’s Dilemma (PD), we used PD for modeling FDI. We discuss the conditions for the firms to take GF (cooperation) option by equilibrium analysis

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  • There are many types of games, board games, card games, video games, field games (e.g. football), etc. • In this course, our focus is on games where: – There are 2 or more players. – There is some choice of action where strategy matters. – The game has one or more outcomes, e.g. someone wins, someone loses. – The outcome depends on the strategies chosen by all players; there is strategic interaction. • What does this rule out? – Games of pure chance, e.g. lotteries, slot machines. (Strategies don't matter). – Games without strategic interaction between players, e.g.

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  • In social networks, since nodes generally belong to di®erent authorities and pursue di®erent goals, they will not cooperate with others unless cooperation can improve their own performance. Thus, how to stimulate cooperation among nodes in social networks is very important. However, most of existing game-theoretic cooper- ation stimulation approaches rely on the assumption that the interactions between any pair of players are long-lasting.

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  • This monograph has been prepared as my doctoral thesis in Economics at the Institute of Mathematical Economics (IMW), Bielefeld University, Germany. The dissertation has been accepted by the Department of Business Administration and Economics (Examiners: Prof. Dr. Walter Trockel and Prof. em. Dr. Joachim Rosenm¨uller). It has successfully been defended on June 13, 2007. With this work I strive to complement the recent literature on the evolution of preferences by investigating the non-expected utility case. I have divided the book into seven chapters....

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  • Chapter 14 - Game theory and strategic behavior. This chapter presents the following content: Motivation: Honda and Toyota, nash equilibrium, the prisoner's dilemma, dominant strategy equilibrium, limitations of the nash equilibrium, sequential moves games.

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