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  • This paper outlines the development of the sociological study of medical autonomy and how recent reforms in medical regulation in the United Kingdom illustrate how medical elites are proactively introducing formal performance surveillance and appraisal mechanisms and processes within medical training as they respond to challenges to traditional professional self-regulatory privileges, such as greater state, inter-professional and non-medical involvement in the governance of medical expertise.

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  • The G&J Program works to build and deepen the interest and capacity of social justice constituencies to engage with new human genetic and reproductive technologies. The Program works in collaboration with allied organizations at the state and national levels to safeguard and expand the human rights, equality and health of women, LGBTQI communities, people with disabilities, and communities of color in an age of human biotechnology.

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  • The stigma of HIV often exacerbates this situation because when men die women are easily blamed for bringing HIV into the household, no matter if it is true or not. In Zambia, women working with Huairou member organization Katuba Women’s Association reported being chased out of the home after their husband’s death, as they were blamed for bringing the disease into the home, despite the husbands’ known infidelities that led to the disease.

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  • Member States have anchored and reaffirmed their commitment to gender equality in several normative frameworks. 1 Yet, too many women have not been able to benefit from progress made in meeting the MDGs. Their rights are often not respected and they are left voiceless, excluded from social protection, access to services and economic opportunities. Women and girls continue to face gender-based discrimination and violence as internationally agreed commitments on women’s rights and the empowerment of women are not met in many countries.

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  • Marketers are being challenged by a deluge of data that is well beyond the capacity of their organizations to comprehend and use. Their strategies are not keeping up with the disruptive effects of technology-empowered customers; the proliferation of media, channel, and customer contact points; or the possibilities for microsegmentation. Closing the widening gap between the accelerating complexity of their markets and the limited ability of their organizations to respond demands new thinking about marketing capabilities.

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  • Increasingly consumer pull for drugs is being created indirectly also by Internet promotion, and perhaps more questionably by partnerships with patient support groups. The impact of the Internet Consumers are able to purchase all kinds of prescription drugs online often without need for a prior prescription. Research conducted by Bloom (1999) showed that most Internet pharmacies provide poor quality information, fail to have adequate safeguards to ensure medicines are dispensed correctly, and also charge more for both products and services.

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  • A literature has developed on whether discrimination in the marketplace due to prejudice disappears in the long run. Whether employers who do not want to discriminate will eventually compete away all discriminating employ- ers depends not only on the distribution of tastes for discrimination among potential employers, but critically also on the nature of firm production functions. Of greater significance empirically is the long run discrimination by employees and customers, who are far more important sources of market discrimination than employers.

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  • Depression is more common in women than in men and is known to be mediated by serotonin receptor levels [43,63]. Specifically, depression is linked to decreased density of serotonin receptors and decreased efficacy of serotonin in the brain. The increased risk, timing of onset, and effectiveness of treatment of depression in women may be mediated by estrogen's effect on serotonin recep- tors.

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  • A diverse set of regulatory approaches and enforcement tools is applied to a sizeable universe of regulated entities by these multiple regulating authorities to ensure compliance. A general discussion of enforcement monitoring and response tools is included in this report, followed by a summary of recent fiscal year federal funding levels for enforcement activities. Discussion of available enforcement data sources, as well as tables illustrating examples of trends in enforcement activities, is presented in the two appendixes.

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  • Here you will establish the case for the publication and the enterprise in which it will operate. This includes an objective assessment of the environment in which your journal will be launched and its justification for the publisher and as a strategic response to market demand. The examination will focus on characteristics of the community to be served and the needs that will be satisfied by your Open Access model, perhaps delineated by importance and/or priority. Be sure to underscore any innovative or unique aspects of the undertaking, as well as precedents for your product and model.

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  • It is mixed news from small businesses, as they expect their bottom lines to be up, but the overall health of their businesses are slipping and the economic outlook is unclear. Even so, the majority of small businesses are still highly satisfied with being a small business owner and this has not changed over time (65 percent are highly satisfied, rating their satisfaction an 8, 9 or 10 on a 10 point scale, in June 2010 compared to 63 percent a year ago). Looking globally. Only 7 percent of small businesses do the bulk of their business...

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  • But there are also non-health-care industries in the list, creating a broad set of opportunities for workers. Figure 2 shows strong growth in construction. This is a broad industry that includes the construction of manufacturing and retail buildings, roads and bridges, utility systems, and homes. The ARRA will contribute to construction employment growth in the next few years through direct investments and incentives for private investment in infrastructure, the construction of power and communication structures, and the weatherization of homes.

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  • Fat tissue may increase toward the centre of the body, including around the abdominal organs. The loss of muscle mass in the legs and changes in body shape can affect her balance, leading to falls. A woman may appear shorter as she ages. This height loss is related to aging changes in the bones, muscles, and joints. Women typically lose about 1 cm (0.4 inches) every 10 years after age 40. Height loss is even greater after 70 years old. In total, she may lose 1 to 3 inches in height in rest of her life. Women usually gain weight...

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  • Competencies within different contexts may require different bundles of skills, knowledge and attitudes. The challenge is to determine which competencies can be bundled together to provide the optimal grouping for performing tasks. Another challenge is designing learning experiences that support students as they practice using and applying these competencies in different contexts. Continual refinement of defined competencies is necessary so that enhanced performance in a variety of contexts can be assessed. In essence, CBE is a process, not a product. ...

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  • The grade of an endometrioid adenocarcinoma is based on how much the cancer cells form glands that look like the glands found in normal, healthy endometrium. In lower- grade cancers (grades 1 and 2), more of the cancer cells form normal-looking glands. In higher-grade cancers (grade 3), more of the cancer cells are kind of jumbled up and do not form normal glands. Higher grade cancers tend to grow faster and are more likely to spread than lower grade cancers. Uterine carcinosarcoma (CS) is another cancer that starts in the endometrium and is covered here.

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  • To avoid credit rationing, banks use other methods to screen potential borrowers. 24 For example, banks can use extensive and comprehensive covenants on loans to mitigate agency costs. As new information arrives, covenants can be renegotiated. Covenants may also require collateral or personal guarantees from firms about their future activities and business practises in order to maximise the probability of repayment. The banks lending history produces valuable information that evolves over time.

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  • The call for sustainable development has been even more urgent for Asian countries where majority of economic growth is happening and where two of the most populous countries in the world--- China and India--- are located. Anderson and Brooks (1996) note the implications of having the two most populous cities of the world in Asia---- the exponential increase in pollution levels given the magnitude of economic activity in the area, as well as the alarming damage it may cause to human beings given the high population level in the region.

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  • Ducks may be grown on dry mash, a combination of dry and wet mash or pellets. Ducks prefer wet mash due to difficulties in swallowing dry mash. The pellet feeding, though slightly costly, has distinct advantages such as saving in amount of feed, minimum wastages, saving in lobour, convenience and improvement in sanitary conditions. Ducks are good foragers. The use of range, pond or supplementary green feed, reduces the feed cost. DUCKS SHOULD NEVER HAVE ACCESS TO FEED WITHOUT WATER. During the first eight weeks, birds should always have access to feed, but later on they may be...

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  • Risks associated with pesticide application in poultry production are greatest during handling and mixing of concentrates prior to application. Spills and splash during mixing and airborne particulates while loading applicators are the most likely exposure events. As with mixing and loading, dermal, oral and inhalation exposure during premise treatment are also possible.

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  • These guidelines are for use by Federal organizations which process sensitive information. They are consistent with the requirements of OMB Circular A-130, Appendix III. The guidelines herein are not mandatory and binding standards. This document may be used by non-governmental organizations on a voluntary basis. It is not subject to copyright. Nothing in this document should be taken to contradict standards and guidelines made mandatory and binding upon Federal agencies by the Secretary of Commerce under his statutory authority.

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