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  • With employees, rather than the IT department, now driving the decision of which devices to use on the job, many companies are scrambling to integrate enterprise applications. Fortunately, enterprise developers can now create apps for all major mobile devices using C#/.NET and Mono, languages most already know. A team of authors draws on their vast experiences to teach you how to create cross-platform mobile applications, while delivering the same functionality to PC's, laptops and the web from a single technology platform and code-base.

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  • Adobe Flash is an ideal choice for developing rich interactive content for "Flash-enabled" mobile devices; and with this book, you'll learn how to create unique applications with Flash Lite. Through a series of code samples and extensive example applications, you'll explore the core concepts, key features, and best practices of the Flash Lite player. Coverage reveals various ways to develop Flash mobile content, create applications with a cross-platform programming framework based on the Model, View and Controller concept, and use a number of open web and device manufacturer service APIs....

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  • Several studies have addressed the cross-language transfer of comprehension skills and strategies. Royer and Carlo (1991) examined the transfer of listening and reading comprehension skills from Spanish to English by 49 sixth-grade students enrolled in a transitional bilingual education program. Results indicated that students’ English reading performance at the end of sixth grade was most highly correlated with their reading in Spanish a year earlier. That is, good fifth-grade readers in Spanish became good sixth-grade readers in English.

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  • What does FIESTA stand for? What’s a bounce point artefact? What’s the equation for a stimulated echo? This book will be an invaluable source of reference for anyone working in the field of magnetic resonance, from the novice academic student to the experienced medical professional. The book brings together more than 800 terms of reference in common usage in the diverse field of MR imaging and spectroscopy. Explanations are amplified with equations, examples and figures, and further references are provided.

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  • Facing the rapidly changing global business and different cross-country customer cultures, luxury can be understood as a special transnational type of culture. It represents a system of tangible (clothing, cars, buildings, etc.), as well as intangible components comprising ideals, expected behaviors, and beliefs in a group specific value system. In a global marketplace, there is no understanding of luxury conceivable which is nationally or regionally bound. However, it has to be stated that to some extent ethnocentrism and ―country-of-origin‖ effects may interfere.

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  • (BQ) Academy Soccer Coach is a company that provides digital solutions for coaches at every level of the game. Ebook The Modern Soccer Coach 2014 software enables coaches, clubs and professional organizations to plan and prepare their sessions remotely from anywhere in the world.

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  • The Agile family of development methodologies was born out of a belief that an approach more grounded in human reality would yield better results. Agile emphasizes building working software that people can get hands on with quickly, versus spending a lot of time writing specifications up front. Agile focuses on small, cross-functional teams empowered to make decisions, versus big hierarchies and compartmentalization by function, and Agile focuses on rapid iteration, with as much customer input along the way as possible.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa học quốc tế đề tài : Occurrence of post traumatic stress symptoms and their relationship to professional quality of life (ProQoL) in nursing staff at a forensic psychiatric security unit: a cross-sectional study

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  • The aim of this paper is to investigate the use of sample reweighting, in a behavioural tax microsimulation model, to examine the implications for government taxes and expenditure of population ageing in Australia. Tax microsimulation models are based on large-scale cross-sectional surveys containing substantial information about the characteristics of individuals and house- holds.

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  • We would like to acknowledge the following people for their kindness and support in making this book possible. Karen Cross, Meaghan Cunningham, Kim Wylie, Harry Kirchner, Kevin Votel, Kent Anderson, Frida Yara, Jon Mayes, John Mesjak, Peg O’Donnell, Sandra Patterson, Betty Redmond, Roy Remer, Ron Shapiro, Patricia Kelly,Andrea Tetrick, Jennifer Pascal, Doug Reil, David Dahl, Janis Carpenter, and Susan Fryer of Publishers Group West for sharing their incredible marketing experience and expertise.

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  • It had taken him nearly six weeks to make the call. After contemplating the pain in his knee and the aftereffects of a severe case of the flu (brought on by a half-dozen cross-country trips at the end of the season), he decided he would come back for his 53rd year in baseball. On this day, Don Zimmer found himself strolling among the images of the game's immortals in the Hall of Fame.

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  • In most tropical countries, there are local duck breeds that have been selected to suit local conditions. They may not perform as well as improved breeds, but they do have the ability to survive and produce well under local extensive and semi-intensive systems. Setioko (1997) described three Indonesian ducks: Tegal, Alabio and Bali. Improved genotypes have been introduced and have either been crossed with local ducks or remained reasonably pure. There was some concern about the ability of the improved genotypes to survive under traditional farming systems.

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  • Avian Influenza viruses are extremely common in nature. Although many wild birds may harbour influenza viruses, they are found most commonly in wetland birds and birds from aquatic environments, such as ducks, geese, swans, gulls and waders (Olsen et al. 2006). These birds carry the low pathogenicity strains of avian influenza (LPAIs); these can occasionally cross over to domestic poultry such as chickens and turkeys and cause mild disease, but they do not seem to pose a significant risk to humans who become infected.

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  • Invite you to refer game magic hat for the teaching of teachers. The game was designed by a professional PowerPoint to enhance skills and knowledge in teaching and learning.

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  • The global burden of neuropsychiatric disorders is substantial. When measured by years lived with disability and years lost due to premature death in disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), psychiatric and neurological conditions accounted for 13% of the global burden of disease in 2002 (WHO, 2004). Despite the huge burden of mental illness, few human and financial resources are directed towards mental health care. Mental health spending in many countries of the world is less than 1% of the health budget, and the number of mental health professionals is grossly inadequate (WHO, 2005a)....

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  • Over 125 color plates and cross references to the Underground Clinical Vignettes (UCV) series, Blackwell’s Underground Clinical Vignettes: Clinical Science Color Atlas Step 2&3 is an essential companion for the wards and USMLE Step 2 review. This handy resource includes a master case index for the UCVs, for easy navigation among the eight books in the series. The colored plates of the Step 2&3 Atlas include patient images, dermatology, and fundoscopy, each descriptively captioned and linked to its Step 2&3 Case or Mini-Case in the UCV series.

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  • The practice of law is not monolithic. Professional directories for the United States sort one million lawyers and 50,000 law firms into some 65 core practice areas. In Lawyers at Work, I interview fifteen lawyers in fifteen practice areas selected to be representative of the lawyering spectrum: employment law, corporate defense, criminal prosecution, financial services, international project finance, family law, international law, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, intellectual property, entertainment, nonprofit, civil rights, trusts and estates, and civil litigation.

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  • As a practical guide to correct grammar and word choice, The Penguin Dictionary of American English Usage and Style makes an excellent addition to the reference shelf of any high school or college student, and those who write professionally will get plenty of use out of it as well. Words are arranged alphabetically, and thorough cross-referencing makes it fairly easy to track down specific answers, from the plural of “rhinoceros” to when “due to” is an acceptable phrase.

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  • The Fiber Optics Illustrated Dictionary - Part 107 fills a gap in the literature by providing instructors, hobbyists, and top-level engineers with an accessible, current reference. From the author of the best-selling Telecommunications Illustrated Dictionary, this comprehensive reference includes fundamental physics, basic technical information for fiber splicing, installation, maintenance, and repair, and follow-up information for communications and other professionals using fiber optic components.

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  • The Fiber Optics Illustrated Dictionary - Part 1 fills a gap in the literature by providing instructors, hobbyists, and top-level engineers with an accessible, current reference. From the author of the best-selling Telecommunications Illustrated Dictionary, this comprehensive reference includes fundamental physics, basic technical information for fiber splicing, installation, maintenance, and repair, and follow-up information for communications and other professionals using fiber optic components.

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