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  • The Project Manager has overall responsibility for the execution of the project. The Project Manager manages day to day resources, provides project guidance and monitors and reports on the projects metrics as defined in the Project Management Plan. As the person responsible for the execution of the project, the Project Manager is the primary communicator for the project distributing information according to this Communications Management Plan. Project Team The Project Team is comprised of all persons who have a role performing work on the project.

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  • Lecture "Marketing metrics - Chapter 3: Market and sales forecast" presentation of content: Competitiveness metrics, market projection. Invite you to reference.

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  • There’s never been a more urgent time to implement marketing ROI processes. Companies are dependent on marketing organizations to win a greater share of profitable business in a very tight competitive market. At the same time, marketing expenses are under scrutiny, and it’s important to hold tight to the best investments while trimming only waste and low-performing investments. Most marketers do work toward the objective of generating profits even if other metrics are used to guide their decisions.

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  • Chapter 4: Metrics to Identify Project Improvement Opportunities In the last chapter we discussed Kiviatt Charts and Box & Whisker Plots. These are two tools that can be used to display PD and PP data in our search for process-wide and practice-wide improvement opportunities. This would typically be the starting point for identifying major areas where improvement opportunities should be focused.

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  • Oracle Primavera P6 is the most sophisticated and widely-used project portfolio management software in the world today. Some people think of P6 as simply a tool for scheduling projects, such as Microsoft Project, but on steroids. But while P6 can be used to plan a project a simple as writing one book, it can also be used to plan and manage a multi-year, globally-distributed set of engineering projects involving tens of thousands of workers, machines, and materials.

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  • When a computer software succeeds—when it meets the needs of the people who use it, when it performs flawlessly over a long period of time, when it is easy to modify and even easier to use—it can and does change things for the better. But when software fails—when its users are dissatisfied, when it is error prone, when it is difficult to change and even harder to use—bad things can and do happen. We all want to build software that makes things better, avoiding the bad things that lurk in the shadow of failed efforts.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Approximating Fixed Points of Non-Lipschitzian Mappings by Metric Projections

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  • Sau mỗi giai đoạn phát triển hệ thống, cần thông tin định lượng (quantitative information)  giúp kiểm soát hiệu quả hơn quy trình phát triển. Có 1 vài đo lường cho giai đoạn requirement để tìm hiểu mối quan hệ giữa giá trị đo lường (metric value) và các thuộc tính của dự án Kích cỡ dự án (size) Các đo lường về chất lượng

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  • By means of analytic methods the quasi-projectivity of the moduli space of algebraically polarized varieties with a not necessarily reduced complex structure is proven including the case of nonuniruled polarized varieties. Contents Introduction Singular hermitian metrics Deformation theory of framed manifolds; V -structures Cyclic coverings Canonically polarized framed manifolds Singular Hermitian metrics for families of canonically polarized framed manifolds 7.

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  • What then becomes critical is that project and programme managers and senior management make efficient and effective use of the services and capabilities of the PMO. And finally it is important to define the metrics by which the performance of the PMO will be assessed and evaluated, both directly (the effectiveness of its services) and indirectly (the improvements it enables in project, programme and portfolio decision making and outcomes). But that is not the end of the story.

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  • Research Article A Unified View of Adaptive Variable-Metric Projection Algorithms

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  • In 1999, I packed everything I owned into my car for a cross-country trip to begin my new job as Staff Researcher at the University of California, Berkeley Computer Science Department. It was an optimistic time in my life and the country in general. The economy was well into the dot-com boom and still a few years away from the dot-com bust. Private investors were still happily throwing money at any company whose name started with an “e-” and ended with “.com”.

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  • This document provides an initial version of the methodological approaches to be taken in the Congressionallymandated study of the SBIR program at the five agencies accounting for 96 percent of the SBIR program expenditures.1 The proposed methodology draws extensively on the methodologies developed for the review of the previous NRC assessment of the SBIR at the Department of Defense, SBIR: An Assessment of the Department of Defense Fast Track Initiative.

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  • Learning objectives in chapter 4: Explain the objectives of project progress control, software quality metrics, costs of software quality measurements; explain the components of project progress control; classify software quality metrics; compare the classic model to the extended mode.

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  • Performance Against Goals: Goal: state original goal or goals of project. List key metrics (items for measuring success). Actual: summarize what really happened in relationship to goals. List progress against metrics. Plan: summarize original schedule of project − List key milestones. Actual: summarize what really happened in relationship to the plan. List differences in terms of original dates (x weeks late, x months early, etc.)

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  • Despite tight economic conditions, organizations have been and will continue to increase their focus on benefits realization (in addition to cost and time) as a project and program success metric. Research conducted with senior project management leaders on PMI’s Global Executive Council found that the most important skill for managing today’s complex projects and programs is the ability to align the team to the vision of the project and design the project’s organizational structure to align people and project objectives.

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