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  • From 1999–2003, FRONTIERS implemented a Global Agenda program of operations research (OR) projects to address the reproductive health (RH) needs of adolescents in four countries— Bangladesh, Kenya, Mexico, and Senegal. The project was implemented in urban areas of Saint- Louis and Louga, in northwestern Senegal, and was called Improving the Reproductive Health of Youth in Senegal.

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  • Author Joan Coy Reviewers Rafael Reyna Camones David Le Blanc Production Coordinator Acquisition Editor Joanna Finchen Cover Work Commissioning Editor Meeta Rajani Cover Image Technical Editor Prasad Dalvi Conidon Miranda Melwyn D'sa Melwyn D'sa Project Coordinator Shraddha Bagadia Proofreader Katherine Tarr

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  • Philipp Krenn studies software engineering at the University of Technology, Vienna. At the moment, he is writing his thesis on current database trends. Besides that, he's working as a freelance IT trainer and web developer, mostly using SilverStripe, but also Drupal, CakePHP, and Smarty. He started using SilverStripe in 2007 as one of the Google Summer of Code students improving the project, beginning with the effort to support multiple databases (besides MySQL). During this, he got a detailed insight into the inner workings of the project. Since then he's been in love with SilverStripe...

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  • Hossein Hassani is a lecturer at the University of Kurdistan-Hawler since 2007. He joined UKH after nearly twenty years of experience in software industry. He has been teaching different modules such as Project Management, Advanced Database, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, Management Information Systems, and Human Computer Interaction.

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  • It is shown that: (1) Let R be a simple right Noetherian ring, then the following conditions are equivalent: (i) R is a right SI ring; (ii) Every cyclic singular right R - module is pseudo - injective. (2) Let R be a right artinian ring such that every finite generated right R - module is a direct sum of a projective module and a pseudo - injective module. Then: (i) R/Soc(RR ) is a semisimple artinian ring; (ii) J (R) ⊂ Soc(RR ); (iii) J 2 (R) = 0. (3) Let R be a ring with condition (∗ ),...

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  • Commutative algebra is the theory of commutative rings and their modules. Although it is an interesting theory in itself, it is generally seen as a tool for geometry and number theory. This is my point of view. In this book I try to organize and present a cohesive set of methods in commutative algebra, for use in geometry. As indicated in the title, I maintain throughout the text a view towards complex projective geometry. In many recent algebraic geometry books, commutative algebra is often treated as a poor relation. One occasionally refers to it, but only reluctantly.

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  • This paper idescribes the current state of the S~/~gYN project , whose goal is be develop a module for generation of German from a semantic representation. The first application of this module is within the framework of a Japanese/German machine translation project. The generation process is organized into three stages that use distinct knowledge sources. ~ne first stage is conceptually oriented and language independent, and exploits case and concept schemata.

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  • Bài thực hành này giúp bạn làm quen với môi trường VIsual sudio 2005 và các thao tác nhập xuất cơ bản thông qua giao diện bàn phím. Cụ thể, chương trình yêu cầu người sử dụng nhập hai số, sau đó in ra màn hình tổng, tích và thương của hai số này. Kỹ thuật được trình bày: làm quen với môi trường visual studio 2005. Cấu trúc một solution, project và các tài nguyên có liên quan.

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  • As much as I would like people to believe that DotNetNuke was intentionally created as a premier open source project for the Microsoft platform, it is unfortunately not the case. As is true with many open source projects, the software was created with commercial intentions in mind, and only when it was discovered that its true purpose would not be realized was it reconsidered as an open source project.

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  • The second phase of the MSF Design Process is logical design. Logical design begins after conceptual design has started, when the project team agrees that there is sufficient information to begin the logical design. A good logical design depends greatly on a good conceptual design. Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC), available to IT Academies at a discounted price, is professional courseware intended for IT professionals and developers who build, support, and implement solutions by using Microsoft products and technologies.

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  • This module provides students with an introduction to the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Team Model, including the team goals for success, team roles of the model, how to scale the model for small or large projects, principles of a successful team, and how to apply the model to different types of projects.

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  • This module provides students with an introduction to the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Process Model, including an overview of process models (waterfall and spiral); a discussion of the MSF milestone-driven and phase- based process model; the underlying principles of the MSF model, including living documents, versioned releases, and project tradeoffs, and a synopsis of how the Process Model can be applied to other types of projects, such as enterprise architecture (EA), application development (AD), and infrastructure deployment (ID). ...

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  • The activity for this module is a group discussion in which students will use the root causes of project failure as the basis for comparing and sharing their own experiences with Information Technology (IT) projects. The module concludes with an instructor-led question and answer review to reinforce learning objectives. At the end of this module, students will be able to:  Describe MSF by explaining how MSF addresses the typical root causes of project failure, the origins of MSF, and how MSF differs from a methodology.

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  • THIS IS A BOOK OF PROJECTS. They are projects designed to appeal to the Evil Genius in everyone, whether those persons are new to home construction or experienced project-makers. Most projects require some knowledge of electronics and the ability to solder. Two projects—the trebuchet and the ping-pong ball minigun—have nothing to do with electronics whatsoever. A handful of the projects, like the persistence-of-vision display, require the use of an Arduino microcontroller module. Some of the projects can be completed in an evening, while others may take several weekends to finish....

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  • This module provides students with an overview of programming with Microsoft® Outlook® 2000. At the end of this module, students will be able to determine the best way to write code for their Outlook 2000 solutions. They will be able to differentiate between form scripting, Component Object Model (COM) add-ins, and Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications project files and the role of each program type in an Outlook 2000 solution.

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  • To identify data requirements, the project team starts a process of investigation. This process involves gathering and analyzing data from users, systems, and documentation to determine the current state and desired future state of the solution. Gathering data involves: Determining what information is needed to identify the data, functional requirements, and nonfunctional requirements. Identifying sources from which to obtain relevant and supporting information. Sources can include people, systems, and systems-support documents.

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  • Th e DVD is a veritable treasure trove of supporting fi les for the projects in this book as well as a resource for your own creative projects. Th e images and movies on the DVD are divided into their respective chapters and can be accessed via Bridge (see Bridge page 53). Most of the images in the Foundation and Advanced Skills modules of the book can be found on the DVD together with all of the images from the Imaging Projects module. Th e movies are an invaluable resource, allowing you to start, stop and rewind so that the skills can be quickly...

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  • This module introduces students to the business drivers that may move their organization to a business-to-business (B2B) integration solution. Students will identify the project vision and scope, team members, and project risks, and then explore the lab scenario used throughout the course.

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  • At the end of this module, you will be able to Understand the challenges of traditional teaming Understand the rationale behind the team model for infrastructure deployment Understand the team model’s roles and responsibilities Understand some underlying team model principles Understand how to scale the team model for large and small projects Understand the risks involved in combining roles

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  • At the end of this module, you will be able to: Explain design processes as they pertain to business solutions and datacentric solutions. Explain the concepts and benefits of services-based design. Identify phases in the project life cycle. This module provides a high-level overview of the MSF Process Model, the MSF Design Process Model, and the MSF Application Model. The courses in the MSF curriculum cover these topics in greater detail. For more information about the MSF curriculum, see

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