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  • Changes in regional economic environment, progress of science & technology, and socio-political changes will all cause the local feature under the perspective of Marketing Places to be affected. A place is a modern country, a geographical & political space in physical terms.

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  • The shifting market trends posed a significant challenge to De Beers’ preeminent position. Throughout the 1990s, the company’s inventories increased while its sales remained flat. To address this issue De Beers chose a transformational strategy: instead of maintaining its long-standing role as steward of the entire industry, it would become a leader in driving consumer demand. One of the key elements of that transformation was a program called Supplier of Choice. Launched in 2003, the program aimed to shift some of the responsibility for marketing to other players in the industry.

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  • The workplace has been recognized internationally as an appropriate setting for health promotion. The importance of workplace health promotion was addressed in 1950 and later updated in 1995 in a joint International Labour Organization/World Health Organization session on occupational health (5).

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  • This article will discuss the interweaving of that erotic pleasure in film, its meaning, and in particular the central place of the image of woman. It is said that analysing pleasure, or beauty, destroys it. That is the intention of this article. The satisfaction and reinforcement of the ego that represent the high point of film history hitherto must be attacked. Not in favour of a reconstructed new pleasure, which cannot exist in the abstract, nor of intellectualised unpleasure, but to make way for a total negation of the ease and plenitude of the narrative fiction film.

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  • The European Union has been at the forefront of research on the environment and health for many years. Through successive European Research Framework Programmes and national science programmes, we have greatly increased our understanding of the complex links between environmental risk factors and their effects on the health of citizens, various vulnerable sections of society and the population as a whole. This accumulated scientific knowledge has helped shape national and EU policy initiatives designed to protect our environment and promote human health throughout the continent.

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  • Some sites are presented as virtual cities where digital individuals live their lives parallel to the ‘real ones’, some promote the images of real cities being an increasingly important place marketing tool. Especially the most iconic global tourist cities provide images that aim to give to these material places new meaning in the virtual space. Apart from being part of the virtual realm, webcams can, indeed, create ‘real interest on a real place’ adding to them “a whole new stratum of cultural space” (Campanella, 2004: 59).

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  • – Allows users to send electronic mail – Discussion groups, newsgroups, bulletin boards – Databases, library catalogs, and electronic journals – Software protocol for transferring files – Software protocol for transferring hypertext language files – Computer system for transferring files between computers – Document retrieval system used to search for Information – Use of keywords in databases to retrieve full text information – Sound, graphic images, video, and hypertext on single pages...

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  • The majority of the long-term capital market funding has traditionally been senior unsecured bonds, followed by secured debt paper such as Pfandbriefe or asset- backed securities. There are regional differences between secured debt instruments: Pfandbriefe have enjoyed relatively high popularity for decades already, especially in Germany. In Anglo-American countries secured capital market funding has mainly taken the form of securitisations and asset-backed money market paper.

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  • Many convention bureaux run conference “ambassador” programmes where they actively identify and recruit local academics and scientists who have connections to international organisations. The cities encourage their “ambassadors” to submit bids to host events in their field in their home city and ask these ambassadors to promote the destination on their behalf when attending events abroad For the larger congresses a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) is often employed to take on the administration behind the event.

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  • We believe this is set to change, heralded by an acceleration of shipments in 2012. Products have been subject to comprehensive demonstration and validation, which is starting to bear fruit. The value proposition offered by fuel cells in this application has been enhanced by declining costs of production, along with on-going improvements to the technology and to fuel supply and distribution. All of this is now opening the way to widespread adoption and profi tability for the companies active in this market.

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  • Reality TV is only one of the ways in which the visual images of surveillance cameras are circulated. It is institutional and often commercial, so usually individuals do not have an active role in producing it – except when it comes to some programs presenting ‘the funniest home videos’. Webcams are of a different order. Also many of them are institutional and commercial, but there is a huge amount of webcams installed by individuals, for other individuals, without any commercial tone.

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  • In addition, more and more Parties are increasing their controls on the trade in medicines, thus improving the regulation of legal trade and more effectively combating illegal trade. This manual has proven to be an excellent tool judging from the fact that many additional copies of it were requested from the Secretariat. At CoP12, the Secretariat entered into an agreement to produce a second edition before CoP13, and I am pleased that this difficult work has been completed by the two original authors with contributions from various other organizations and individuals.

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  • The Integrated Project “standard and Interoperable satellite solution to deploy health care services over WideAREa” (HEALTHWARE), which is co-financed by the European Commission and coordinated by Thales Alenia Space (France) validates and promotes the usage of a light and cost effective satellite technology (DVB_RCS-combining the DVB-S norm for TV broadcast with an efficient return link) in geographic areas lacking sufficient terrestrial telecommunication capacities for running interactive applications based on videoconferencing, like collaborative staff meeting, teleexp...

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  • Brand identityis a combination of factors: Name, logo, symbols, design, packaging, product or service performance, and image or associations in the consumer’s mind. equity.IMCplays a major role in the process of developing and sustaining brand identity and equity.

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  • Velocity encoded phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (VE-PC MRI) is another imaging technique used to noninvasively measure Achilles tendon strain and changes in its force-displacement relationship concomitant with chronic unloading and subsequent recuperation. This technique will be reviewed in terms of its ability to quantify the Achilles tendon Young’s modulus (MPa) from a stress-strain curve.

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  • These efforts should be underpinned by a commitment to the Global Partnership for Development which has produced important achievements, including a record volume of Official development assistance (ODA) in 2010, increased aid to LDCs and increased South-South and other cooperation for development. The DCF has placed emphasis on the need for aid for gender equality to be on budget and to use national systems to promote transparency, accountability, cost-effectiveness, alignment and long-term results to promote gender equality.

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  • The workplace as a health promotion setting Workplace health promotion (WHP) programmes, targeting physical inactivity and unhealthy dietary habits, are effective in improving health- related outcomes such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk factors. Enhancing employee productivity, improving corporate image and moderating medical care costs are some of the arguments that might foster senior management to initiate and invest in WHP programmes.

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  • Special thanks are due to Rachel Dressler, who, early on, even before the sessions had taken place, raised the possibility of establishing an online journal in which the otherwise ephemeral presentations could be expanded and circulated beyond the conference audience and more rapidly than is usually now possible with print media.

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  • You should document any electronic transfer of a product so that you can show why tax does not apply to that transaction. For instance, if you electronically transmit an image to a customer by email, you should print out a copy of the transmittal email and retain that copy in your records. You may also note on your sales invoice that the product was transferred electronically and the date transferred. If you transfer an image by FTP or download it to your customer’s computer directly from your computer, a CD, or another storage media that you keep (the “load and...

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  • The day I commenced the research for this book in August 1998 I arrived at the BayArena, home of German first division side Bayer Leverkusen. The name of the ground had been changed at the beginning of the season to promote the team’s sponsor and owner – the pharmaceutical multinational Bayer. I had bought a season ticket for the largest section of the recently redeveloped ground named ‘Family Street’.

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