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  • Tham khảo sách 'excel 2007 advanced report development', công nghệ thông tin, tin học văn phòng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Tham khảo sách 'professional excel services - wrox 2007', công nghệ thông tin, tin học văn phòng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps by Wesley Hales Copyright © 2013 Hales Consulting, Inc.. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Published by O’Reilly Media, Inc., 1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472. O’Reilly books may be purchased for educational, business, or sales promotional use. Online editions are also available for most titles Editors: Simon St.

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  • PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites, Fourth Edition Rebecca Gulick Copy Editor: Patricia Pane Technical Reviewer: Anselm Bradford Production Coordinator: Myrna Vladic Compositor: Debbie Roberti Proofreader: Bethany Stough Indexer: Valerie Haynes-Perry Cover Design: RHDG / Riezebos Holzbaur Design Group, Peachpit Press Interior Design: Peachpit Press Logo Design Notice of Rights All rights reserved.

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  • Scriptin’ with JavaScript and Ajax: A Designer’s Guide Charles Wyke-Smith New Riders 1249 Eighth Street Berkeley,Technical Editor: Christian Heilmann Production Coordinator: Hilal Sala Copy Editor and Proofreader: Anne Marie Walker Marketing Manager: Glenn Bisignani Indexer: Joy Dean Lee Cover Design: Aren Howell Cover Production: Hilal Sala Interior Design: Mimi Heft Notice of Rights All rights reserved.

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  • Author Richard A. Hawley Reviewer Adrian Licuriceanu Stefano Provenzano Indexer Acquisition Editor Mary Nadar Graphics Content Commissioning Editor Meeta Rajani Technical Editor Worrell Lewis Cover Work Pooja Chiplunkar Valentina D’silva Production Coordinator Pooja Chiplunkar Monica Ajmera Project Coordinator Esha Thakker Proofreader Mario Cecere

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  • Acknowledgments No author can complete a book without a small army of helpful individuals. I’m deeply indebted to the whole Apress team, including Grace Wong, Beckie Stones, and Janet Vail, who helped everything move swiftly and smoothly; Candace English, who performed the copy edit; and many other individuals who worked behind the scenes indexing pages, drawing figures, and proofreading the final copy. I owe a special thanks to Gary Cornell, who always offers invaluable advice about projects and the publishing world.

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  • ASP.NET E-Commerce in C# From Novice to Professional Guiding you every step of the way, this book will have you building high-quality, extensible e-commerce web sites in no time.

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  • Author Joseph Labrecque Reviewers Fabio Biondi Sean Moore Leonardo Risuleo Acquisition Editor Wilson D'souza Development Editor Neha Mallik Technical Editors Shreerang Deshpande Merwine Machado Project Coordinator Jovita Pinto Proofreader Aaron Nash Indexer Monica Ajmera Production Coordinator Alwin Roy Cover Work Alwin Roy

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  • Author David R. Heffelfinger Reviewers Allan Bond BalaKishore G. Pamarti T. David Hoppmann, Jr Thomas M. Ose Acquisition Editor Douglas Paterson Development Editor Amey Kanse Technical Editor Ishita Dhabalia Copy Editor Sanchari Mukherjee Editorial Team Leader Gagandeep Singh Project Team Leader Priya Mukherji Project Coordinators Ashwin Shetty Neelkanth Mehta Indexer Hemangini Bari Proofreaders Jade Schuler Laura Booth Production Coordinator Adline Swetha Jesuthas Cover Work Adline Swetha Jesuthas...

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  • Author Craig Finch Reviewers Dr. David Kirkby Minh Nguyen Acquisition Editor Usha Iyer Development Editor Hyacintha D'Souza Technical Editor Ajay Shanker Indexers Tejal Daruwale Rekha Nair Project Coordinator Joel Goveya Proofreaders Aaron Nash Mario Cecere Graphics Nilesh Mohite Production Coordinator Adline Swetha Jesuthas Cover Work Adline Swetha Jesuthas

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  • Jordan Gold Contracts and Licensing Manager: Kristine O’Callaghan Acquisitions and Developmental Editor: Diane Lowery Editor: Malka Geffen Production Editor: Leslie E. H. Light Technical Editor: Michelle A. Roudebush Book Designer: Maureen Forys, Happenstance Type-O-Rama Electronic Publishing Specialist: Maureen Forys Proofreaders: Erika Donald, Nancy Riddiough, Laura Schattsneider Indexe...

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  • Create and deliver improved snapshots in time of your Enterprise data using Oracle BI Publisher 11g Daniela Bozdocprofessional expertise distilled Author Daniela Bozdoc Reviewers Chandan Banerjee Brenner Grudka Lira Michael Verzijl Acquisition Editor Stephanie Moss Development Editor Gaurav Mehta Technical Editors Llewellyn Rozario Mehreen Shaikh Copy Editor Neha Shetty Project Coordinator Leena Purkait Proofreader Linda Morris Indexer Hemangini Bari Graphics Nilesh R. Mohite Production Coordinator Nilesh R. Mohite Cover Work Nilesh R. Mohite ...

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  • Effective GUI Test Automation: Developing an Automated GUI Testing Tool Kanglin Li Mengqi Wu SYBEX® Effective GUI Test Automation: Developing an Automated GUI Testing Tool Kanglin Li and Mengqi Wu San Francisco • London Associate Publisher: Joel Fugazzotto Acquisitions and Developmental Editor: Tom Cirtin Production Editor: Erica Yee Technical Editor: Acey J.

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  • Author Alex Libby Reviewers Laurentiu Nicolae Paul Kinlan Graphics Acquisition Editor Kartikey Pandey Production Coordinator Commissioning and Content Editor Meeta Rajani Cover Work Technical Editors Ajay Shankar Ameya Sawant Project Coordinator Michelle Quadros Cover Image Conidon Miranda Prachali Bhiwandkar Prachali Bhiwandkar Aditi Gajjar Proofreader Stephen Silk Indexer Hemangini Bari

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  • Author Jacob Perkins Reviewers Patrick Chan Herjend Teny Acquisition Editor Steven Wilding Development Editor Maitreya Bhakal Technical Editors Bianca Sequeira Aditi Suvarna Copy Editor Laxmi Subramanian Indexer Tejal Daruwale Editorial Team Leader Aditya Belpathak Project Team Leader Priya Mukherji Project Coordinator Shubhanjan Chatterjee Proofreader Joanna McMahon Graphics Nilesh Mohite Production Coordinator Adline Swetha Jesuthas Cover Work Adline Swetha Jesuthas Jacob Perkins has been an avid user of open source software since high school, when he first built his own computer and didn...

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  • Colleen Gorman Production Editor: Rachel Monaghan Copyeditor: Audrey Doyle Proofreader: Rachel Monaghan Printing History: June 2007: First Edition. Indexer: Julie Hawks Cover Designer: Karen Montgomery Interior Designer: David Futato Illustrators: Robert Romano and Jessamyn Read

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