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  • The editor has been involved with the safety assessment of proteins used in food production for more than 20 years. During that time, I have answered many questions regarding the safety of proteins developed by Monsanto. Some of the questions were asked by those who were familiar with the safety assessment of small-molecularweight chemicals (pesticides and food additives).

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  • But up to now not only few but also rather inadequate empirical segmentation studies of these markets have been carri ed out and published. So, this book will present the results of a newer and better designed segmentation study of Chinese consumer goods markets. This study identifies and characterizes 12 market segments that are internally homogeneous and externally heterogeneous with regard to the product related needs and wants of their members. Moreover, it explains the possibilities of a segment specific tailoring of some other elements of the marketing mix.

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  • One of the greatest challenges faced by the food scientist is man himself with his highly sensitive oral equipment for evaluating food texture. The recognition of this challenge leads immediately to two questions: ‘How can we characterize the texture of foodstuffs in a manner that will reflect human perceptions?’ and, then, ‘How may we preserve, formulate and process products in a way that will be acceptable to the consumer?’

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  • Target marketing is based on fundamental marketing principles that are employed by just about all firms across all types of products and toward all types of audience segments. As the nation undergoes dramatic demographic shifts, moving today’s ethnic minorities to the majority in many geographic areas, target marketing to ethnic groups will increase.

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  • The Single Market needs to continue to adapt to reach the potential for businesses and consumers in a borderless Europe. Technological change offers huge possibilities, but it needs to be accompanied by new approaches in areas like procurement, standards, and intellectual property. The EU needs a long-term framework for energy and climate policies so that investment and policy target competitiveness and tackle climate change.

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  • In Peru, where the project is known as Iniciativa de La- vado de Manos, or the Handwashing Initiative (HWI), the specific target is to reach 5.1 million women and children under 12 with handwashing messages by the end of the four-year implementation period (November 2010). The ultimate goal is to have 1.3 million people practicing im- proved handwashing behaviors. As of the first half of 2010, the communication targets for reach by mass media had been significantly surpassed and for direct consumer con- tact (e.g., dramas, discussions, and health fairs) had almost been reached.

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  • Different PHI functions give rise to specific policy challenges. Primary PHI markets often create access-related challenges, especially for high-risk and vulnerable groups, where they represent the sole form of cover for some population groups.15 Where public and private delivery systems are linked to different funding sources, as in systems with duplicate private health insurance, differences in access to care, choice levels and utilisation patterns occur between individuals with and without private insurance.

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  • The narrative behind Simplified Ecosystem Capital Accounts (SECA): Ecosystems can be described as capital which delivers a bundle of services to people, some of which are appropriated and incorporated into products, accumulated and/or consumed. Other services are public goods of common benefit to the economy and human wellbeing. Altogether, these ecosystem services depend on ecosystem capital regeneration which is in turn influenced by ecosystem services consumption.

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  • Investor base: about 70 percent of private bonds were purchased by banks in 2011. Their participation has increased further recently partly because they have faced constraints in expanding consumer loans given increased risk and higher cost in the sector, and therefore have sought alternative higher-yield investment instruments. Liquidity in the secondary market is very limited as many banks tend to hold private bonds until maturity. Retail investors’ participation remains low (see Figure 11). ...

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  • There is a large, complex and dynamic set of linkages between agriculture and water. Irrigated agriculture makes a substantial contribution to the growth in agricultural production across many countries. Yet, agriculture can have significant impacts (both positive and negative) on water ecosystems, and both agriculture and water are becoming increasingly vulnerable to climate change. In most OECD countries, agriculture is the major consumer of water and a significant source of diffuse water pollution.

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  • Natural groundwater quality changes start in the soil, where infiltrating rainfall dissolves carbon dioxide from biological activity in the soil to produce weak carbonic acid that may assist removal of soluble minerals from the underlying rocks, e.g. calcite cements. At the same time, soil organisms consume some of the oxygen that was dissolved in the rainfall. In temperate and humid climates with significant recharge, groundwater moves relatively quickly through the aquifer.

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  • This study does not examine the relationship between credit scores and the likelihood of insurance losses. Regulators and consumer groups have expressed growing concern that use of credit scores may restrict the availability of insurance products in predominantly minority and low income communities, markets that already show signs of significant affordability and access problems (Kabler, 2004).

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  • More than ever before, people are being asked to make decisions and take responsibility for managing their finances. This is an area that many people can find daunting and confusing. For some, thinking about their long-term financial security is dispiriting or even distressing, particularly if they are struggling to manage debt or other commitments. The number and complexity of choices to be made have increased dramatically over the last 25 years, so that many find it hard to understand financial products and the risks associated with them.

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  • This section provides greater detail on green power sold in competitive (or restructured) electricity markets as well as in the form of RECs—subsets of the entire green power market. About one-quarter of U.S. states have restructured their electricity markets for retail service competition. Currently, electricity consumers in the following states can purchase competitively marketed green power: Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and the District of Columbia.

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  • The system we propose offers substantial benefits for both producers and consumers of RSS data. The chief incentive for content providers is the lower cost associ- ated with publishing micronews: large Web sites with many readers may offer large volumes of timely content to FeedTree clients without fear of saturating their net- work links, and a smaller Web site need not fear sudden popularity when publishing a FeedTree feed.

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  • The molecular analysis of human cancer is complicated by the difficulty in obtaining pure populations of tumor cells to study. One traditional method of obtaining a pure representation has been establishing cancer cell lines from primary tumors. However, this technique is time consuming and of low yield. Artifacts of cell culture include the selection of genetic alterations not present in primary tumors (1,2) and the alteration of gene expression as compared to primary tumors (3).

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  • In short, the literature still lacks a convincing test of the buffer-stock model. In this paper we use a survey question on precautionary wealth available in the 2002 Bank of Italy Survey on Household Income and Wealth (SHIW) to propose a direct test of buffer stock behavior. The question asks people how much savings they think they need for future emergencies, and is similar to a question contained in the 1995 and 1998 Surveys of Consumer Finances described in Kennickell and Lusardi (2004).

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  • Directive 2002/45/EC applies more specifically to leather production, and prohibits the marketing of substances and preparations for the fat liquoring of leather containing C10-C13 chloro-alkanes in concentrations above 1%. For all pieces of furniture, reference should be made to Directive 1999/44/EC on certain aspects of the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees. This Directive regulates fitness for purpose of consumer goods and the liability of the seller. Directive 1999/44/EC provides basic protection to consumers against inferior products.

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  • In this section, we focus on the relationship between total bank credit to non-bank borrowers and the international components of bank credit in emerging economies (see Annex 1 for sample of 31). We find that, in the years before the recent global financial crisis, a rising share of international credit was positively related to a rising ratio of bank credit to GDP.8 In other words, the evidence systematically implicates international credit in credit booms.

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  • The true picture of alcohol consumption is often shrouded in myths and assumptions. A statistical presentation and mapping of the level and patterns of global, regional and country alcohol consumption by adults 15 years and older provides a sound basis for the analysis of problems related to alcohol. For this purpose, total adult consumption, unrecorded consumption, consumption in different World Bank income groups, and most consumed beverages in terms of litres of pure alcohol are examined and presented.

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