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  • This paper describes an initial prototype demonstrator of a Companion, designed as a platform for novel approaches to the following: 1) The use of Information Extraction (IE) techniques to extract the content of incoming dialogue utterances after an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) phase, 2) The conversion of the input to Resource Descriptor Format (RDF) to allow the generation of new facts from existing ones, under the control of a Dialogue Manger (DM), that also has access to stored knowledge and to open knowledge accessed in real time from the web, all in RDF form, 3) A DM implemente...

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  • Itching to build interesting projects with Drupal, but confused by the way it handles design challenges? This concise guide helps small teams and solo website designers understand how Drupal works by demonstrating the ways it outputs content. You’ll learn how to manage Drupal’s output, design around it, and then turn your design into a theme. In the second of three volumes on Drupal design, award-winning designer Dani Nordin takes you beyond basic site planning and teaches you key strategies for working with themes, layouts, and wireframes.

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  • This demonstration presents the LinGO Grammar Matrix grammar customization system: a repository of distilled linguistic knowledge and a web-based service which elicits a typological description of a language from the user and yields a customized grammar fragment ready for sustained development into a broad-coverage grammar. We describe the implementation of this repository with an emphasis on how the information is made available to users, including in-browser testing capabilities.

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  • Geospatial Applications of Sensor Networks Copyright © 2004 CRC Press, LLC In-Situ Sensorweb Prototype Demonstrations for Integrated Earth Sensing Applications P.M. Teillet, A. Chichagov, G. Fedosejevs, R.P. Gauthier, A. Deschamps, T.J. Pultz, G. Ainsley, M. Maloley, and F. Simard Canada Centre for Remote Sensing 588 Booth Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0Y7 ABSTRACT This paper describes initial steps toward building an integrated earth sensing capability that encompasses both remote and in-situ sensing.

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  • Rockets, artillery, and mortars (RAM) have been mainstays of the world’s military forces for hundreds of years. Historical approaches against RAM can be grouped as either purely defensive (e.g., taking cover in foxholes, bunkers, or armored vehicles) or offensive (e.g., attacking the launchers and guns). The U.S. military’s approach to countering these weapons has primarily been one of counterbattery fire, which is consistent with traditional offensive strategies of taking the fight to the enemy....

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Design and Implementation of a DSP-Based MIMO System Prototype for Real-Time Demonstration and Indoor Channel Measurements

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  • There is a critical need for improved and shorter tuberculosis (TB) treatment. Current in vitro models of TB, while valuable, are poor predictors of the antibacterial effect of drugs in vivo. Mathematical models may be useful to overcome the limitations of traditional approaches in TB research. The objective of this study was to set up a prototype mathematical model of TB treatment by rifampin, based on pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and disease submodels.

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  • Once the SRS has been approved, implementation begins. Programming teams have many options: The programmers can simply start building the code and create the objects and user interface elements. Designers can build a user interface prototype to demonstrate to the users, stakeholders and the rest of the team. Any code used to develop the prototype is typically thrown away once the design has been finalized. Pictures, flow charts, data flow diagrams, database design diagrams and other visual tools can be used to determine aspects of the design and architecture.

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  • Within the framework of the European project bipolar lead–acid power source (BILAPS), a new production route is being developed for the bipolar lead–acid battery. The performance targets are 500 W kg−1 , 30 Wh kg−1 and 100 000 power-assist life cycles (PALCs). The operation voltage of the battery can be, according to the requirements, 12, 36 V or any other voltage. Tests with recently developed 4 and 12 V prototypes, each of 30 Ah capacity have demonstrated that the PALC can be operated using 10 C discharge and 9 C charge peaks. ...

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  • In this paper prototype versions of two word experts for text analysis are dealt with which demonstrate that word experts are a feasible tool for parsing texts on the level of text cohesion as well as text coherence. The analysis is based on two major knowledge sources: context information is modelled in terms of a frame knowledge base, while the co-text keeps record of the linear sequencing of text analysis. The result of text parsing consists of a text graph reflecting the thematic organization of topics in a text. ...

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  • We demonstrate a multimodal dialogue system using reinforcement learning for in-car scenarios, developed at Edinburgh University and Cambridge University for the TALK project1. This prototype is the first “Information State Update” (ISU) dialogue system to exhibit reinforcement learning of dialogue strategies, and also has a fragmentary clarification feature. This paper describes the main components and functionality of the system, as well as the purposes and future use of the system, and surveys the research issues involved in its construction. ...

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  • A prototypical problem road agencies are faced with is to find the optimal application schedule of maintenance works for a given road section. To solve such problems what-if models such as the road transport investment model (RTIM), the highway economic requirements system (HERS), and the highway development and management tool (HDM-4) are widely used to predict the consequences of different maintenance options.

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  • We argue that verbal patient diagnosis is a promising application for limited-domain speech translation, and describe an architecture designed for this type of task which represents a compromise between principled linguistics-based processing on the one hand and efficient phrasal translation on the other. We propose to demonstrate a prototype system instantiating this architecture, which has been built on top of the Open Source REGULUS 2 platform. The prototype translates spoken yes-no questions about headache symptoms from English to Japanese, using a vocabulary of about 200 words. ...

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  • 1 Efficient natural language generation has been successfully demonstrated using highly compiled knowledge about speech acts and their related social actions. A design and prototype implementation of a parser which utilizes this same pragmatic knowledge to efficiently guide parsing is presented. Such guidance is shown to prune the search space and thus avoid needless processing of pragmatically unlikely constituent structures.

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  • In this paper we introduce the notion of “frame relatedness”, i.e. relatedness among prototypical situations as represented in the FrameNet database. We first demonstrate the cognitive plausibility of that notion through an annotation experiment, and then propose different types of computational measures to automatically assess relatedness. Results show that our measures provide good performance on the task of ranking pairs of frames.

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