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  • "THE FIRST time machine, gentlemen," Professor Johnson proudly informed his two colleagues. "True, it is a small-scale experimental model. It will operate only on objects weighing less than three pounds, five ounces and for distances into the past and future of twelve minutes or less. But it works." The small-scale model looked like a small scale—a postage scale—except for two dials in the part under the platform. Professor Johnson held up a small metal cube. "Our experimental object," he said, "is a brass cube weighing one pound, two point three ounces.

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  • Cisco’s Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) certification provides a way to distin- guish those brilliant and talented enough to become Cisco administrators from those who just might be, umm—well, better suited to another occupation. It’s basically Cisco’s version of sep- arating the wheat from the chaff. The main reason that it’s a really good thing to be the proud possessor of Cisco’s certifications is that they give you a serious edge over the poor, wretched, unfortunate, and noncertified masses.

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  • The Art Of Trimming Sculpting And Pruning Bonsai Trees Is Becoming One Of The Fastest Growing Hobbies In America For People With A "Green Thumb". Don't Be Left Out Of The Bonsai Sculpting Craze And Learn How To Make Many Beautiful Bonsai Trees And Have Fun Also!" With the benefit of this ebook "Bonsai Trees: Growing, Trimming, Pruning, and Sculpting", you can learn how to craft your own bonsai tree into a beautiful work of art. Inside these pages, you will find tons of information to help you in creating a bonsai you can be proud of....

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  • The 21st century promises no shortage of technological advances that will permit people to rethink how they used to go about tasks long a part of life, from doing laundry to desigining a typeface. Mark Batty Publisher proudly announces the first two titles in an ongoing series that will track, respond to and engage with the issues and possibilities of 21st century graphic design and typography, culling information from the sources that create,

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  • We picked up where Partridge left off, recording the slang and unconventional English of the English-speaking world since World War 2 with the same scholarship and joy in language that characterised Partridge's work. We are not, and cannot be, Partridge: but we can strive to be proud heirs of Partridge and to speak with a voice that Partridge would recognise as an echo of his own. We have worked hard to continue the Partridge tradition, observing high standards of lexicography while producing an accessible work informed by...

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  • These ways of socializing and communicating can be fulfilling, and yet, they come with certain risks: Inappropriate conduct. The online world can feel anonymous. Kids sometimes forget that they are still accountable for their actions. Inappropriate contact. Some people online have bad intentions, including bullies, predators, hackers, and scammers. Inappropriate content. You may be concerned that your kids could find pornography, violence, or hate speech online.

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