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  • Research objcetive: Clarify the objective requirements of thai binh provincial party committee’s leadership in agricultural economic development from 2001 to 2010. Analyze, interpret to clarify the policy and direction of Thai Binh provincial party committee in agricultural economic development from 2001 to 2010.

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  • The project uses a dual approach which focuses on both the physical / scientific dimension of aquaculture and the educational / training dimension of aquaculture extension program development. This dual approach enables the improvement of aquaculture practises resulting from Dimension 1 to be consolidated and disseminated more broadly through provincial aquaculture communities per medium of the activities of Dimension 2. The project supports capacity building in both aquaculture management and aquaculture extension (community education)....

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  • The research of the process of building friendship and cooperation with Bolykhamxay, Khammuon provinces of Ha Tinh Provincial Party between 1991 and 2010, contributes to conclude a practical key guideline in policy foreign party on a certain locality, thereby contributies historical basis for the implementation of task leaders strengthen relationships special friendship, comprehensive cooperation with the provinces to reach you in time more effective.

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  • Năm 2005 lần đầu tiên Phòng Thương mại & Công nghiệp Việt Nam phối hợp với Cơ quan Phát triển Quốc tế Hoa Kỳ (USAID) triển khai hệ thống khảo sát chuẩn đoán năng lực cạnh tranh cấp tỉnh thành.

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  • Ca Mau and Bac Lieu provinces were split from Minh Hai province in the beginning of 1997. Since then, the economy of Ca Mau province has grown rapidly and steadily. The provincial economic structure has changed in the direction of progressively expanding industry and services and reducing agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

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  • The National Target Program (NTP) will communicate priority activities addressing the urgent and immediate needs and concerns of the country, relating to adaptation to the impacts of CC. Activities proposed through NTP would be those whose further delay could increase vulnerability, or lead to increased costs at a later stage. The NTP will be presented in the form of a document specifying a list of priority activities, with a concise justification based on a tight set of criteria.

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  • TCVN 4448 1987. Hướng dẫn lập quy hoạch xây dựng thị trấn huyện lị-Guidance for making provincial district building plans.

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  • The overall development objective of the VN-Rural Energy 2 Project is to improve access to good quality, affordable electricity services to rural communities, in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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  • Chỉ số Năng lực cạnh tranh cấp tỉnh (PCI -Provincial Competitiveness Idex) được sử dụng như một công cụ quan trọng để đo lường, đánh giá công tác quản lý và điều hành kinh tế của 63 tỉnh, thành phố Việt Nam trên các lĩnh vực có ảnh hưởng lớn đến sự phát triển của khu vực kinh tế dân doanh.

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  • The Community Water Monitoring Guide is a tool to be used with the Governing Water Guide, and has been developed and trialled with communities, teachers and students through Live & Learn’s formal and community education programmes.

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  • Nguyen Van Hoa, Southern Fruit Res. Inst. VIETNAM Longan Lychee M ango Banana Avocado Pummelo Sweet orange M andarin M angosteen Rambutan Durian Sweetsop Soursop Sapodilla Grape Papaya Jackfruit Langsat Pineapple Guava Watermelon Dragon fruit Young coconut Passionfruit Plum Lime Star apple Babados cherry DT (x1000 ha) Area (x1000ha) 800 700 600 500 400 346.4 300 200 100 0 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 384.8 426.1 384.4 496.0 544.0 609.6 747.8 677.5 692.

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  • Xóa đói giảm nghèo nông thôn ở Việt Nam sẽ không thể đạt được trừ khi năng lực của nông dân thông qua lợi nhuận và bền vững hệ thống nông nghiệp được tăng cường thông qua công nghệ và các sản phẩm tri thức.

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  • In my parallel guise as Western Cape Minister of Finance I presented my Budget for the financial year 2001/2002 in the Provincial Legislature in March this year, and without question the key characterising feature of those proposals was a marked shift in emphasis (in relative terms) away from welfare spending and towards spending to facilitate and enhance prospects for employment creation.

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  • The city of Bath is not one of the largest cities in England, but certain to be one of the cities that makes the largest impression on visitors. A visit to the city centre is like going back to the 18th century Georgian period when architects and building owners transformed Bath from a relatively ordinary provincial town to a famous spa resort in a matter of years.

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  • Dilute the reaction trial, Dong Hoi and Dr. Harwood Beadle test candidate sites for testing thin trimming / at Dong Hoi, Quang Binh province (Output 3.1) and with the scientists put FSIV a dilution experiment replicated quickly developed a 2 year old Acacia hybrid clones is managed by the provincial forestry enterprises. Then FSIV staff led by Mr. Deng set Thinh Korea successfully tested in May 2006, following guidelines established by test documents provided by Dr. Beadle.

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  • The vast majority of Buddhists also indicated that they meditated during the past month and just over half indicated they meditated at least several times a week. Elderly women meditate somewhat more frequently than men. Provincial elders also reported more frequent meditation than those in Phnom Penh. However older elderly meditate more frequently than younger elderly, a finding that is consistent with the higher percentage of older elderly who indicate religion is very important for them.

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  • This comprehensive business guide features industry-specific chapters and detailed provincial information covering the latest statistics and information on China, illuminating a vast array of business opportunities in the region. In-depth descriptions and analyses of China's business environment—with an update on the development of the western region, comprising 13 administrative regions—and accompany suggestions for ways to tap the huge market potential of the booming northeastern area.

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  • As health care providers, we spend our lives searching for treatments that reduce suffering and lengthen the lives of our patients. Sometimes we find solutions in surprising places. Although we all have hopes for advancements in technology, the future of medicine is also about challenging preconceptions as we change our healing biases. In many ways, this is the natural evolution of “global medicine.” We have global communications and global banking; however, until recently medicine has remained remarkably provincial.

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  • Đào tạo trước và sau cuộc điều tra 27 đại biểu tham dự các khóa đào tạo Có một bảng câu hỏi trước và sau cuộc đua. -đi trước Thiết kế WS câu hỏi xác định những gì các thành viên tham gia coi Có chính đất contraintes productivité Tại các làng xã của họ. Câu hỏi sau cuộc đua WS được thiết kế để Bất kỳ biện pháp thay đổi nhận thức của nhân viên và contraintes đất xác định theo hành động lên kế hoạch tham gia khi họ trở về từ cuộc đua....

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  • This project supports the development of crops with small profit in central Vietnam, developing high-value sawlogs glue for the wood processing industry of Vietnam's solid. Project to build scientific capacity of the Forest Science Institute of Vietnam (FSIV) to breed varieties suitable for acacia sawlog production, research and silvicultural applications to support sustainable forest and profitable.

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