Publication bias

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  • Each household member records spending for the same two diary weeks, so we must pool observations across households to study expenditures over an entire month. Given that distance from payday is orthogonal to household characteristics, this pooling should not bias our estimate of the relationship between distance and spending.8 We impose a number of sample restrictions. People paid weekly are excluded, because every diary week includes a payday for these individuals.

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  • The interest in films taken by feminists stems from concern about the under-representation and misrepresentation of women in cinema. It adopts a critical approach towards gender bias on celluloid.

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  • A comparison between community and inpatient detoxification of alcohol dependent patients found no difference in the number of patients remaining sober six months later.82 At least three out of four such patients can be detoxified successfully in the community.82 No studies of outpatient detoxification using medication were identified where fits occurred but studies had, appropriately, excluded patients with a history of withdrawal seizures or with impending delirium.83 Home detoxification does not appear to have any clinical advantages but may offer cost savings.

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  • We know from many research studies that practising nurses and other healthcare professionals do not always have the time, confidence or skills to carry out research or systematic reviews for themselves. Therefore they rely on reviews by other people when considering innovations and developments in their practice. Our aim for this book, therefore, is to present readers with the issues arising from conducting systematic reviews and thereby to help them understand reviews that they identify and read when considering developing their health policy, services and clinical practice....

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  • “KNOW THYSELF” and “To thine own self be true,” aphorisms taken from classic literary works and passed down through many generations as standard wisdom, remain popular even today. Centuries ago, when Socrates and Shakespeare penned those now-immortal words, they probably did not know that they were glimpsing a broader, more exact science—that of emotional intelligence. Today, emotional intelligence has blossomed from studies in social behavior to a measurable, predictable pattern of thought and action that influences decision making and success in relationships.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Bias analysis applied to Agricultural Health Study publications to estimate non-random sources of uncertainty

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  • Special category deposit accounts, diaspora bonds, the securitization of future remittances, and transnational loans are among the financial instruments whose potential have yet to be fully exploited. Multilateral institutions as well as public and private institutions can help developing countries improve their banking sector and raise credit ratings. One of the fundamental challenges for many countries that lack foreign investment is the perception of economic, political, or social risk among the diaspora and general investors.

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  • The Institute of Medicine’s Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders planned and held a public workshop June 16, 2009, that brought together experts from industry, academia, government, and advocacy groups to discuss issues directly related to a recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy that all clinical protocols for products developed in the Division of Psychiatry Products (of the FDA) include a prospective assessment for suicidality.

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  • Academic literature has raised questions about the effectiveness of such arrangements, pointing out that a "regulatory arm" of an exchange can be financed through the budget of the profit making entity. Unless the budget of the regulatory arm is both independent and substantial, the number of instances that it can investigate may arguably be insufficient (Brown, 2008). The importance of further insulating the regulatory entities which are part of exchange groups has therefore been repeatedly stressed in public debate.

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  • In July 1923, the Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos arrived in Paris as a complete unknown. Some five years had passed since his first large-scale concert in Brazil; Villa-Lobos journeyed to Europe with the intention of publicizing his musical output. His entry into the Parisian art world took place through the group of Brazilian modernist painters and writers he had encountered in 1922, immediately before the Modern Art Week in São Paulo.

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  • In this study, we make use of a complete dataset of property trades by institutional-grade REITs who are legally mandated to report such trades to the SEC in their 10-K and 10-Q reports, thus providing both complete trading information and eliminating selection bias. We augment this information with a dataset of property trades made by portfolio managers of private entities, such as commingled real-estate funds, who have legally committed to disclose this information to a private data collector under a strict non-disclosure agreement.

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  • PLANNING DEVELOPMENT: THE STATE, GLOBALIZATION, AND SHIFTING LOCUS OF PLANNING There are two obvious ways to correct Hoxby’s specification for this bias. First, in the spirit of so-called “Heckman corrections” (Heckman, 1979; Card and Payne, 2002), one can control directly for functions of the MSA private enrollment rate in models for public school students.

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  • Compared with the overall school district population, our survey sample is both whiter and wealthier, an occurrence similar to previous surveys conducted in these school districts (Schellenberg, personal communication, 2007).

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  • The acceptance bias toward the traditional axis of scholarly literature confirms what publishers experience day-to-day: there are greater challenges to reviewing and making decisions on this sharp influx of content from new countries, with diverse cultures and attitudes to publishing, non-English languages (the lingua franca of academic publication in most subject areas), and a lack of publishing history.

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