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  • THE TEAM THAT OPERATED the Nut Island sewage treatment plant in Quincy, Massachusetts, was every manager’s dream. Members of the group performed difficult, dangerous work without complaint. They needed little supervision. They improvised their way around operational difficulties and budgetary constraints. They were dedicated to the organization’s mission. But their hard work let to catastrophic failure.

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  • Someone said that work would be great, if it weren’t for the people. Who hasn’t felt that way at one time or another? Yet, workplace success is based on more than how much you know. It is equally about relationships with people. If you are an extrovert you are probably stimulated by the interpersonal interactions that build these relationships. However, in our outgoing, Type-A business culture, if you are an introvert who is more quiet in temperament, you may feel excluded, overlooked, or misunderstood. Your reticence might be mistaken for reluctance, arrogance, or even lack...

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  • Thật là một ngạc nhiên đầy thú vị khi tình cờ đọc trên tờ Star (ấn bản online) của Malaysia một bài báo vào tuần trước kể chuyện sử dụng tiếng Anh ở Malaysia. Tác giả bài báo bắt đầu: “Cut the cackle and get on with your work!” Ever heard your teacher call for quiet and concentration in this way? - Dùng cụm từ “cut the cackle” (đừng có mà quang quác thế), tác giả hỏi xem độc giả có

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  • Reverend and former Congressman Bob Edgar brought the house down at our Conference in Aspen when he recited the arresting Martin Luther King, Jr. quote that opens this report. But what was remarkable about our Conference was that nearly everyone there brought the house down at some point – in their unique ways.Whether through quiet moments of candor, piercing insights about dynamics in our society or intense debates, our remarkable participants delivered on the challenging mandate set before them.

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  • so soon - early, before the regular time I did not expect the dinner to end so soon after the presentations were finished. so still you can hear a pin drop - very quiet The room was so still you could hear a pin drop. so to speak - as one might or could say, this is one way to say something We had a good time at the restaurant, so to speak, although the service was not very good. . soak (something) up - to take something into oneself like a sponge takes up water He was able to soak up much knowledge when he went to...

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  • We have learned that the way to know a person fully, is to see that person aesthetically: as trying to put opposites together. The opposites of the world are in us and relate us to everyone and everything else. We have in us the Energy and Repose of reality—a reality with volcanoes and quiet, moonlit lakes. We are Center and Circumference like the solar system, pulled toward the sun yet circling in space. We have Concentration and Expansion like an egg with a chick in it, about to hatch out. We are a study in Sameness and Difference like a snowflake, a six-pointed star like all...

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  • Ypres and Hill 60--Preparing for the Gas--Why the Patricias Cheered--The Retirement--The Thin Red Line. The Princess Patricias had lain in Polygon Wood since the twentieth of April, mid-way between the sanguinary struggles of St. Julien and Hill 60, spectators of both. Although subjected to constant alarm we had had a comparatively quiet time of it, with casualties that had only varied from five to fifty-odd each day. By day and night the gun-fire of both battles had beat back upon us in great waves of sound.

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