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  • This paper proposes the idea of ranking definitions of a person (a set of biographical facts) to automatically generate “Who is this?” quizzes. The definitions are ordered according to how difficult they make it to name the person. Such ranking would enable users to interactively learn about a person through dialogue with a system with improved understanding and lasting motivation, which is useful for educational systems.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'business english lesson – advanced level's archivetests, quizzes, and self-evaluation', ngoại ngữ, toefl - ielts - toeic phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Welcome to EnglishClub Grammar for English learners. Many of these grammar lessons also have quizzes to check your understanding. If you still don't understand something, feel free to ask a question at the Grammar Help Desk.

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  • This book has been written for anyone coming to live and / or work in the United Kingdom, and who wants to:  test and develop their knowledge of the key words and expressions that they might need or encounter on a day-to-day basis.  learn about different aspects of the United Kingdom, including its history, politics, laws, rules, institutions and way of life. The book contains exercises that present the vocabulary and information in a lively and interesting way. Crosswords, quizzes, gap-fills and other tasks mean that you will test and develop your knowledge in an active way....

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  • 600 Essential Words for the TOEIC Test. This valuable book, designed to help students preparing for the Test of English for International Communications, is available in a new, updated edition that now includes a compact disc to provide vital help in pronunciation and listening comprehension. Students are presented with American-style English vocabulary as it is used in the context of business, industry, and technology. Short follow-up quizzes at the end of each section test students’ learning progress....

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  • Developed for the new TOEIC® Listening and Reading Tests. Content is authorized by ETS and contains official TOEIC test items.

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  • Bối cảnh hỉện tại: Giáo viên đã rất quen và thạo soạn bài trình chiếu (presentation) bằng powerpoint. Nay, muốn chuyển qua công nghệ e-Learning một cách nhanh, tiết kiệm, dễ dàng, hợp chuẩn. Câu trả lời: chỉ cần gài bổ sung phần mềm Adobe Presenter.

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  • This is a photocopiable resource book for teachers which covers everyday topics, and provides a varied collection of challenging vocabulary quizzes and games. All the activities contain a strong element of competition and speed.Covers 15 useful everyday topics such as food and drink, shopping, transport, the media, jobs, and health and fitness

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  • "Tài liệu tập huấn Thiết kế bài giảng điện tử E-Learning" trình bày cách sử dụng phần mềm Adobe Presenter dùng trong công tác giảng dạy ở trường học. Adobe Presenter giúp chuyển đổi các bài trình chiếu powerpoint sang dạng tương tác multimedia, có lời thuyết minh (narration), có thể câu hỏi tương tác (quizze) và khảo sát (surveys), tạo hoạt động điều khiển dẫn dắt chương trình (animation), và tạo mô phỏng (simulation) một cách chuyên nghiệp.

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  • Tài liệu tham khảo công nghệ thông tin, phần cơ sở dữ liệu, với gần 100 câu hỏi liên quan đến SQL.

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  • This English Prepositions List is a list of all English prepositions, showing them in context with example sentences. Multiple question quizzes help you check your understanding, and illustrations clarify meaning.

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  • Check Your Vocabulary workbooks are aimed at learners of English who want to build vocabulary in a specific area. Check Your Vocabulary for Life in Britain is a new title in the range which focuses on the everyday English vocabulary required for would-be British citizens and people for whom English is a second language who want to live, study and work in Britain. Like all titles in the Check Your Vocabulary range, Check Your Vocabulary for Life in Britain will comprise quizzes, word games and puzzles that help teach and build vocabulary in a stimulating way....

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  • Introduction and Lumped Circuit Abstraction 6.002 Fall 2000 Lecture 1 .ADMINISTRIVIA Lecturer: Prof. Anant Agarwal Readings are important! Handout no. 3 Assignments — Textbook: Agarwal and Lang (A&L) Homework exercises Labs Quizzes Final exam 6.002 Fall 2000 Lecture 1 2 .Two homework assignments can be missed (except HW11). Collaboration policy Homework You may collaborate with others, but do your own write-up. Lab You may work in a team of two, but do you own write-up. Info handout Reading for today — Chapter 1 of the book 6.002 Fall 2000 Lecture 1 3 .

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  • The Lead-in activities include a wide range of discussion topics, quizzes, vocabulary extension and problem-solving tasks. They serve the all-important purpose of introducing the topic and allowing students to make a personal contribution at the outset, in terms of their experience, opinion or linguistic knowledge. In addition, they provide an opportunity for students to get used to working and cooperating in pairs, and for them to develop their communicative skills and activate passive vocabulary....

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  • French Demystified help you untangle complicated grammar rules, master the essential French Verb tenses, build a rich French vocabulary, reinforce skill with Quizzes, written and oral exercies, and a final exam.

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  • Step-by-step instructions carefully walk you through the most common HTML5 mobile development tasks. Quizzes and Exercises at the end of each chapter help you test your knowledge. By the Way notes present interesting information related to the discussion.

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  • Answers to the “Do I Know This Already?” Quizzes and Q&A Sections

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  • This is the Solutions Manual for the textbook Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, and Systems (Second Edition). It contains the answers to the Review Questions and Multiple Choice Quizzes at the end of the Chapters 2 through 44, as well as the Problems at the end of Chapters 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 38, 40, 42, and 43. There are approximately 740 review questions, 500 quiz questions, and 500 problems (nearly all of them quantitative) in the text. I have personally...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "How to prepare for the TOEIC bridge test with audio compact discs" gives readers the multiple choice quiz sections: Listening comprehension, reading. hope it will be useful book for school students gathered AVF improve their English proficiency.

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  • Learning ASP.NET 2.0 with AJAX helps you master the concepts and techniques of Microsoft's tools with plenty of annotated examples, review quizzes, web construction exercises and chapter summaries, so you can practice new skills and test your understanding as you go. With it, you'll learn to:

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