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  • Although the psychosocial oncology literature is strong, substantial limitations and unanswered questions remain. Much of the research has focused on heterogeneous samples of patients who vary widely across disease site (e.g., melanoma vs. breast cancer), stage of progression (e.g., localized vs. metastatic), and phase of illness (e.g., initial diagnosis vs. long-term survival). The challenges patients face vary widely across these dimensions, and therefore, it is crucial for research designs to take this into consideration....

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  • Inferences made about the correlation between individual traits and credit scores, irrespective of place of residence The macro-level analysis (# 1) based on ZIP Code characteristics can produce valid inferences about “individuals that reside in poorer ZIP Codes,’ or “individuals that reside in areas with large minority concentrations,” but not about minority individuals or poor individuals per se; data limitations prevent any direct inferences about the relationship between credit scores and individual characteristics such as race/ethnicity or so...

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  • The past few years have seen many books commenting on the failure of mental health services to meet the needs of black and minority ethnic people. Some highlight the effects of racism – especially ‘institutional racism’ –while others emphasise the lack of sensitivity to cultural difference in theways of working, especially the ‘medical model’ of (Western) psychiatry on which services are generally based. Government plans to address the problems top-down appear to try riding both horses, but all too often fall between them or fall off both....

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  • We affirm the right of freedom of expression within our community and also affirm our commitment to the highest standards of civility and decency towards all. We recognize the right of every individual to think and speak as dictated by personal belief, to express any idea, and to disagree with or counter another's point of view, limited only by university regulations governing time, place and manner. We promote open expression of our individuality and our diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect.

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