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  • As the editor of this book, I would like to give you some tips on how to make the best use of the information you will find here. Because you are considering a career change, you already understand the concept of managing your career for maximum enjoyment and self-fulfillment. The purpose of this book is to provide expert tools and advice so that you can manage your career. Inside these pages you will find resumes and cover letters that will help you find not just a job but the type of work you want to do....

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  • The Soneplex family of HDSL remote enclosures allows flexible configuration of Soneplex HDSL type 400 remote modules. Options include single and multiple installation, cabinet, telco room or rack mounting, and inside or outside deployment. ADC's Soneplex system is the lowest total cost solution for carriers to grow their T1-based business services. Focused on providing flexible, end-to-end solutions, the Soneplex system saves carriers money on T1-based services over copper or fiber, using HDSL, ADSL, traditional T1 repeater or Optical DS2 technology, in a single platform.

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  • Objectives: - After the lesson, Ss will be able to write a description of a room in their house. II. Preparation: - Textbook. III. Teaching procedure: 1. Organization: 2. Oral test: - Homework correction. 3. New lesson: A. Warm- up: Chatting: - Ask Ss something about the room on P.32:  Which room is this?  What’s this? Where is it? B. Presentation: * Pre- writing: - teach some new words: folder beneath towel rack dish rack lighting fixture Checking: R.O.R - Ask Ss to read the description of Hoa’s room, and then ask some comprehension questions: a.

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