Radar reflector

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  • The information given in this manual is based on our long experience and know - how in the building of totally enclosed lifeboats. In case of an emergency it is very important that the occupants know how tho handle the lifeboat and it's equipment.

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  • What is it? RADAR to detect position of objects. Counter measures 1. ECM ( e.g. chaff cartridges) 2. Non ECM. Avoiding detection and innovating deception . RCS reductions, acoustics, thermal and other EM emissions.How is it achieved. Absorbs radar waves or deflects to other directions. Minimizes heat and other emissions from engine and other spots. Makes difficult to detect except closely.Vehicle shape and structure.Smooth edges maximum radio wave reflectors.

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  • Multiple simultaneous beams exist when an array of N elements is connected to a beamformer with 1M beam ports, where N and 1M may be different. Multiplebeam systems have many uses: in electronic countermeasures, in satellite communications, in multiple-target radars, and in adaptive nulling, for example. The last application uses adaption in beam space as it avoids several serious difficulties that arise with adaption in array space. (Mayhan, 1972).

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