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  • This article concerns the rationale, history, principal issues, and potential of fuel cell-powered rail vehicles. Issues include fuel cell type, hydrogen storage, special factors affecting fuel cell rail, and the question of which rail applications are appropriate for hybrid powertrains. It concludes with a brief discussion of a supersonic concept vehicle, a cross between a train and an airplane that operates in a hydrogen-filled tube and levitates on a gas film, thereby overcoming an inherent efficiency limitation of aircraft. ...

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  • The collective load is the basis for determining the average speeds (2,387 min–1) and the average driving speed (111 km/h). For each of the load cases the tooth load acting on the pinion and the reaction loads from the bearings have to be calculated both for forward and backward motion (percentage times 50 % each). In addition to these forces, the bearings are subjected to loads due to the rotor weight, the unbalanced magnetic pull, unbalanced loads and rail shocks. Of these loads only the rotor weight, GL, is known; therefore, it is multiplied by a supplementary factor fz = 1.

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  • The definition of car-sharing presented here and the quality standards and requirements discussed can provide guidelines both for the establishment of car-sharing administered by oneself and for the purchase of car-sharing services. To ensure that the car-sharing being established is effective, it is important to bear in mind what distinguishes such a scheme from traditional car-rental services, namely the ready access to vehicles, in terms of where these are placed and how keys are managed, and of its being possible to book cars for short periods of time.

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  • 4.35 and 4.36, respectively. Shown in Fig. 4.39, the impulses of the two vehicles between 0 to 20 ms are mainly due to the stiff front rail design and damping of the body mount. They are not considered the decelerations of the main body of the truck. It will be shown in Chapter 5 that the impulsive transient responses at the beginning of the crush are mainly controlled by the damping characteristics of the body mounts, positioned between the compartment (or cab) and frame. The steady state compartment responses, where the peak body deceleration occurs, are attributed mainly to and...

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  • The  car  stock module  calculates  the  size  and  composition  of  the  car  stock.  Its output  is a  full de‐ scription of the car stock in every year, by vehicle type (fuel), age and (emission) technology of  the  vehicle.   The  vehicle  stock  is  represented  in  the  detail  needed  to  compute  the  transport  emissions.   For buses,  coaches,  road  freight vehicles,  inland navigation and  rail  the  car  stock  is not mod‐ elled in detail.

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  • But we need a sustained effort, which is why the President set an ambitious goal that by 2015 we would have 1 million electric vehicles on the road, becoming the world’s leader in advance vehicle technologies. To help reach this goal, the President is proposing bold steps to improve the efficiency of all modes of transportation, from air to highways to rail to water, and to develop alternative fuels. He is continuing to push forward on fuel economy standards for cars and trucks. He has proposed to speed the adoption of electric vehicles with new more...

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  • The Mobile Detection Assessment and Response System, Exterior (MDARS-E) provides an automated robotic security capability for storage yards, petroleum tank farms, rail yards, and arsenals. The system includes multiple supervised-autonomous platforms equipped with intrusion detection, barrier assessment, and inventory assessment subsystems commanded from an integrated control station. The MDARS-E Intrusion Detection System consists of a motion sensor suite which is selectively enabled while the vehicle is momentarily halted in execution of pre-defined but randomly executed patrols.

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  • The new state-of-the-art class 423 metro train set is the latest result of advanced European rail research, producing 56% less CO2 than the 35-year-old vehicle it replaces. Procured by Deutsche Bahn, the new train is a lightweight compared to its predecessor, weighing only 105 tonnes instead of 140. Reduced dead weight saves some 25% of specifi c energy consumption, while regenerative braking accounts for further savings of up to 31%.

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