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  • Share what you're doing, post announcements, congratulate people, link to documents or interesting websites, make files available, ask or answer questions, and put up photos, polls, events, and more Learn the ways to create a dedicated team workspace for any project, department, or topic and collaborate on documents in real-time with multiple authors, store large files, manage versions, and make content available across the company. Get up to speed using Yammer with the author of over 100 books who knows how to give you all the information needed in an easy and entertaining manner. ...

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  • U•X•L Encyclopedia of World Biography features 750 biographies of notable historic and contemporary figures from around the world. Chosen from American history, world history, literature, science and math, arts and entertainment, and the social sciences, the entries focus on the people studied most often in middle school and high school, as identified by teachers and media specialists.

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  • We would like to acknowledge the following people for their kindness and support in making this book possible. Richard Kristof, Duncan Anderson, Jennifer Gould, Robert Woodruff, Kevin Murray, Dale Leatherwood, Rhonda Harmon, and Robert Sanregret of Global Knowledge, for their generous access to the IT industry’s best courses, instructors and training facilities. Ralph Troupe, Rhonda St. John, and the team at Callisma for their invaluable insight into the challenges of designing, deploying and supporting world-class enterprise networks....

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  • Tư vấn nhân viên của Pugh-Roberts Associates, cũng như các thành viên của các thực hành quản lý công nghệ toàn cầu của PA Consulting Group, nhận xét về dự thảo bảng câu hỏi khác nhau. Eric Wiseman, trước đây Pugh-Roberts Associates, đã giúp xây dựng các câu hỏi tổng thể. Giáo sư Ralph Katz và Varghese George của quản lý MIT Tập đoàn Công nghệ và Đổi mới tham khảo ý kiến ​​về thiết kế bảng câu hỏi và...

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  • Ralph de Burun (estates in Nottingham and Derby). | Hugh de Burun (Lord of Horestan). | Hugh de Buron (became a monk). | Sir Roger de Buron (gave lands to monks of Swinstead). | | Sir Richard Clayton. | | Robert de Byron. = Cecelia | Robert de Byron | Sir John Byron (Governor of York under Edward I.). | -------------------------------- | | Sir Richard Byron. Sir John (knighted at siege of Calais) | Sir John (knighted in 3rd year of Henry V.). | | Sir John Butler. | | Sir Nicholas. = Alice. | ----------------------------------- | | Sir Nicholas (made K.B. at Sir John...

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