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  • This paper presents an approach for the automatic acquisition of qualia structures for nouns from the Web and thus opens the possibility to explore the impact of qualia structures for natural language processing at a larger scale. The approach builds on earlier work based on the idea of matching specific lexico-syntactic patterns conveying a certain semantic relation on the World Wide Web using standard search engines. In our approach, the qualia elements are actually ranked for each qualia role with respect to some measure. ...

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  • This paper proposes the idea of ranking definitions of a person (a set of biographical facts) to automatically generate “Who is this?” quizzes. The definitions are ordered according to how difficult they make it to name the person. Such ranking would enable users to interactively learn about a person through dialogue with a system with improved understanding and lasting motivation, which is useful for educational systems.

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  • As already contended in Volume I, most practical books and manuals deal with large, complex projects, which is not unnatural. Using projects to solve problems has never been more popular than it is today. By the end of the last century, 25% of the world’s spending was managed through projects according to some reports, and many projects are clearly very large and very costly. Keeping track of them requires good management and good tools. Project planning and project organization need to be sound, and every step must be controlled down to the last detail.2 If a large project starts going...

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  • This book is Volume I in a series of two books on how to master Small- and Medium-Sized Projects - SMPs. These projects are those that seldom receive serious attention in the regular project literature of today. For better or worse, it is the large, costly, complicated projects that are written about, researched and discussed in the media.

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  • Unless the number of first year Ph.D. students is really big, the professors will know you by name or at least recognize you outside the classroom. It is to your advantage to have good relations with professors from the first year onwards, even tough you don’t do any (or much) research in your first year. Going to office hours and classroom discussions will contribute to this. It is also a good idea to attend the social events organized by your department, not only to have some time to relax, but also to chat with professors and other students and at...

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  • rally around (someone or something) - to come together to support someone or something Everybody in the small town began to rally around the mayor when he was accused of wrongdoing. ram (something) down (someone`s) throat - to force someone to do or agree to something that is not wanted Our teacher always tries to ram her ideas down our throats which makes us angry. ramble on about (someone or something) - to talk aimlessly and endlessly about someone or something My friend spent the entire evening rambling on about his problems at work.

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  • No one who is interested in the growth of human ideas or the origins of human society can afford to neglect Maine's Ancient Law. Published some fifty-six years ago it immediately took rank as a classic, and its epoch-making influence may not unfitly be compared to that exercised by Darwin's Origin of Species. The revolution effected by the latter in the study of biology was hardly more remarkable than that effected by Maine's brilliant treatise in the study of early institutions.

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  • In bootstrapping (seed set expansion), selecting good seeds and creating stop lists are two effective ways to reduce semantic drift, but these methods generally need human supervision. In this paper, we propose a graphbased approach to helping editors choose effective seeds and stop list instances, applicable to Pantel and Pennacchiotti’s Espresso bootstrapping algorithm. The idea is to select seeds and create a stop list using the rankings of instances and patterns computed by Kleinberg’s HITS algorithm. ...

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  • The idea of the role of various ICTs to communicate information was further developed in the follow-up research (R8347), in which respondents were asked to rank the importance of types of information pertinent to rural livelihoods. It can be seen from Table 7 and Table 8 that there is a great deal of similarity in the types of information regarded as most important in both countries. Note that priority information needs tend to relate to social matters.

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  • This paper presents an application of PageRank, a random-walk model originally devised for ranking Web search results, to ranking WordNet synsets in terms of how strongly they possess a given semantic property. The semantic properties we use for exemplifying the approach are positivity and negativity, two properties of central importance in sentiment analysis.

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