Reacting substance

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  • Synthesis has a central role in the development of Science especially in Chemistry. The strategies adopted in synthesis of molecules and materials have undergone considerable changes in recent times and it was felt that it may be necessary to assess and assimilate information on this topic in a single place. Though, no originality is claimed to the contents on this topic, the very fact that the available information on this topic is available in one place itself is considered to be a major step forward.

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  • Pantogin được bào chế từ sâm nhung, là “loại thuốc bổ đầu tay”. Thành phần có hoạt tính chủ yếu của nhân sâm là hỗn hợp 30 triterpenoid saponin, được gọi là các ginsenoside, chúng thể hiện những tác dụng sinh học rất đa dạng trong đó có tác dụng chống oxy hoá.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Complete chemistry for cambridge IGCSE" has contents: States of matter, separating substances, atoms and elements, atoms combining, reacting masses, and chemical equations, using moles, redox reactions,...and other contents.

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  • A slight loss of refrigerant is recognized by ‘bubbles’ in the liquid-indicating sight glass installed in the liquid line of a system, a loss of performance, partial frosting of the evaporator and lower than normal operating pressures. Refrigerant may be added in vapour form to the low side of the system if the refrigerant is azeotropic such as R502. This means that it reacts as a single substance refrigerant. The zeotropic refrigerant blends do not react in a similar manner and they should be added to a system in liquid form. ...

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  • Measurement of Serum Bilirubin The terms direct- and indirect-reacting bilirubin are based on the original van den Bergh reaction. This assay, or a variation of it, is still used in most clinical chemistry laboratories to determine the serum bilirubin level. In this assay, bilirubin is exposed to diazotized sulfanilic acid, splitting into two relatively stable dipyrrylmethene azopigments that absorb maximally at 540 nm, allowing for photometric analysis. The direct fraction is that which reacts with diazotized sulfanilic acid in the absence of an accelerator substance such as alcohol.

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