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  • We propose a novel algorithm for sentiment summarization that takes account of informativeness and readability, simultaneously. Our algorithm generates a summary by selecting and ordering sentences taken from multiple review texts according to two scores that represent the informativeness and readability of the sentence order. The informativeness score is defined by the number of sentiment expressions and the readability score is learned from the target corpus. We evaluate our method by summarizing reviews on restaurants. ...

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  • We present ConsentCanvas, a system which structures and “texturizes” End-User License Agreement (EULA) documents to be more readable. The system aims to help users better understand the terms under which they are providing their informed consent. ConsentCanvas receives unstructured text documents as input and uses unsupervised natural language processing methods to embellish the source document using a linked stylesheet.

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  • This paper proposes an automatic method of detecting grammar elements that decrease readability in a Japanese sentence. The method consists of two components: (1) the check list of the grammar elements that should be detected; and (2) the detector, which is a search program of the grammar elements from a sentence. By defining a readability level for every grammar element, we can find which part of the sentence is difficult to read.

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  • The papers in this panel consider machine-readable dictionaries from several perspectives: research in computational linguistics and computational lexicology, the development of tools for improving accessibility, the design of lexical reference systems for educational purposes, and applications of machine-readable dictionaries in information science contexts. As background and by way of introduction, a description is provided of a workshop on machine-readable dictionaries that was held at SRI International in April 1983. ...

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  • I should like to raise some issues concerning the conversion from a traditional Marhine-Readable Dictionary (MRD) on tape to a Lexical Data Base (LDB), in order to highlight some important consequences for computational linguistics which can follow from this transition. The enormous potentialities of the information implicitly stored in a standard printed dictionary or a MRD can only be evidenced and made explicit when the same data are given a new logical structure in a data base model, and exploited by appropriate software. ...

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  • Components of the machine-readable dictionary can be applied in a number of information systems. The most direct applications of the kind are in wordprocessing or in "writingsupport" systems built on a wordprocessing base. However, because a central function of any dictionary is in fact data verification, there are other proposed applications in communications and data storage and retrieval systems.

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  • We investigate linguistic features that correlate with the readability of texts for adults with intellectual disabilities (ID). Based on a corpus of texts (including some experimentally measured for comprehension by adults with ID), we analyze the significance of novel discourselevel features related to the cognitive factors underlying our users’ literacy challenges. We develop and evaluate a tool for automatically rating the readability of texts for these users. Our experiments show that our discourselevel, cognitively-motivated features improve automatic readability assessment....

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  • In this paper we provide a quantitative evaluation of information automatically extracted from machine readable dictionaries. Our results show that for any one dictionary, 55-70% of the extracted information is garbled in some way. However, we show that these results can be dramatically reduced to about 6% by combining the information extracted from five dictionaries. It therefore appears that even if individual dictionaries are an unreliable source of semantic information, multiple dictionaries can play an important role in building large lexical-semantic databases. ...

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  • As programmers, we’ve all seen source code that’s so ugly and buggy it makes our brain ache. Over the past five years, authors Dustin Boswell and Trevor Foucher have analyzed hundreds of examples of "bad code" (much of it their own) to determine why they’re bad and how they could be improved. Their conclusion? You need to write code that minimizes the time it would take someone else to understand it—even if that someone else is you.

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  • After completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following: Produce queries that require a substitution variable Customize the iSQL*Plus environment Produce more readable output Create and execute script files

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  • This paper focuses on domain-specific senses and presents a method for assigning category/domain label to each sense of words in a dictionary. The method first identifies each sense of a word in the dictionary to its corresponding category. We used a text classification technique to select appropriate senses for each domain. Then, senses were scored by computing the rank scores. We used Markov Random Walk (MRW) model. The method was tested on English and Japanese resources, WordNet 3.0 and EDR Japanese dictionary. ...

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  • This paper discusses the work of automat- experiencer;if a person who uses this concept ically extracting Case Frames from Machine- believesthat seeing is a process of active selecReadable Dictionaries based on a three layer tion,then this person will assign to itssubject, a posteriori Case Theory[5]. The theory is intended to deal with two problems: 1. To dynamically adjust grains of Cases. This is where a posteriori comes from. 2. To provide a procedure to determine Cases. This is where three layer comes from. ...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "ECG workbook" presents the following contents: Recording a readable electrocardiogram (ECG), the electrical conducting system of the heart, a systematic approach to rhythm strip analysis, heart blocks, common arrhythmias, ectopics and extrasystoles, the 12 lead ECG.

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  • Dictionaries contain a rich set of relationships between their senses, but often these relationships are only implicit. We report on our experiments to automatically identify links between the senses in a machinereadable dictionary. In particular, we automatically identify instances of zero-affix morphology, and use that information to find specific linkages between senses. This work has provided insight into the performance of a stochastic tagger. 1 Introduction (LDOCE), is a dictionary for learners of English as a second language.

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  • Chapter 6 - Improving readability with style and design. In this chapter you will learn: Describe and apply the following principles of writing style that improve ease of reading: completeness, conciseness, and natural processing; explain and use navigational design to improve ease of reading; describe and apply the components of the reviewing stage, including a FAIR test, proofreading, and feedback.

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  • Gives learners access to real language through a rich mixture of highly readable authentic texts selected from recently published sources, both British and American. Reflects the stylistic variety that advanced learners have to be able to deal with. Gives practice in specific points of grammar to consolidate and extend learners' existing knowledge. Analysis of syntax helps learners to develop their reading and comprehension skills. Grammar notes give explanations of points of grammar and syntax and include answers.

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  • OpenBSD's stateful packet filter, PF, offers an amazing feature set and support across the major BSD platforms. Like most firewall software though, unlocking PF's full potential takes a good teacher. Peter N.M. Hansteen's PF website and conference tutorials have helped thousands of users build the networks they need using PF. The Book of PF is the product of Hansteen's knowledge and experience, teaching good practices as well as bare facts and software options.

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  • This textbook has been written so that a very thorough introduction to accounting is covered in two volumes. The split into two volumes is a recognition of the fact that many students new to accounting will find all that they require in Volume 1. This second volume takes students who have completed their first accounting course to a more advanced stage.

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  • This book is for intermediate-level PHP developers who want to build custom content-driven web sites. Secondly, this book serves as a very readable reference with real-world examples of many of the core Zend Framework components. Table of Contents Getting Started Designing Your Site Building and Processing Web Forms with Zend_Form Managing Data with Zend Framework Working with CMS Data Managing Content Creating the Site Navigation Handling Security in a Zend Framework Project Searching and Sharing Content Extending Your CMS Advanced Topics Installing and Managing a Site with Your CMS...

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  • Each chapter opens with an overview provided by Erdoes and Ortiz. There are occasional editorial explanations at the ends of stories. They should expecially be applauded for including stories with humor. As someone with Indian ancestry, but not a traditional Indian upbringing, I enjoyed the experience of spiritual concordance with the basic philosophies, no matter which tribe or region of the country was being presented. The book is easily readable by most age groups; parents of younger children could read these as entertainment and even bed-tiime stories.

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