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  • We give a new construction of the moonshine module vertex operator algebra V , which was originally constructed in [FLM2]. We construct it as a framed VOA over the real number field R. We also offer ways to transform a structure of framed VOA into another framed VOA. As applications, we study the five framed VOA structures on VE8 and construct many framed VOAs including V from a small VOA. One of the advantages of our construction is that we are able to construct V as a framed VOA with a positive definite invariant bilinear form and we...

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  • Elliptic units, which are obtained by evaluating modular units at quadratic imaginary arguments of the Poincar´e upper half-plane, provide us with a rich source of arithmetic questions and insights. They allow the analytic construction of abelian extensions of imaginary quadratic fields, encode special values of zeta functions through the Kronecker limit formula, and are a prototype for Stark’s conjectural construction of units in abelian extensions of number fields.

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  • Our main empirical ndings are as follows. We nd that a range of nancial and macroeconomic variables prove helpful in selecting funds that are capable of generating future alphas. In particular, we nd evidence that a number of investment strategies (that use macroeconomic variables to predict fund returns) generate out-of-sample alphas from 7-9%/year (after fund-level trading costs and fees), when measured with a single-factor model, and from 12-13%/year with a four-factor model that controls for fund exposures to size, book-to-market, and momentum. ...

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  • Signals are usually classified into four categories. A continuous time signal x.t/ has the field of real numbers R as its domain in that t can assume any real value.

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  • Let p be a prime number, F a totally real field such that [F (µp ) : F ] = 2 and [F : Q] is odd. For δ ∈ F × , let [ δ ] denote its class in F × /F ×p . In this paper, we show Main Theorem. There are infinitely many classes [ δ ] ∈ F × /F ×p such that the twisted affine Fermat curves Wδ : have no F -rational points. Remark. It is clear that if [ δ ] = [ δ ], then Wδ is isomorphic to Wδ over F . For any δ ∈ F × , Wδ /F has rational points locally everywhere.

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  • Network security spans a large number of disciplines, ranging from management and policy topics to operating system kernel fundamentals. Historically, the coverage of these and the other network security areas was presented in multiple, specialized publications or given a high-level treatment that was not suited to the practitioner. Network Security Bible approaches network security from the view of the individual who wants to learn and apply the associated network security best practices without having to sort through a myriad of extraneous material from multiple sources.

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