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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa hoc quốc tế đề tài : PAPR reduction of OFDM signals using PTS: a real-valued genetic approach

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí hóa hoc quốc tế đề tài : What is traditional pastoral farming? The politics of heritage and ‘real values’ in Swedish summer farms (fäbodbruk)

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  • The original Streetsmart Guide to Valuing a Stock was conceived and outlined on a trip to Spain. The concepts underlying stock valuation crystallized only as real livestock (6 fighting bulls and 8 steers) at- tempted to run over us on the narrow, crowded streets of Pamplona. Integral to the book’s progress were the discussions, over many fine meals with our friends in Navarra, of its structure and international appeal. Ana Vizcay and Eduardo Iriso, María Jesus Ruiz Ciordía and Emilio Goicoechea, Luis Arguelles and Merche Amezgaray,...

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  • Welcome to Real Estate Investing For Dummies, 2nd Edition! We’re delighted to be your tour guides. Throughout this book, we emphasize three fundamental cornerstones that we believe to be true: ✓ Real estate is one of the three time-tested ways for people of varied economic means to build wealth (the others are stocks and small business). Over the long-term (decades), you should be able to make an annualized return of at least 8 to 10 percent per year investing in real estate.

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  • Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC), available to IT Academies at a discounted price, is professional courseware intended for IT professionals and developers who build, support, and implement solutions by using Microsoft products and technologies. MOC is designed to cover the topics that employers know are mission-critical in the real world.In this activity, you will participate in a class discussion to identify the value of modeling as a way of analyzing information.

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  • The economy has made considerable progress in shaking off the legacy of the 2001 economic crisis and is on a path of growth and increased trade integration, underpinned by improved macro- economic stability and structural reforms. During the last five years real GDP growth has been impressive, with an annual average growth rate of 6.9%; inflation fell from an average of 77.

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  • The potential impact of debt on inflation depends on the response of monetary policy. High government debt could well constrain the ability of the central banks to set the policy rate to control inflation. This is the “fiscal dominance” view. Heavily debted governments force the central bank to accept inflation in order to reduce the real value of their debt. Historically, inflation has helped governments to reduce their public debt burdens.

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  • Over-fitting the training data, handling continuous-valued (i.e., real-valued) attributes, choosing appropriate measures for attribute selection, handling training data with missing attribute values, handling attributes with differing costs.

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  • Chương 1: Khái niệm tín hiệu và hệ thống 1. Đọc và vẽ sơ đồ tín hiệu, nhận biết các đặc điểm (về thời gian, biên độ và tần số ) và phân loại tín hiệu (qua mô tả toán học hoặc trên sơ đồ): - Tín hiệu thực (real-value signal), tín hiệu phức (complex-value signal) - Tín hiệu liên tục (continuous-time signal), tín hiệu không liên tục hay tín hiệu gián đoạn (discrete-time signal) - Tín hiệu tương tự (analog signal), tín hiệu rời rạc (discrete signal).

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  • In this chapter we’ll look at some yardsticks for determining the investment value of a REIT’s stock. Sure, we want to buy high quality, moderate risk, and above-average growth, but only at prices that make sense.

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  • propagation f. hµm truyÒn propositional f. hµm mÖnh ®Ò pseudoanalytic f. hµm gi¶ gi¶i tÝch pseudo-periodic f. hµm gi¶ tuÇn hoµn purely discontinuous set f. hµm tËp hîp thuÇn gi¸n ®o¹n quasi-nanlytic f. hµm tùa eliptic quasi-periodic f. hµm tùa tuÇn hoµn quaternion f. hµm quatenion radical f. hµm c¨n random f. xs. hµm ngÉu nhiªn randomized decision f. hµm quyÕt ®Þnh ®· ngÉu nhiªn ho¸ rational f. hµm h÷u tû rational fractional f. hµm ph©n h÷u tû rational integral f. hµm nguyªn h÷u tû reactance f. hµm ®iÖn kh¸ng real-valued

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  • It is hard to imagine a time when law was more important to managers. The rapid growth of unregulated subprime mortgages and financial derivatives fueled a real estate bubble from 2001 through 2006, during which time executive compensation in the financial services companies soared. When the bubble burst in 2007, many executives of these companies walked away unscathed, leaving employees, stockholders, and taxpayers holding the bag.

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  • This book brings together indispensable knowledge for building efficient, high-value, Linux-based embedded products: information that has never been assembled in one place before. Drawing on years of experience as an embedded Linux consultant and field application engineer, Christopher Hallinan offers solutions for the specific technical issues you're most likely to face, demonstrates how to build an effective embedded Linux environment, and shows how to use it as productively as possible

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  • So many individuals, over so many years, contributed ‘‘real-life’’ scenarios that form the essence of practice leading to writing this manuscript— far too many to name, but I deeply thank you all. A few, however, made in-process contributions. I acknowledge the Honorable Richard Nass, B.S., M.B.A.—business associate, friend, and Maine House representative. To ‘‘wade’’ in the waters of any technical or grammatical beginning is a tenacious undertaking, but to wade in mine necessitates uncommon stamina.

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  • CHAPTER 6 Adding Option Value by Intervention. Real options value managerial flexibility in response to future uncertainties. Managerial flexibility entails all measures that add value to ongoing operations or improve decision making on future operations such as the option to position, the option to improve a product, and the option to accelerate or delay time to market of a product or service, as well as the option to invest in learning.

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  • All too often, entrepreneurs, sales executives, and marketing managers go to great lengths to show how their new business plans or creative concepts are practical and high margin—only to be rejected by corporate decision makers who don’t seem to understand the real value of the ideas. Why does this happen? It turns out that the problem has as much to do with the seller’s traits as with an idea’s inherent quality. The person on the receiving end tends to gauge the pitcher’s creativity as well as the proposal itself.

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  • CHAPTER 4 The Value of Uncertainty. The general assumption in financial option pricing is that enhanced volatility enhances the value of the option. For financial options, a series of “Greeks” are tools that can be used by analysts to describe and understand the sensitivity of the financial option to key uncertainty parameters.

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  • This book shows how the principles of finance can be used by executives to enhance the value of their companies. Dr. Weaver had been a senior executive in finance at Hershey Foods for twenty years through 1998, when he joined the Finance Department at Lehigh University. For the past ten years as a director of the Financial Management Association, he has organized and directed a program linking financial principles to financial practices. These full-day sessions focused on the interaction between financial theories and real world practices.

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  • Signals can be divided into three categories ± continuous-time (analog) signals, discrete-time signals, and digital signals. The signals that we encounter daily are mostly analog signals. These signals are defined continuously in time, have an infinite range of amplitude values, and can be processed using electrical devices containing both active and passive circuit elements. Discrete-time signals are defined only at a particular set of time instances. Therefore they can be represented as a sequence of numbers that have a continuous range of values. ...

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