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  • Objective of the project: Assess of current status of tomato production in Red River delta in recent years, drawing techniques and strategy need to be improved; evaluate some imported hybrid tomato varieties that are suitable for Red River delta with good adaptation, high productivity, good disease resistance in order to contribute to diversity of tomato varieties; establish technical guidelines of production for selected varieties; build a production model of hybrid tomato in off-season with large scale in some locals of Red River delta.

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  • The thesis was undertaken to build a scientific basis for the solution of agricultural development towards sustainability in the Red River Delta in Vietnam.

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  • Research objectives: On the basis of theoretical and practical research, the thesis proposes management solutions to developing CLCs for constructing a provincial learning society and socioeconomy in the Red River Delta in the beginning period of building a learning society in Vietnam. The development management of CLCs is to manage the development of education institutions at commune/ward level.

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  • In many years, changing of shoreline has caused a lot of difficulties for the sustainable development of socio-economics in the coastal zone of the Red River delta. Here, in after the Flandrian transgression, accretion process of expanding delta has continuously deve1oped. The eroded sections of shoreline appeared at the beginning of the Twentieth century (1905). The most intensive segment is in Hai Hau district. The Erosion re1ated mainly to the lack of sediment caused by exogenous and human activities. Affect of endogenous process to erosion is very weak.

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  • Quantitative  distribution  of  main  ions  and  other  chemical  components  of  groundwater  are characterized by theirs statistical parameters. They depend closely on probability distribution of  the  data.

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  •   There  are  five  Quaternary  sedimentary  sequences  in  the  Red  River  Delta,  Vietnam.  The  forming of each sequence is related to transgression and regression phases. The sequences, which  was  formed  in  transgression  period,  composed  mainly  of  fine  grained  size  leading  to  the  water  bearing capacity is very low and plays a role as aquicludes. Besides, in these fine grain size layers,  the contents of arsenic and iron are high, especially in dark clay, silty clay rich in organic material ...

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  • The demand for newly constructing of drainage pumping station in Red river delta has increased recently. Total drainage volume for the whole region in 2006 was 2406.8m3/s, and it was predicted to increase to 5181.3m3/s in 2020 [1]. The average drainage coefficient for the year from 2010 to 2020 will be 7.0 l/s per hectar, three and a haft time higher than the average drainage coefficient for the period from 1954 to 1973; 1.8 times higher than 1973 to 1976 and 1.3 times higher than 1976 to 2000. This article aims to provide the primary analysis of objective...

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  • This project aims to increase the productivity and profitability of potato production in the Red River Delta (RRD) through an integrated crop production and marketing program. The project is a co-operative research and extension program between the Food Crops Research Institute (FCRI), Agriculture Western Australia and Curtin University. Improvements in productivity and net returns will be achieved by training Vietnamese agronomists and extension agents in the methodologies used by the potato industry in Western Australia (WA)....

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  • Margin deltas are the last ones that were formed in a shelf break zone, when a sea level has slowdown during last time of a forced regression and the beginning of the success transgression. The margin deltas are abruptly thickened in the zone of shelf break, became thinner landward and basinward. Because they were formed in the shelf edge, they have a relatively high sand/clay ratio, prone to turbidite. In the northern part of the Red River basin, during the Miocene the margin deltas had developed eastward from the plot 103, i.e. from the borehole 103-TH-1X, 103-TG-1X and...

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  • Palyno1ogica1 study in a deep core (69.5 m depth) in the coasta1 area of the Red River De1ta, Vietnam provides evidences on vegetation change in the regiona1 area in abou!12000 years before present. This research aims to reconstruct the vegetation deve1opment and pa1eoenvironmenta1 changes in the Red River De1ta, Vietnam during the Ho1ocene. These data show !hat the region supported a Fagaceae-Coniferous, especially Quercus, Pinus và Castanopsis, simi1ar to contemporary vegetation described in Vietnam and southeast China. Tropica1 broadleaf forest dominated at the time right after 12.

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  • The Red River plays a critical role as a spine of historical and cultural life of Ha Noi, the millennium-civilized capital, as well as of the entire Tonkin Delta. The river’s truck stream flowing through Ha Noi and its branching distributaries spread out to form a fertile delta: the Red River Delta. Until now this river has made its appearance with a variety of nominal terms in historical records and folkloristic traditions.

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  • Canh tác lúa đóng một vai trò quan trọng trong nền văn hóa và chế độ ăn của người dân Việt Nam và nó cũng cung cấp khả năng để giảm thiểu biến đổi khí hậu. Trang trại trên quản lý nước của ruộng lúa là một trong những yếu tố chính ảnh hưởng đến phát thải khí mê tan từ lúa. Bài viết trình bày các kết quả thử nghiệm về ảnh hưởng của nước chế độ trong lĩnh vực gạo về phát thải khí mê-tan từ lúa trên địa bàn tỉnh Hà Tây 2004-2006....

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  • Nam Dinh. is a big agricultural province in Red River delta of North Vietnam, where were planted three main agricultural products: rice, corn, peanut. By case-study investigation and energy analysis, the report put out detail information on biomass energy of rice straw, rice husk, com straw, corn core, peanut straw and total biomass energy from agricultural wastes in Nam Dinh province. According to investigation data, yearly the total agricultural wastes in Nam Dinh province is more than 1l million tons.

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  • The Red River Delta (hereafter as RRD) is one of the two biggest deltas in Vietnam with the population is 19,625 million persons in 2009. It is also the most populous area with the population density of 932 person/km2 in 2009 (General Statistics Office, 2010). Tien Hai District of Thai Binh Province locates in the eastern part of the RRD, lies in the coastal zone - a sensitive area and affected by the interaction between the mainland and the South China Sea (in Vietnamese as Biển Đông - East Sea). The study area of this research is Van Truong...

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  • Objectives: Identifying the salinity tolerance and phenotype of the rice lines which carrying the Saltollocus (donor plant), imported from International Rice Research Institute, as well as selecting the popularly grown rice cultivar were used as the recipient plant Applying marker assisted backcrossing (MABC) to pyramid salinity tolerance Saltol locus into Bac Thom 7, in order to generate the high quality rice variety with salinity tolerance for growing the coastal areas in Red River Delta.

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  • Vietnam has more 3000km of coastline and the features of the coastal zone in various areas (Northeast area, Red River Delta, Central Region and Mekong River Delta) are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to study specific characteristics of each area and find out the suitable boundaries for the coastal zone.

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  • Objectives of the dissertation: Applying marker assisted selection method to develop inbred - elite rice varieties which shown a stability of brown planthopper resistance in the Red River Delta areas.

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  •  Vietnam has over 3200 km shoreline which extends from north to south of the country.  Sea level changes were principal factors influenced on sedimentary environment and compositions.  In Quaternary, cycles of sea level change and tectonic movement were main factor that created Red  River  delta,  Nam  Bo  plain  and  Central  plain.  There  are  5  sedimentary  cycles  corresponding  to  5  cycles  of  sea  level  change  of  the  Red  River  delta  and  Nam  Bo  plain.  Sedimentary  cycles  were ...

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  • Poultry production systems have been in existence for a long time. According to archaeological evidence, poultry production in Viet Nam began 3 000–3 500 years ago in the valley of TamDao and BaVi mountain areas (currently belonging to VinhPhuc and Hanoi Provinces). Poultry is raised and well developed in all regions of the country, mainly in Red River Delta (RRD) with 26 percent, followed by Mekong River Delta (MRD) with 20 percent, the northeast with 16 percent and Northeast South with 10 percent.

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