Relativistic particles

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  • Lectures on Classical mechanics has contents: From Newton's Laws to Langrange's equations, equations of motion, lagrangian's and noether, time translation, conserved quantities from symmetries, example problems, electrodynamics and relativistic lagrangians, relativistic particle in an electromagnetic field,...and other contents.

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  • The fields of cosmology and particle astrophysics (sometimes collectively named astroparticle physics) are currently experiencing an era which will most probably be remembered as ‘the golden age’. The developments during the last few years have been truly astonishing, and the planning and building of new detectors, telescopes and other experimental facilities will guarantee an interesting decade to follow.

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  • The idea for this book originated from the Joint Discussion 10 of the XXIV IAU General Assembly held in Manchester (England) in the summer of 2000. The extremely successful session on mergers in clusters of galaxies persuaded the publisher of this book to have a volume on such a topic. Clusters of galaxies are by now recognized to be not simple relaxed structures, but rather they are evolving via merging processes in a hierarchical fashion from poor groups to rich clusters.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "A first course in string theory" has contents: A brief introduction, special relativity and extra dimensions, electromagnetism and gravitation in various dimensions, nonrelativistic strings, the relativistic point particle, relativistic strings,... and other contents.

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