Religious origins

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  • To the student of the origins of Christianity there is naturally no period of Western history of greater interest and importance than the first century of our era; and yet how little comparatively is known about it of a really definite and reliable nature.

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  • John Hudson peered at me over his half-moons. A rm frown was on his forehead. His hands were folded rmly on his desk. ‘Say that one more time, lad’, he grunted in his familiar and frequently feared North Yorkshire accent. I gulped and let it go one more time. ‘I don’t think the work I am doing here is worthwhile. I mean, I could be researching cancer – something bene cial for mankind. But I’m working on beer – what puts bubbles on a pint, why lager tastes of sweetcorn, how to choose the best barley.

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  • There are some advanced level subjects which provide suitable preparation for entry to university generally, but which we do not include within the facilitating subjects, because there are relatively few degree programmes where an advanced level qualification in these subjects would be a requirement for entry. Examples of such subjects include Economics, Religious Studies and Welsh. Advanced-level Welsh has separate curricula for first- and second-language Welsh speakers.

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  • An organization must provide individuals with an opportunity to choose (opt out) if and how the personal information they provide is used or disclosed to third parties, if such use is not compatible with the original purpose for which the information was collected. Individuals must be provided with clear, readily available, and affordable mechanisms to exercise this option.

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  • In Latin America, the rates of institutionalization of older people range from 1% to 4%. Institutional care is no longer considered unacceptable for an older person but is seen as an alternative for families. The government-sponsored asilos, large institutions resembling the early English workhouses, have been converted into smaller facilities with professional staff from many disciplines. Other homes are operated by religious communities of immigrant origin.

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  • In the Christian tradition, the doctrine of ‘just war’ has evolved throughout the last 1,700 years, originating with St. Augustine and later significantly shaped by St Thomas Aquinas, both of whom developed ideas of the Greek philosopher Aristotle and the Roman philosopher Cicero. 15 Saint Augustine (354-430) served as Bishop of Hippo for 34 years. His idea of just war has two foundations. The first, owing much to the Eastern religious traditions, is that in all things a person should not act out of selfish considerations.

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  • Globalization is the process of coming together as a closely connected global community. It began thousands of years ago, when tribal groups and small hunting parties wandered from place to place. The process accelerated following Columbus’s epic voyage more than five centuries ago. Europeans—an estimated 50 million of them—spread out to occupy lands throughout the world. This migration transformed the distribution of the world’s peoples and their cultures forever. In the United States and Can- ada, for example, most people speak a West European language.

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  • This miniaturization of huge trees is an ancient art in China and Japan. It has been linked to intellectual and religious philosophies and is a difficult art form to do well. The controversy continues about where bonsai originated, the vote seems to favor China, although the art developed over thousands of years from its beginnings and really took hold in Japan in what were the middle ages in Europe where it was the province of the upper castes.

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  • In an essay on "The Problem of Philosophy at the Present Time," Professor Edward Caird says that "philosophy is not a first venture into a new field of thought, but the rethinking of a secular and religious consciousness which has been developed, in the main, independently of philosophy."[vii:A] If there be any inspiration and originality in this book, they are due to my great desire that philosophy should appear in its vital relations to more familiar experiences.

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  • In universal history there is no more interesting subject for the consideration of the political student than the record of Russian progress through Central Asia. In one sense this advance is a practical reestablishment or extension of the influence of the Aryan race in countries long dominated by peoples of Turki or Mongolian origin; in another sense it has resulted in a transition from the barbarism or rude forms of Asiatic life to the enlightenment and higher moral development of a European age.

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  • Another book on Emmanuel Levinas? In the context of the incomplete and still unpredictable “return of religion” to academic and public discourse, the work of Levinas becomes more pertinent, even as criticism of it becomes more caustic. As the interaction but also the tension between the religious and the secular increases, Levinas stands out among modern thinkers for the original way he weaves together the religious and the secular without opposition.

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