Repetitive computations

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  • The for loop is a MATLAB construct that allows a sequence of MATLAB statements to be executed more than once. The for loop repeats a block of commands for a specified number of times; the specified number is established before the loop is executed.

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  • The fundamental value proposition of computer systems has long been their potential to automate well-defined repetitive tasks. With the advent of distributed computing, the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) technologies in particular, the focus has been broadened. Increasingly, computer systems are seen as enabling tools for effective long distance communication and collaboration. Colleagues (and programs) with shared interests can work better together, with less respect paid to the physical location of themselves and the required devices and machinery....

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  • Natural language instructions, though prevalent in many spheres of communication, have only recently begun to receive attention within computational linguistics[5]. Instructions are often accompanied by language intended to signal repetition of the action that they instruct. In order to develop a system that is able to understand instructions, with the goal of executing them, it is necessary to investigate what is meant by various types of repetition, and the different ways in which repetition can be expressed. ...

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  • Have you ever noticed the visual harmory of a well design home? Its lines, shapes and colors flow from room to room and create a beautiful whole. Harmony means repetition; this fabric reappears there; a hallway line designing homes since 1969 and knows that repetition ofline and shape applles to graphic design, too.

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  • Most of the GNU Emacs integrated environment is written in the programming language called Emacs Lisp. The code written in this programming language is the software—the sets of instructions—that tell the computer what to do when you give it commands. Emacs is designed so that you can write new code in Emacs Lisp and easily install it as an extension to the editor.

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  • An enumeration of a collection of items is a complete, ordered listing of all of the items in that collection. The term is commonly used in mathematics and theoretical computer science to refer to a listing of all of the elements of a set. In statistics the term categorical variable is used rather than enumeration. The precise requirements for an enumeration (for example, whether the set must be finite, or whether the list is allowed to contain repetitions) depend on the branch of mathematics and the context in which one is working....

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  • Computing problems Solved by executing a series of actions in a specific order Algorithm a procedure determining Actions to be executed Order to be executed. Example: recipe Program control Specifies the order in which statements are executed

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  • Variables, Naming Rules, Arrays (numbers, scalars, vectors, matrices), Arithmetical Operations, Defining and manipulating arrays Variables What are variables? You name the variables (as the programmer) and assign them numerical values.

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  • Programming tools: Input/output (assign/graph-&-display) Repetition (for) Decision (if) Arrays List of numbers in brackets A comma or space separates numbers (columns) A semicolon separates row Zeros and ones Matrices: zeros() ones() Indexing (row,column) Colon Operator: Range of Data first:last or first:increment:last Manipulating Arrays & Matrices Transpose

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  • Lecture series based on the text: Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists By Hahn & Valentine The Command Window on the right is the main panel where you interact with MATLAB. You key (or type) and commands after the prompt ; MATLAB executes the commands and displays results (if requested). Some commonly used tools and commands: (up arrow) returns last command input, can be repeated clc – clears the screen whos – shows list of variables clear – clears variables

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  • Robotics has achieved its greatest success to date in the world of industrial manufacturing. Robot arms, or manipulators, comprise a 2 billion dollar industry. Bolted at its shoulder to a specific position in the assembly line, the robot arm can move with great speed and accuracy to perform repetitive tasks such as spot welding and painting (figure 1.1). In the electronics industry, manipulators place surface-mounted components with superhuman precision, making the portable telephone and laptop computer possible....

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  • Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C. [2] (Apriori-like) approach and 2) the frequent pattern growth approach [6] (FP-growth-like). The Apriori-like methods iteratively generate candidate itemset of size (k+1) from frequent itemset of size k and scan the database repetitively to test the frequency of each candidate itemset.

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  • Now that you’re almost to the end of this guide, let’s look at some ways to continue learning about Unix. Documentation is an obvious choice, but it isn’t always in obvious places. You can save time by taking advantage of other shell features — aliases, functions, and scripts—that let you shorten a repetitive job and “let the computer do the dirty work.”

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  • Spreadsheet computer programs or spreadsheets are versatile, powerful tools for doing repetitive or complicated algebraic calculations. They are used in diverse technological fields including manufacturing, design, and finance. Spreadsheets blend the power of high level computer languages with the simplicity of hand calculators. They are ideal for doing "what-if" calculations such as changing a problem’s parameters and comparing the new result to the initial answer.

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  • A condition in which there is only one seller of a certain commodity. Wary of Microsoft’s seeming monopoly of the computer operating–system business, rivals asked for government intervention. monopolistic (adjective). Renowned consumer advocate Ralph Nader once quipped, “The only difference between John D. Rockefeller and Bill Gates is that Gates recognizes no boundaries to his monopolistic drive.” monotonous (adjective) Tediously uniform, unchanging.

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  • You have probably used a computer for work or fun. Many people use computers for everyday tasks such as balancing a checkbook or writing a term paper. Computers are good for such tasks. They can handle repetitive chores, such as totaling up numbers or placing words on a page, without getting bored or exhausted. Computers also make good game machines because they can play sequences of sounds and pictures, involving the human user in the process. The flexibility of a computer is quite an amazing phenomenon.

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  • Practically speaking, because buildings are made from a series of parts, their assembly relies on techniques of aggregating and manipulating two­ dimensional materials. Computer fabrication has opened a realm for architects to perceptually heighten and make visible the nature of this accretion through constructed repetition and difference.

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  • In computer programming, conditional loops or repetitive control structures are a way for computer programs to repeat one or more various steps depending on conditions set either by the programmer initially or real-time by the actual program.

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