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  • Oracle8 Replication contains information relating to both Oracle8 and the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition. Some features documented in this manual are available only with the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition. Furthermore, some of these features are only available if you have purchased a particular option, such as the Objects Option. For information about the differences between Oracle8 and the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition, please refer to Getting to Know Oracle8 and the Oracle8 Enterprise Edition.

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  • Oracle Database Advanced Replication describes the features and functionality of Advanced Replication. Specifically, Oracle Database Advanced Replication contains conceptual information about Advanced Replication, as well as information about planning your replication environment and troubleshooting replication problems. Oracle Database Advanced Replication also contains an introduction to the Replication Management tool in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console.

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  • Expert Oracle GoldenGate is a hands-on guide to creating and managing complex data replication environments using the latest in database replication technology from Oracle. GoldenGate is the future in replication technology from Oracle, and aims to be best-of-breed. GoldenGate supports homogeneous replication between Oracle databases. It supports heterogeneous replication involving other brands such as Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 Universal Server.

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  • Background Naming and Transparency Remote File Access Stateful versus Stateless Service File Replication An Example: AFS To explain the naming mechanism that provides location transparency and independence To describe the various methods for accessing distributed files To contrast stateful and stateless distributed file servers To show how replication of files on different machines in a distributed file system is a useful redundancy for improving availability To introduce the Andrew file system (AFS) as an example of a distributed file system...

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  • Manufacturing companies deploy sensors in their products to return a stream of telemetry. Sometimes this is used to deliver services like OnStar, that delivers communications, security and navigation services. Perhaps more importantly, this telemetry also reveals usage patterns, failure rates and other opportunities for product improvement that can reduce development and assembly costs. The proliferation of smart phones and other GPS devices offers advertisers an opportunity to target consumers when they are in close proximity to a store, a coffee shop or a restaurant.

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  • The International Biological Programme (IPB), a world-wide plan of coordinated research on the biological basis of productivity and human welfare, covered terrestrial and aquatic environments, and ran for almost a decade from 1964. Recognising the need for guidance in methodology, the IBP arranged for the publication of a series of handbooks on techniques with the aim of achieving comparability of results all over theworld. One of these handbooks dealt with the study of marine benthos.

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  • In response to climate change, many countries are likely to invest in even more infrastructure for coastal defenses and flood control to reduce the vulnerability of human settlements to climate change. Increased water shortages will increase demand for new irrigation facilities and new reservoirs. Similarly, natural ecosystems can reduce vulnerability to natural hazards and extreme climatic events and complement, or substitute for, more expensive infrastructure investments to protect coastal and riverine settlements.

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  • The results in Panel A indicate that we are able to nearly replicate of CSW’s published results for the 1997-2002 HSE, despite small differences in our samples. Higher incomes are associated with better health status (note that higher values of health status correspond to worse health). The coefficient on the logarithm of income over all children is approximately –0.19. The gradient is smallest—a value of about –0.14—for children ages 0 to 3. It increases to –0.212 for children ages 4 to 8, and then stabilizes.

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  • just created a new group, and both the new group and the organizational unit I put in the new group are gone! What should I do? A: You’ve stumbled across one of the unavoidable problems of a multimaster directory environment. As you’re aware, any administrator can modify Active Directory (AD) by connecting to any domain controller in a domain. AD replicates changes to all domain controllers so that, eventually, they all contain the changes the administrator made. The key word, of course, is eventually....

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  • This book is about database security and auditing. You will learn many methods and techniques that will be helpful in securing, monitoring and auditing database environments. It covers diverse topics that include all aspects of database security and auditing - including network security for databases, authentication and authorization issues, links and replication, database Trojans, etc. You will also learn of vulnerabilities and attacks that exist within various database environments or that have been used to attack databases (and that have since been fixed).

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  • This page intentionally left blank Download at 10 Creating Guest Images from Existing Production and Virtual Systems This chapter focuses on the process of using System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008 to create a guest image from a production system and from another virtual guest image for the purpose of creating a static lab environment. This process is also used to create real-time replications of images for operational purposes. IN THIS CHAPTER . Understanding Virtual Machine Conversions . Performing a P2V Conversion . Performing a V2V Conversion .

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  • After fusion with the cellular plasma membrane or endosomal membranes, viral particles are generally too large to diffuse freely within the crowded cytoplasm environment. Thus, they will never reach the cell nucleus or the perinuclear areas where replication or reverse transcription usually takes place.

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  • Obviously, there are efforts already in progress to improve risk management in the financial services industry initiated by such bodies as the Financial Stability Board and the G20. Many of these efforts are highly relevant, such as the re-alignment of individual compensation with institutional and systemic goals. To avoid replication, our report will not dwell further on initiatives already underway.

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  • Pathogenicity ofMycobacterium tuberculosisis closely rela-ted to its ability to survive and replicate in the hostile envi-ronment of macrophages. For some pathogenic bacteria, secretion of ATP-utilizing enzymes into the extracellular environment aids in pathogen survival via P2Z receptor-mediated, ATP-induced death of infected macrophages. A component of these enzymes is nucleoside diphosphate kinase (Ndk). Thendkgenewas cloned fromM. tuberculosis H37Rv and expressed inEscherichia coli.

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