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  • This dissertation provides empirical evidence on the market reaction to earnings warnings and management’s motivation to issue earnings warnings. Earnings warnings are any earnings-related management voluntary disclosures made prior to the earnings announcement date.1 Firms use earnings warnings to provide timely information to their shareholders and investors as well as financial analysts regarding their expected current period performance prior to the earnings announcement date (Ip [1997], McLean [2001] and Stone [2002]).

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  • Motivating Factors and Perceived Benefit Successes in Implementing the ISO 9002 Registration Process Each family must rent a house. There are enough houses to go around but not so many that there can be empty communities: n( J −1)

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  • We reformulate a conjecture of Deligne on 1-motives by using the integral weight filtration of Gillet and Soul´ on cohomology, and prove it. This implies e the original conjecture up to isogeny. If the degree of cohomology is at most two, we can prove the conjecture for the Hodge realization without isogeny, and even for 1-motives with torsion. j Let X be a complex algebraic variety. We denote by H(1) (X, Z) the maximal mixed Hodge structure of type {(0, 0), (0, 1), (1, 0), (1, 1)} contained in j j H j (X, Z). Let H(1) (X, Z)fr...

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  • We prove that the existence of an automorphism of finite order on a Q-variety X implies the existence of algebraic linear relations between the logarithm of certain periods of X and the logarithm of special values of the Γ-function. This implies that a slight variation of results by Anderson, Colmez and Gross on the periods of CM abelian varieties is valid for a larger class of CM motives. In particular, we prove a weak form of the period conjecture of Gross-Deligne [11, p. 205]1 .

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  • Tax Motivated Cost-Shifting by Tax-Exempt Organizations I have benefited from discussions with David Autor, Jared Bernstein, Ken Chay, Tom Davidoff, John DiNardo, Nada Eissa, Jonah Gelbach, Alan Krueger, David Lee, Darren Lubotsky, Rob McMillan, Jack Porter, and Diane Whitmore, and from participants at several seminars where I have presented versions of the work contained here. I also thank my various officemates over the last five years, particularly Liz Cascio, Justin McCrary, Till von Wachter, and Eric Verhoogen, for many helpful conversations.

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  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFUSION: A MOTIVATION APPROACH When parental concern for peer group is moderate, then, a high degree of public school choice is needed to ensure that high-μ schools attract high- x families, and θ * tends to be larger in high-choice than in low-choice markets.

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  • We report on the development of a new automatic feedback model to improve information retrieval in digital libraries. Our hypothesis is that some particular sentences, selected based on argumentative criteria, can be more useful than others to perform well-known feedback information retrieval tasks.

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  • A linguistically motivated approach to indexing, that is the provision of descriptive terms for texts of any kind, is presented and illustrated. The approach is designed to achieve good, i.e. accurate and flexible, indexing by identifying index term sources in the meaning representations built by a powerful general purpose analyser, and providing a range of text expressions constituting semantic and syntactic variants for each term concept.

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  • We investigate linguistic features that correlate with the readability of texts for adults with intellectual disabilities (ID). Based on a corpus of texts (including some experimentally measured for comprehension by adults with ID), we analyze the significance of novel discourselevel features related to the cognitive factors underlying our users’ literacy challenges. We develop and evaluate a tool for automatically rating the readability of texts for these users. Our experiments show that our discourselevel, cognitively-motivated features improve automatic readability assessment....

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  • In 1995 I wrote a personal statement about my motivation to teach and write about thesis writing. The urge to write this book originated in my own experiences as a student in Scotland, Germany and the USA: As a graduate of a Scottish university I made a deliberate choice to enter a PhD programme in what is often disparagingly referred to as ‘the American system’, as if there were only one system in the USA.

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  • coherent text on international financial reporting. It is primarily designed for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in comparative and international aspects of accounting. We believe that a proper understanding requires broad overviews (as in Part I), but that these must be supported by detailed information on real countries and companies (as in Parts II to IV) and across-the-board comparisons of major topics (as in Parts V and VI). This book was first published in 1981.

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  • INTERORGANIZATIONAL ADADTATION , INTERORGANIZATIONAL STRATIGIES, AND FIRM PERFORMANCE A second issue is that there is little or no threat of market entry when competition is among geographically-based school districts. In the absence of entry, administrators of undesirable districts are not likely to face substantial declines in enrollment. Indeed, a reasonable first approximation is that total (public) school and district enrollments are invariant to schools’ relative desirability.

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  • Essays in the Economics of Education A thesis presented The motivation for the empirical approach is a model of the Tiebout marketplace in which housing prices ration access to desirable schools. As is common in multicommunity models, equilibrium is characterized by maximum stratification of families across school districts, with the wealthiest families residing in the most-preferred communities.

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  • We devise a new criterion for linear independence over function fields. Using this tool in the setting of dual t-motives, we find that all algebraic relations among special values of the geometric Γ-function over Fq [T ] are explained by the standard functional equations. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Notation and terminology 3. A linear independence criterion 4. Tools from (non)commutative algebra

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  • We prove that the classical Oka property of a complex manifold Y, concerning the existence and homotopy classification of holomorphic mappings from Stein manifolds to Y, is equivalent to a Runge approximation property for holomorphic maps from compact convex sets in Euclidean spaces to Y . Introduction Motivated by the seminal works of Oka [40] and Grauert ([24], [25], [26]) we say that a complex manifold Y enjoys the Oka property if for every Stein manifold X, every compact O(X)-convex subset K of X and every continuous map f0 : X → Y which is holomorphic in an...

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  • This paper introduces the notion of a stability condition on a triangulated category. The motivation comes from the study of Dirichlet branes in string theory, and especially from M.R. Douglas’s work on Π-stability. From a mathematical point of view, the most interesting feature of the definition is that the set of stability conditions Stab(D) on a fixed category D has a natural topology, thus defining a new invariant of triangulated categories.

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  • Steiner symmetrization, one of the simplest and most powerful symmetrization processes ever introduced in analysis, is a classical and very well-known device, which has seen a number of remarkable applications to problems of geometric and functional nature. Its importance stems from the fact that, besides preserving Lebesgue measure, it acts monotonically on several geometric and analytic quantities associated with subsets of Rn. Among these, perimeter certainly holds a prominent position.

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  • It has been suggested that executives seek higher salaries in comparison to other executives, as a means of recognizing com- parative ability or performance. Th at is, high salary is a means of recognizing the status of the executive amongst their executive peers. In this case new provisions for the reporting of executive salaries as a means of restraining them would be self defeating. Th e information about salaries of executive peers would • serve to motivate executives to seek parity with any more highly paid executive.

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  • January 2012 saw the completion of the U.S. Army’s Chemical Materials Agency’s (CMA’s) task to destroy 90 percent of the nation’s stockpile of chemical weapons. CMA completed destruction of the chemical agents and associated munitions stored at six of eight continental U.S. storage facilities as well as chemical weapons deployed overseas, which were transported to Johnston Atoll, southwest of Hawaii, and demilitarized there. The remaining 10 percent of the nation’s chemical weapons stockpile is stored at two remaining continental U.S.

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  • Creative accounting offers a formidable challenge to the accounting profession. Professional accountants need an education that would ensure the specific application knowledge necessary to practice accounting ethics and morals. To be considered ethical, accounting practice should include not only compliance with specific rules and laws. The process of being ethical has to include the process of interpreting the underlying motives and theories. To be truly ethical, professional accountant must know why certain actions are good and others are bad.

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