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  • .Paurav Shukla Download free ebooks at 2 .Marketing Research – Exercises © 2008 Paurav Shukla & Ventus Publishing ApS ISBN 978-87-7681-439-7 Download free ebooks at 3 .Marketing Research – Exercises Contents Contents 1.

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  • Ebook ACCA F7 INT Study text Financial Reporting to develop knowledge and skills in understanding and applying accounting standards and the theoretical framework in the preparation of financial statements of entities, including groups and how to analyse and interpret those financial statements.

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  • This book is intended as a practical guide to the interpretation of reports and accounts. In it frequent reference is made to the legal, accounting and UK Listing Authority’s requirements that accounts have to meet, but this is done in the context of what interesting information to look out for, rather than to show how a set of accounts should be prepared.

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  • Nano-dimensional MnO2 were prepared in ethanol – water media from their inorganic salts by parallel redox reactions. The pH of solution, concentration of the salts and ethanol as well as reaction temperature were the key parameters for forming of nano-particles and anticoagulation. The MnO2 particles in colloidal solution then were coated on calcinated laterite grains to create new adsorption materials.

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  • Dedicated to C´sar Camacho for his 60th birthday e Abstract After gluing foliated complex manifolds, we derive a preparation-like theorem for singularities of codimension-one foliations and planar vector fields (in the real or complex setting). Without computation, we retrieve and improve results of Levinson-Moser for functions, Dufour-Zhitomirskii for nondegenerate ˙ codimension-one foliations (proving in turn the analyticity), Str´zyna-Zoladek o˙ ´ for non degenerate planar vector fields and Bruno-Ecalle for saddle-node foliations in the plane. ...

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  • This report has five chapters: Chapter 1 outlines its contents; Chapter 2 describes the institutional framework for environmental protection in Vietnam; Chapter 3 focuses on the social environment; Chapter 4 discusses the natural environment in the study area; and Chapter 5 assesses the environmental aspects for the feasibility studies. For the social environment context, the resettlement issue is analyzed in Chapter 4. The environmental impact assessment (EIA) was prepared in a different format.

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  • As a consequence of the increasing importance of tritium resulting from nuclear fission and neutron activation, from its use in accelerators, from its use in research and industry, and from its use in the investigation of the environment and its distribution in the environment, the NCRP designated a scientific committee to prepare a report on the currently acceptable methods of measuring tritium. This report is particularly aimed in assisting an individual to select a procedure suitable to the problem at hand....

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  • Lithium fluoride (LiF) thermoluminescent powder doped with Mg, Cu, Na, and Si as activators was prepared. X-ray diffraction analysis indicated that doping LiF with different activators makes crystal lattice somewhat expand. The dosimetric properties of the powder were studied. The main dosimetric peak of LiF:Mg,Cu,Na,Si appeared in the range of 227−247o C and the ratio of the height of the main peak to that of the other small peaks in the LiF:Mg,Cu,Na,Si is much greater than that in the LiF:Mg,Ti and LiF:Mg,Cu,P. ...

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  • This work presents the preparation of nanocomposite TiO2/SnO2 films by using spray pyrolysis and followed by sol-gel technique from TiCl4 and SnCl4 solutions. Obtained films were characterized by XRD, SEM and photoconductivity measurement. It was found that in this method the nanocomposite TiO2/SnO2 films were constituted of nanosized TiO2 and SnO2 surrounded the TiO2 grains. The obtained nanocomposite TiO2/SnO2 materials were shown to have the photoconducting properties.

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  • In 2011, the Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland published a report that began to quantify the burden of disease from industries using a single site, beginning the process of measuring health impacts. This report revisits that process but goes a step further. Using additional data the 2012 report estimates the total health impact from toxic industrial pollutants in 49 countries in the developing world, extrapolating health impacts to provide a better understanding of the true scope of the issue.

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  • The State’s management is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective internal control over compliance with requirements of laws, regulations, contracts, and grants applicable to federal programs.

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  • Fe3O4 nanoparticles have been prepared by the microemulsion technique with water as the aqueous phase, n-hexane as the oil phase and Span 80 as the surfactant. The reaction occurred under air, N2 or high temperature and high pressure atmosphere. Particle size can be controlled by the concentration of the reactants dissolved in water, the ratio of water/surfactant and the atmospheric conditions.

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  • Preparation and characteristics of the In-doped ZnO thin films and the n-ZnO:In/p-Si heterojunctions for optoelectronic switch n-ZnO:In/p-Si heterojunctions have been fabricated by sputter deposition of n-ZnO:In on p-Si substrates. The lowest resistivity n-ZnO:In film was obtained at a substrate temperature of 150$^o$C using a ZnO target doped with 2 wt\% In$_2$O$_3$. At substrate temperature above 300$^o$C the resistivity of the film increases as the carrier concentration decreases.

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  • Fe-Pt materials have been widely prepared by vacuum evaporation technique. Recently, chemical and physicochemical methods have been successfully used to make Fe-Pt nanoparticles, thin films. This paper reported another physicochemical method, namely sonoelectrodeposition, to produce Fe-Pt nanoparticles. In the sonoelectrodeposition, the electrodeposition process was assisted with a sonicator. The Ti horn of the sonicator played a role as the cathode on which Fe-Pt nanoparticles were deposited.

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  • Laser-induced thermal explosion of metallic nanoparticles originates from nonlinear optical effect. Nonlinear optical properties of nanoparticle materials depend strongly on their size and shape. Several methods were proposed to produce nanoparticles of a controlled size and welldefined distribution. We studied to prepare silver nanoparticles by laser ablation. The characteristic spectral feature of the silver nanoparticles (peak around 400nm) was found in the absorption spectra measured by a UV-Vis 2450 spectrometer. ...

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  • A report prepared by Transition 2001, a bipartisan panel of about 60 American leaders in the areas of foreign and defense policy, outlining the most important national security challenges for the new administration, suggesting priorities, and recommending specific courses of action that the new president could take in the early days of his administration. Such decisive early action will be critical for setting U.S. foreign and national security policy on the right path for the balance of his term and beyond. Thissummary is based on more than 25...

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  • Geodin is a protein encoded by a sponge gene homologous to genes from the bc-crystallins superfamily. The interest for this crystallin-type protein stems from the phylogenesis of porifera, commonly called sponges, the earliest divergence event in the history of metazoans. Here we report the preparation of geodin as a recombinant protein fromEscherichia coli, its characterization through physico-chemical analyses, and a model of its 3D structure based on homology modelling.

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  • The cytochromeb559 content was examined in five types of isolated photosystem II D1-D2-cytochromeb559reaction center preparations containing either five or six chlorophylls per reaction center. The reaction center complexes were obtained following isolation procedures that differed in chromatographic column material, washing buffer compo-sition and detergent concentration. Two different types of cytochromeb559assays were performed. The absolute heme content ineachpreparationwas obtainedusing theoxidized-minus-reduced difference extinction coefficient of cyto-chrome b559 at 559 nm. ...

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  • Chapter 7 - Report writing. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: prepare a research plan for a report, prepare a writing plan for a report, present persuasive arguments, supplemented with facts and references, write a well presented formal report.

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  • This chapter examines several aspects of the field note and report writing process. After discussing field notes and the basic and primary questions that need to be asked in an investigation, it addresses the importance of completing well-prepared incident/offense reports. Incident report formats vary among law enforcement agencies.

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