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  • CFA Level 1 Schweser Notes 2014 - Book 3 Financial reporting and analysis. The following material is a review of the Financial reporting and analysis principles designed to address the learning outcome statements set forth by CFA institute.

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  • Ethical and Professional Standards, Quantitative Methods, Economics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Securities Markets and Equity Investments,... As the main contents of the ebook "CFA 2016 Schweser Secret Sauce". Invite you to consult.

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  • This paper introduces eHumanities Desktop- an online system for corpus management and analysis in support of Computing in the Humanities. Design issues and the overall architecture are described as well as an initial set of applications which are offered by the system.

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  • SERS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS INCLUDED management of a company's shareholders, bondholders, security analysts, vendors, lending institutions, employees, labor unions, management agencies, and the general public. They use financial statements to make decisions. For example, potential investors use financial statements as an aid in deciding whether to buy shares. The supplier uses financial statements to decide whether or not to sell goods for a credit card company. Labor unions to use financial statements to help identify their needs as they negotiate for workers....

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  • The process of financial reporting, financial statement analysis, and valuation is intended to help investors and analysts to deeply understand a firm’s profitability and risk and to use that information to forecast future profitability and risk and ultimately value the firm, enabling intelligent investment decisions. This process lies at the heart of the role of accounting, financial reporting, capital markets, investments, portfolio management, and corporate management in the world economy.

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  • Social media is not the only emerging channel P&G is using to connect directly with consumers. In November 2011 the company announced a partnership with a start-up called Mobeam to distribute digital coupons via mobile phones. The companies plan to begin testing the solution—which requires enhancements to existing handsets—in 2012. Diageo is another CG manufacturer that has also turned to social media—Facebook specifi cally—to enhance its consumer marketing efforts and drive retail beverage sales.

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  • Savings banks in Spain have a long tradition of providing social credits to under-served financially excluded communities. Caja de Granada in particular chairs the International Association of Social Pledging Credit Establishments1 and like Caixa Galicia and Caixa Catalunya, grants micro-credits through their foundations, mainly in the regions where they operate. Caja Granada recently organized a symposium with all its microcredit holders to exchange experiences.

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  • On the other hand, scholars have argued that adopting environmental and social policies can destroy shareholder wealth (e.g., Friedman 1970; Clotfelter 1985; Navarro 1988; Galaskiewicz 1997). In its simplest form the argument goes that sustainability may be just another type of agency cost where managers receive private benefits from embedding environmental and social policies in the company, but doing so has negative financial implications (Baloti and Hanks 1999; Brown, Helland, and Smith 2006).

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  • Nevertheless, it is a widespread assumption that end-of-pipe technologies still domi- nate investment decisions in firms. This is because there has been exceptionally little empiri- cal analysis directed to the determinants of the use of specific types of abatement measures - principally because of the paucity of available data. On the basis of a unique facility-level data set based on a recent survey covering seven OECD countries (Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Norway, and the U.S.) we find a clear dominance of cleaner production in these countries: Surprisingly, 76.

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  • The IESO will continue its leadership in implementing the government’s green energy policy, and in facilitating innovations in the way the province’s bulk power system is operated, with an ongoing focus on reliability and efficiency. The changes underway are the most significant in the 100-plus- year history of the province’s electricity industry.

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  • To support its operations, DOD performs an assortment of interrelated and interdependent business functions, such as logistics, procurement, health care, and financial management. As we have previously reported, the DOD systems environment that supports these business functions has been overly complex, decentralized, and error prone, characterized by (1) little standardization across the department, (2) multiple systems performing the same tasks and storing the same data, and (3) the need for data to be entered manually into multiple systems.

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  • The emergence of the data warehouse as a repository, advances in data cleansing, increased capabilities of hardware and software, and the emergence of the web architecture all combine to create a richer business intelligence environment than was available previously. Although business intelligence systems are widely used in industry, research about them is limited. This paper, in addition to being a tutorial, proposes a BI framework and potential research topics.

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  • ong-term interest rates have also risen slightly, but remain very low. Figure L 1.2.5 illustrates the revision to long-term interest rate projections underlying our current forecast. They have risen by about 0.2 percentage points in the US and the Euro Area since October, but remain largely unchanged in the UK. The rise in short-rates relative to long-rates has introduced a flat and even temporarily negative yield curve in the US, and the implications of this are discussed in Box 1.1 below. There exist a number of tentative explanations for the current...

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  • This recent trend of the FDI into the Brazilian pulp and paper sector is probably connected to the general international trend for substituting long for short-fiber pulp that has been observed in the pulp industry. The international producers are searching for new mixtures of the two fibers aiming to increase the content of short-fiber pulp, which is the cheapest one. Consequently a strong increase in the international demand for short-fiber pulp is expected2 .

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  • Businesses can invest in modernizing equipment, but the impact of further declines in interest rates is likely to be limited. There is a large body of research that finds that investment is not very responsive to interest rates. 8 Furthermore, the rate of growth of equipment and software investment is already quite rapid, with growth averaging 19.9 percent from third quarter of 2009 to the second quarter of 2010. It does not seem likely that lower interest rates will increase this rate substantially, especially in a context where demand is contracting due to budget cuts.

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  • For example, it has been shown that depressed patients are three times more likely not to comply with medical regimens than non-depressed patients; there is also evidence that depression predicts the incidence of heart disease. In the case of infectious diseases, non-adherence can lead to drug resistance, and this has profound public health implications concerning resistant infec- tious agents. Illness-associated depression impairs quality of life and several aspects of the functioning of patients with chronic diseases; moreover, it results in higher health care utilization and costs.

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  • In North America maize is widely utilised due to the suitability of the climate and advances in Genetically Modified (GM) technology which assures consistency of the crop. In areas where conditions for growing maize are not suitable or irrigation is not possible, other crops containing high levels of starch such barley and wheat offer good substitutes. These crops are not harvested until they reach a late “milky dough” stage of maturation so that the levels of starch are maximised.

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  • A general overview of the literature focusing on the origins of losses, discussing the intertemporal solvency of central banks and modelling their balance sheets has been presented already in Cincibuch et al. (2008; 2009). Many useful general references can also be found in a recently published book edited by Milton and Sinclair (2011). In the present paper, we thus limit ourselves to reviewing specifically those papers that have explicitly discussed the link from central bank finances to policy pursuit, with an emphasis on empirical work.

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  • Christina DeStefano-Shields graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Georgia and then worked as a research assistant at the University of California Berkeley and Davis campuses. She was interested in research that would combine molecular mechanisms of toxicants, understanding toxicants in the environment, and translation of this research to improve human and environmental health.

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  • A formalism is a set of notation with well-defined semantics (namely for the interpretation of the symbols used and their manipulation), by means of which one formally expresses certain domain knowledge, which is to be utilised for specific purposes. In this paper, we are interested in formalisms which are being used or have applications in the domain of machine translation (MT).

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