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  • brief contents 1 Introducing SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services 2 Report authoring basics 3 Working with data 4 Designing reports 5 Using expressions and functions 6 Using custom code 7 Ad hoc reporting with the Report Builder application 8 Managing the Reporting Services environment 9 Securing Reporting Services 10 On-demand report delivery 11 Mastering the ReportViewer controls 12 Subscribed report delivery 13 Extending Reporting Services

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  • This is the fifth book in the series of five ITIL core publications containing advice and guidance around the activities and processes associated with the five stages of the service lifecycle. The primary purpose of the continual service improvement stage of the service lifecycle is to learn from experience and to apply that learning in order to continually improve the quality of IT services and to optimize costs.

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  • Thirty-nine percent of schools that participated in the Direct Loan Program in 2001-02 also participated in FFELP and provided a number of reasons for doing so. Some schools participated in FFELP, in addition to the Direct Loan Program, to provide PLUS loans to parents. Some financial aid officials reported that parents receive better terms for PLUS loans through FFELP. For 57 percent of schools that participated in both loan programs, maintaining relationships with lenders was an extremely or very important factor in influencing this decision.

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  • Information is the life-blood of decision making. While companies are willing to dedicate resources to advertising, marketing, and sales initiatives, they are often- times reluctant to devote the same to garnering accurate and timely financial in- formation to make business decisions. Very few executives and business owners will deny the value of building and maintaining reliable mechanisms for handling the financial data needs of the organization. However, actions often fall short of this intention.

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  • This report includes recommendations for executive action to help DLA better identify customers’ needs and solutions for meeting them through an integrated customer feedback framework. The Department of Defense (DOD) generally concurred with our recommendations and agreed that DLA needs to increase its focus on customer satisfaction. The department’s comments on our report are reprinted in their entirety in appendix II.

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  • During the past 30 years, regulators, including the Commission, have increasingly used credit ratings to help monitor the risk of investments held by regulated entities, and to provide an appropriate disclosure framework for securities of differing risks. Since 1975, the Commission has relied on ratings by market-recognized credible rating agencies for distinguishing among grades of creditworthiness in various regulations under the federal securities laws.

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  • In this report we are suggesting that Congress consider clarifying whether Education may regulate loan origination fees charged to borrowers under the Direct Loan Program. In addition, we are recommending that FSA’s Chief Operating Officer take actions to collect information from schools that have left the Direct Loan Program about the factors that influenced this decision, information that could be used to make improvements to the Direct Loan Program, thereby helping FSA meet its goal of improving customer service.

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  • Establishing governance and institutional frameworks: Chapter 3 reports the extent to which countries have been able to establish the political, social, economic and administrative systems needed for managing the development and use of water resources. Applying management instruments: Chapter 4 reports the extent to which countries have been able to apply tools and methods, often referred to as “management instruments” that enable and help decision-makers to make rational and informed choices between alternative actions.

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  • IBM Systems Director Service and Support Manager is a no-charge “call-home”plug-in to automatically report hardware problems and collect system service information for monitored systems (Electronic Service Agent tool). SSM can monitor, track, and capture system hardware errors and service information and report them directly to IBM support.

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  • The Mali Economic Management Credit supports the government’s efforts to improve women’s access to land and financial services. It has facilitated the preparation of an action plan that was included in the overall financial sector action plan approved in 1998, which resulted in budget support for women’s income-generation activities. The operation has also facilitated and increased women’s access to land in the Office du Niger region; and raised public awareness of women’s legal rights and the benefits of women’s participation in the develop- ment process.

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  • This volume does not rely solely on data gathered through the ATLAS question- naire, but also includes references to other published data that might confi rm or contradict and certainly supplement ATLAS fi ndings. Two especially rich sources of information that we have used are by Levav et al (2004) and Shatkin and Belfer (2004). These studies have been cited for original sources in the text. Further, in some instances examples of noteworthy programmes are provided to illustrate the possibilities for services development in the context of the issues being discussed.

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  • “Know your response”. The national health sector response to HIV should be guided by a national strategic planning process that reviews, plans and prioritizes specific interventions and service delivery models that best meet national health needs.

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  • In this report, we present and synthesize the findings from these two evaluation components with the goal of providing as complete a picture as possible of variations across facilities in relevant practices, the extent to which the demonstration sites changed their practices, and measurable effects these actions had on utilization of services and medications. This report is the first of three final reports being generated in this project. It will be followed by similar reports from the demonstrations for the asthma and diabetes practice guidelines....

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  • The importance of sustainable management of non-market forest goods and services has increased during the last few years. This is also reflected in a number of policy documents within the EU. The new EU Rural Development Regulation speaks about the “non-productive investments", as investments to enhance the public amenity value of forests. The stakeholder consultation process within the EU Forestry Strategy and the report of the strategy’s implementation identify the issue of creating markets for currently non-market forest goods and services as an emerging issue.

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  • This work includes such matters as: (1) analyzing and reporting on foreign markets (current and potential) for specific commodities produced and exported or imported by the United States; (2) conducting surveys in foreign areas of the actual and potential international supply and demand situation; (3) advising U.S. producers, exporters and Government authorities on foreign market prospects and programs and on actions which may affect adjustment of U. S.

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  • We conducted this audit to assess the effectiveness of the Agricultural Marketing Service’s (AMS) corrective actions implemented in response to our prior audit Audit Report 01601-03-Hy 1 1 of the National Organic Program (NOP). We also conducted this audit because of the size and growth of the organic industry as well as the public’s increased interest in purchasing organic products. In 2008, the organic industry had sales of $24.6 billion and had grown between 14 and 21 percent annually over the past decade.

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  • In summer 1995, as part of its response to the need for assuring that public funding of health programs be related to documented program performance, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) requested that the National Research Council convene an expert panel to examine and report on the technical issues involved in establishing performance measures in ten substantive program areas.

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  • This report describes an analysis of best commercial practices for purchasing facilities and food services that are analogous to services the Air Force purchases to support its installations. We examine whether and how commercial firms apply performance-based practices in these service contracts and draw out relevant and potentially actionable “lessons learned” for the Air Force.

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