Representation theorems

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  • This note gives a new proof of the theorem, due to Ingleton and Pi [3], that the duals of transversal matroids are precisely the strict gammoids. Section 1 de nes the relevant objects. Section 2 presents explicit representations of the families of transversal matroids and strict gammoids. Section 3 uses these representations to prove the duality of these two families.

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  • In this work we consider the problem of the approximate hedging of a contingent claim in minimum mean square deviation criterion. A theorem on martingale representation in the case of discrete time and an application of obtained result for semi-continous market model are given.

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  • The philosophy of Ebook Knowledge Representation and Reasonin is different from each of these. Here, we concentrate on reasoning as much as on representation.

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  • This is a corrected version of the first (and only) edition of the text, published by in 1984 by Springer-Verlag as Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften 278. It is available only on the internet, at the locations given on the title page. All known errors have been corrected. The first chapter has been partially revised and supplemented with additional material. The later chapters are essentially as they were in the first edition. Some additional references have been added as well (discussed below).

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  • This is the third volume of the Paris-Princeton Lectures in Mathematical Finance. The goal of this series is to publish cutting edge research in self-contained articles prepared by well known leaders in the field or promising young researchers invited by the editors. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the exposition, and the aim is at articles that can serve as an introductory reference for research in the field. The series is a result of frequent exchanges between researchers in finance and financial mathematics in Paris and Princeton.

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  • In this paper we characterize irreducible generic representations of SO2n+1 (k) (where k is a p-adic field) by means of twisted local gamma factors (the Local Converse Theorem). As applications, we prove that two irreducible generic cuspidal automorphic representations of SO2n+1 (A) (where A is the ring of adeles of a number field) are equivalent if their local components are equivalent at almost all local places (the Rigidity Theorem); and prove the Local Langlands Reciprocity Conjecture for generic supercuspidal representations of SO2n+1 (k). ...

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  • Mathematical Finance Introduction to continuous time Financial Market models Dr. Christian-Oliver Ewald School of Economics and Finance University of St.Andrews Electronic copy of this paper is available at: .Abstract These are my Lecture Notes for a course in Continuous Time Finance which I taught in the Summer term 2003 at the University of Kaiserslautern. I am aware that the notes are not yet free of error and the manuscrip needs further improvement. I am happy about any comment on the notes. Please send your comments via e-mail to

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  • When the market is not complete, there is a need to create new securities in order to complete the market. One approach is to create derivative securities on the existing securities such as European-type options. A European call option written on a security gives its holder the right( not obligation) to buy the underlying security at a prespeci ed price on a prespeci ed date; whilst a European put option written on a security gives its holder the right( not obligation) to sell the underlying security at a prespeci ed price on a prespeci ed date.

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  • Mathematical Finance is themathematical theory of financialmarkets. It tries to develop theoretical models, that can be used by “practitioners” to evaluate certain data from “real” financial markets. A model cannot be “right” or wrong, it can only be good or bad ( for practical use ). Even “bad” models can be “good” for theoretical insight.

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  • (BQ) The book is largely about the Lebesgue theory of integration, but includes a very thorough coverage of the theory of metric and topological spaces in the first two chapters. Chapters 3,4 and 5 are the heart of the book covering measure theory, the Lebesgue integral and some topics from introductory functional analysis like theory of operators and Banach spaces.

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  • Chapter 2: Recurrence Relations concentrates on fundamental mathematical properties of various types of recurrence relations which arise frequently when analyzing an algorithm through a direct mapping from a recursive representation of a program to a recursive representation of a function describing its properties.

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  • This work is intended to survey the basic theory that underlies the multitude of parameter-rich models that dominate the hydrological literature today. It is concerned with the application of the equation of continuity (which is the fundamental theorem of hydrology) in its complete form combined with a simplified representation of the principle of conservation of momentum. Since the equation of continuity can be expressed in linear form by a suitable choice of state variables and is also parameterfree, it can be readily formulated at all scales of interest.

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  • We establish new results and introduce new methods in the theory of measurable orbit equivalence, using bounded cohomology of group representations. Our rigidity statements hold for a wide (uncountable) class of groups arising from negative curvature geometry.

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  • Let k be a local field, and Γ ≤ GLn (k) a linear group over k. We prove that Γ contains either a relatively open solvable subgroup or a relatively dense free subgroup. This result has applications in dynamics, Riemannian foliations and profinite groups. Contents 1. Introduction 2. A generalization of a lemma of Tits 3. Contracting projective transformations 4. Irreducible representations of non-Zariski connected algebraic groups 5. Proof of Theorem 1.3 in the finitely generated case 6. Dense free subgroups with infinitely many generators 7.

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  • Since the 1990s, digital signals have been increasingly used not only in various industries and engineering equipments but also in everybody’s daily necessities. Mobile phones, TV receivers, music CDs, multimedia computing, etc, are the indispensable items in modern life, in which digital formats are taken as a basic form for carrying and storing information. The major reason for the advancement in the use of digital signals is the big leap forward in the popularization of microelectronics and computing technology in the past three decades.

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  • This intuitive yet rigourous introduction derives the core results of digital communication from first principles. Theory, rather than industry standards, motivates the engineering approaches, and key results are stated with all the required assumptions. The book emphasizes the geometric view, opening with the inner product, the matched filter for its computation, Parseval's theorem, the sampling theorem as an orthonormal expansion, the isometry between passband signals and their baseband representation, and the spectral-efficiency optimality of quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM).

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học tạp chí Journal of Operator Theory đề tài: Một bằng chứng của một định lý về dấu vết của đại diện mạnh mẽ tích cực functionals tuyến tính trên $ OP *- đại số $...

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  • V an isometry, as in the theorem of Plancherel, is not just a weighted L2-norm on some measure space. This is due to the fact that the back transformation Z has a different expression on each branch, and this is caused by the ramification of the domain. It is not clear to us how one could find a family of generalized eigenfunctions leading to a spectral representation of A.

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