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  • I think of myself as an educator rather than an engineer. And it has long seemed to me that, as educators, we should endeavor to bring to the student not only as much information as possible, but we should strive to make that information as accessible as possible, and as inexpensive as possible. The technology of the Internet and the World Wide Web now allows us to virtually give away knowledge! Yet, we don’t, choosing instead to write another conventional text book, and print, sell, and use it in the conventional manner.

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  • One day in 1998, Dennis Foth, the Director of Applied Arts in my faculty, dropped by my office. His unit was in the middle of redeveloping their writing program and he wondered if they should include a course about writing for media other than text. Writing for New Media, a 12-hour evening course, was born.

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  • Wavelets in Packaging, Interconnects, and EMC In this chapter we will study multiconductor, multilayered transmission lines (MMTL) employing quasi-static, quasi-dynamic, and full-wave analyses. We extract from MMTL the distributed (parasitic) parameters in matrix form of the capacitance [C], inductance [L], resistance [R] and conductance [G], or the [Z ]-parameters, [Y ]-parameters, or more generally the scattering matrix [S].

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  • In selecting furniture, your taste and sense of style is the deciding factor and our ability to fulfill custom orders is key. Let us help you make a personal statement. across all of our brands we’ll give you options with hundreds of fabric choices – wonderfully soft chenilles, 100% cotton denims, plush microfibers – and a range of colors, prints, stripes, florals and patterns to entice you. even fabrics with technology, like rowe’s wearSmart, offer attributes like cleanability, stain resistance and water resistance for real, everyday living.

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