Resolution observations

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  • Traditionally astrophysics has concerned itself with minimum time-scales measured in hours rather than seconds. This was understandable as the available recording media were slow; e.g. chart recorders and photographic plates. In the 1950s, 60s and 70s wavebands away from the optical were developed; from ground based radio studies to space and balloon borne high energy work. In contrast to optical wavelengths instrumentation in these (high and low energy) regimes was capable of time resolutions of less than a second....

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  • This paper presents a supervised pronoun anaphora resolution system based on factorial hidden Markov models (FHMMs). The basic idea is that the hidden states of FHMMs are an explicit short-term memory with an antecedent buffer containing recently described referents. Thus an observed pronoun can find its antecedent from the hidden buffer, or in terms of a generative model, the entries in the hidden buffer generate the corresponding pronouns.

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  • Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a technique where the electron-beam is transmitted through an ultra-thin specimen, interacting with specimen as it passes through it. An image is formed from the interaction of the electrons transmitted through the specimen, which is then magnified and focused onto an imaging device, such as a fluorescent screen, a photographic film, or a charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor. This technique is capable of imaging at significantly high resolution than the light microscopes, owing to the small de-Broglie wavelength of electrons....

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  • A survey conducted several years ago within the local atmospheric science community had indicated the need for a comprehensive reference book of atmospheric chemistry and physics. The present compilation of data has been prepared in an attempt to fi ll this need. While the subject, as a whole or in parts, has received an adequate treatment in textbooks, encyclopedias, and in other overviews, these publications do not generally present numerical data but discuss important observations by way of illustrations.

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  • the beginning, medicinal therapy consisteodf concoctions coadministered with incantations. Little thought was given to dissecting out the contributions of the pharmacology of the concoction from the spiritual consequences of the incantations. Eventually, potions and extracts were recognized to have predictable activity that could be observed and described objectively. Then came the capacity to estimate potency,t o l eading concentration and purification.

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  • I send you a gift, which if it answers ill the obligations I owe you, is at any rate the greatest which Niccolò Machiavelli has it in his power to offer. For in it I have expressed whatever I have learned, or have observed for myself during a long experience and constant study of human affairs. And since neither you nor any other can expect more at my hands, you cannot complain if I have not given you more. You may indeed lament the poverty of my wit, since what I have to say is but poorly said; and tax the weakness of my judgment,...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: A Fast Algorithm for Image Super-Resolution from Blurred Observations

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  • A.

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  • Carbon nanotubes were identified for the first time in 1991 by Sumio Iijima at the NEC Research Laboratory, using high resolution transmission electron microscopy, while studying the soot made from by-products obtained during the synthesis of fullerenes by the electric arc discharge method. In this soot, Iijima clearly observed the so-called multiwalled nanotubes, molecular carbon tubes with diameters in the nanometer range, consisting of carbon atoms arranged in a seamless graphitic structure rolled up to form concentric cylinders.

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  • In our quest to elucidate the origin of the universe and the formation of galaxies, particularly that of the Milky Way in which we live, astounding progress has been made in recent years through observational and theoretical studies. Not only have gigantic surveys covering a large fraction of the sky brought statistics enlightening evolutionary paths of galaxies, but powerful instruments, such as radio interferometers and ground- and space-based optical/ infrared telescopes, have been able to map individual objects with high sensitivity and spatial resolution.

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  • Improvements in atmospheric observations, further understanding of atmospheric processes, and advances in technology will continue to enhance the accuracy and resolution of atmospheric analysis and prediction. As a consequence, society will enjoy greater confidence in atmospheric information and forecasts and will be able to act more decisively and effectively.

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  • These limitations arise because the P2P world is lacking in the areas of semantics, data transformation, and data relationships, yet these are some of the core strengths of the data management community. Queries, views, and integrity constraints can be used to express relationships between existing objects and to define new objects in terms of old ones. Complex queries can be posed across multiple sources, and the results of one query can be materialized and used to answer other queries.

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  • Arapkina et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:218 http://www.nanoscalereslett.

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  • A key observation of the paper is that neither the branch nor the subsidiary structure is obviously preferable in all cases from the financial stability perspective. The key to ensuring financial stability lies instead in the design of effective mechanisms to oversee and resolve cross-border banking groups. These include effective home/host supervision and information-sharing arrangements and satisfactory cross-border resolution regimes and burden- sharing agreements.

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  • The solution structure of a recombinant mutant [rSP-C (FFI)] of the human surfactant-associatedprotein C (hSP-C) in a mixture of chloroform andmethanol was determined by high-resolution NMR spectroscopy. rSP-C (FFI) contains a helix from Phe5 to theC-terminal Leu34 andis thus longer by two residues than the helix of porcine SP-C (pSP-C), which is reportedto start at Val7 in the same solvent. Two sets of resonances at the C-terminus of the peptide were observed, which are explained by low-order oligomerization, probably dimerization of rSP-C (FFI) in its a-helical form. ...

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  • The structures of MornigaM and the MornigaM–mannose complex have been determined at 1.8 A˚ and 2.0 A˚ resolution, respectively. Both struc-tures adopt the typical b-prism motif found in other jacalin-related lectins and their tetrameric assembly closely resembles that of jacalin. The carbo-hydrate-binding cavity of MornigaM readily binds mannose. No major structural rearrangements can be observed in MornigaM upon binding of mannose. These results allow corroboration of the structure–function rela-tionships within the small group of Moraceae lectins....

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  • The General Meeting adopts only resolutions placed in the agenda. Valid resolutions in respect of matters which were not mentioned on the agenda in the convocation letter or which have not been published in the same manner and with due observance of the period set for convocation, can only be taken by unanimous votes in a meeting where the entire issued capital is represented. Resolutions are passed by an absolute majority of the votes cast, unless the Dutch law or the Articles of Association prescribe a greater majority. The agenda contains such business as may be placed...

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  • bR, N-like and O-like intermediate states of [ 15 N]methionine-labelled wild type and D85N⁄T170C bacteriorhodopsin were accumulated in native membranes by controlling the pH of the preparations. 15 N cross polariza-tion and magic angle sample spinning (CPMAS) NMR spectroscopy allowed resolution of seven out of nine resonances in the bR-state. It was possible to assign some of the observed resonances by using 13 C⁄ 15 N rota

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  • All higher organisms divide major biochemical steps into different cellular compartments and often use tissue-specific division of metabolism for the same purpose.Such spatial resolution is accompanied with temporal changes of meta-bolite synthesis in response to environmental stimuli or developmental needs.Although analyses of primary and secondary gene products, i.e. transcripts, proteins, and metabolites, regularly do not cope with this spatial and temporal resolution, these gene products are often observed to be highly coregulated forming complex networks....

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