Rf power amplifiers

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  • Lecture "Radio Communication Circuits: Chapter 1 & 2" presents the following contents: Introduction to Communication Systems (Elements of Communication Systems, Radio Frequency Metrics, Parallel-Tuned Circuit,...), Radio Frequency (RF) Power Amplifiers (Class C Amplifier, Class D Amplifier). Invite you to consult.

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  • The passive components used in electronic circuits all make use of one or more of the three fundamental phenomena of resistance, capacitance and inductance. Some components depend for their operation on the interaction between one of these electrical properties and a mechanical property, e.g. crystals used as frequency standards, piezo-electric sounders, etc. The following sections look at components particularly in the light of their suitability for use at RFs, and at how they can be inter-connected for various purposes....

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  • Power amplifiers consist of an active device, biasing networks and input and output reactive filtering and transforming networks. These networks are effectively bandpass filters offering the required impedance transformation. They are also designed to offer some frequency shaping to compensate for the roll-off in the active device frequency response if broadband operation is required. However the function of each network is quite different. The input circuit usually provides impedance matching to achieve low input return loss and good power transfer. ...

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  • Modern large signal modelling packages offer extremely accurate results if good models are provided. However, they are often slow when optimisation is required. It would therefore be very useful to be able to optimise the performance of a circuit, such as the load network for a power amplifier, by being able to vary the important parameter values as well as the frequency and then to observe the waveforms on an ‘oscilloscope-like’ display in real time.

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  • Temperature measurement and control are vital in many industrial processes. Accurate control of the temperature is essential in nearly all chemical processes. In some applications, an accuracy of around 5-10~ may be acceptable. There are also some industrial applications which require better than 4-1 ~ accuracy.

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  • TRANSISTOR AMPLIFIER DESIGN Ampli®ers are among the basic building blocks of an electronic system. While vacuum tube devices are still used in high-power microwave circuits, transistorsÐ silicon bipolar junction devices, GaAs MESFET, heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT), and high-electron mobility transistors (HEMT)Ðare common in many RF and microwave designs. This chapter begins with the stability considerations for a two-port network and the formulation of relevant conditions in terms of its scattering parameters....

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  • The purpose of the receiver front end is to ®lter and amplify the incoming GPS signal. As was pointed out earlier, the GPS signal power available at the receiver antenna output terminals is extremely small and can easily be masked by interference from more powerful signals adjacent to the GPS passband. To make the signal usable for digital processing at a later stage, RF ampli®cation in the receiver front end provides as

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