Rigid string

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  • The correct forms of the equations of motion, of the boundary conditions and of the reconserved energy - momentum for the a classical rigid string are given. Certain consequences of the equations of motion are presented. We also point out that in Hamilton description of ˙ the rigid string the usual time evolution equation F = {F, H} is modified by some boundary terms

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  • This paper is concerned with learning categorial grammars in Gold’s model. In contrast to k-valued classical categorial grammars, k-valued Lambek grammars are not learnable from strings. This result was shown for several variants but the question was left open for the weakest one, the non-associative variant NL. We show that the class of rigid and kvalued NL grammars is unlearnable from strings, for each k; this result is obtained by a specific construction of a limit point in the considered class, that does not use product operator. ...

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  • In (Kanazawa, 1998) it was shown that rigid Classical Categorial Grammars are learnable (in the sense of (Gold, 1967)) from strings. Surprisingly there are recent negative results for, among others, rigid associative Lamb ek (L) grammars. In this paper the non-lcarnability of the class of rigid grammars in LP (Associative-Commutative Lambek calculus) and LP0 (same, but allowing the empty sequent in derivations) will be shown.

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