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  • ROBERT JONES. A skilled makeup virtuoso, Robert Jones has worked with the best in the industry ... to a modeling agency to do hair and makeup for a photo shoot ...

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  • The author wishes to acknowledge the following professors who provided insightful reviews of individual chapters of this and previous editions. Without your concern and thoughtful commentary, this effort for our students would not have been possible: Thomas Jones, University of Nevada at Las Vegas; Robert McMullin, East Stroudsburg State University; and James Reid, New York City Technical College.

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  • This handbook is the product of a team effort. Jock Anderson, Howard Barnum, John Dixon, and Jee-Peng Tan contributed to the chapters on risk analysis, assessment of health projects, environmental externalities, and on the assessment of education projects, respectively, with valuable input on the latter from George Psacharopoulos. Rodrigo Archondo-Callao, Shantayanan Devarajan, Colin A. Gannon, Pablo Guerrero, Kenneth M. Gwilliam, Ian G. Heggie, David Hughart, Howard Jones, Ulrich Lachler, Julio Linares, Ricardo Martin, Roberto Mosse, A. Mead Over, David A.

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  • We acknowledge with gratitude the assistance of the following persons who have given their time and expertise to read and comment upon different portions of the manuscript: Froylan Castaneda (Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, Italy); Eleanor Jones (Environmental Solutions Ltd.

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  • The publisher thanks the following individuals who provided time, expertise, and resources to help make the Reporting Made Easy series possible. Julie Beehler and John Huck (Anheuser-Busch, Inc.) Ron Greenfield, David Jones, and Ben Matteson (Anthro Corporation) Ann Zediker and Chuck Marx (Arthur Andersen, LLP) Bruce Scott (BrightStar Information Technology Group, Inc.) Amy Vorbeck (CCAi, Inc.) Nancy White (Chevron Corporation) Tom Eisenhart (Lucent Technologies, Inc.

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  • Kiểm toán Nhóm: Sylvain Michaud, CA, CIA, Giám đốc điều hành nội bộ Kiểm toán Raffaella Bertorelli, CA, CIA, tài chính Kiểm toán viên cao cấp Robert Houlihan, CGA, tài chính Kiểm toán Liana Jones, CIA, CFE, tài chính Kiểm toán Dave Coderre, Quản trị Kinh doanh, quản lý liên tục kiểm toán Debra Debney, CGA, Kiểm toán

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  • This report was greatly enhanced by input from participants at the workshop and public committee meetings held as part of this study: Ludmilla Aristilde, E. Scott Bair, Anthony R. Berger, Gor- don E. Brown, Jr., Herbert T. Buxton, Margaret Cavanaugh, Rachael Craig, Ellen Marie Douglas, Barbara L. Dutrow, Jonathan E. Ericson, Rodney C. Ewing, Robert B. Finkelman, Charles P. Gerba, Charles G. Groat, Linda C.S. Gundersen, Mickey Gunter, Stephen C. Guptill, John A. Haynes, Ri- chard J. Jackson, Michael Jerrett, K. Bruce Jones, Ann Marie Kimball, P. Patrick Leahy, Louise S.

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  • Những người ủng hộ chính của trường tiền tệ được Samuel Jones Loyd (sau này là Chúa Overstone), George Warde Norman và Robert Torrens. Họ cho rằng tiền có nguồn gốc, và nên lấy được giá trị của nó, từ kim loại.

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