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  • This book presented techniques and experimental results which have been pursued for the purpose of evolutionary robotics. Evolutionary robotics is a new method for the automatic creation of autonomous robots. When executing tasks by autonomous robots, we can make the robot learn what to do so as to complete the task from interactions with its environment, but not manually pre-program for all situations.

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  • Báo cáo trình bầy một ứng dụng mạng nơ ron trong điều khiển hệ thống bao gồm tay máy có gắn camera (hand-eye robot) để quan sát và bám theo mục tiêu. Phương thức điều khiển dựa trên nguyên lý tuyến tính hoá tín hiệu ảnh phản hồi. Mạng nơ ron được đưa vào nhằm giảm nhẹ tác động của những thành phần ngẫu nhiên, cho phép sử dụng các tham số có độ chính xác hạn chế vào trong mô hình động học của hệ thống. Mạng nơ ron được xem như là một yếu tố...

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  • The development of a humanoid robot in the collaborative research centre 588 has the objective of creating a machine that closely cooperates with humans. The collaborative research centre 588 (SFB588) “Humanoid Robots – learning and cooperating multi-modal robots” was established by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in Karlsruhe in May 2000.

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  • The advancements of the research on Mobile Robots with high degree of autonomy is possible, on one hand, due to its broad perspective of applications and, on other hand, due to the development and reduction of costs on computer, electronic and mechanic systems. Together with the research in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, this scenario currently enables the proposition of ambitious and complex robotic projects.

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  • In this book for the optimisation of assembly conveyor lines we are dealing with series part production featured by a medium complexity degree and a medium number of individual components and assembly technique alternatives. Modern production techniques for medium to large series products or mass production usually involve assembly conveyor lines. They still use hand labour more or less automated. The aim is to have monotonous and similar in type operations or such causing fatigue, stress and production traumas, gradually replaced by automated assembly cycles, means and techniques.

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  • The telephone wouldn't stop ringing. Over and over it buzzed into my sleep-fogged brain, and I couldn't shut it out. Finally, in self-defense I woke up, my hand groping for the receiver. This etext was produced from If Worlds of Science Fiction July 1952. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.

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  • The field of industrial electronics covers a plethora of problems that must be solved in industrial practice. Electronic systems control many processes that begin with the control of relatively simple devices like electric motors, through more complicated devices such as robots, to the control of entire fabrication processes. An industrial electronics engineer deals with many physical phenomena as well as the sensors that are used to measure them.

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  • Serial Manipulators Among all robotic mechanical systems mentioned above, robotic manipulators deserve special attention, for various reasons. One is their relevance in industry. Another is that they constitute the simplest of all robotic mechanical systems, and hence, appear as constituents of other, more complex robotic mechanical systems, as will become apparent in later chapters. A manipulator, in general, is a mechanical system aimed at manipulating objects. Manipulating, in turn, means to move something with one’s hands, as it derives from the Latin manus, meaning hand.

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  • Data fusion is a research area that is growing rapidly due to the fact that it provides means for combining pieces of information coming from different sources/sensors, resulting in ameliorated overall system performance (improved decision making, increased detection capabilities, diminished number of false alarms, improved reliability in various situations at hand) with respect to separate sensors/sources.

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  • Rapid technical advances in medical imaging, including its growing application to drug/gene therapy and invasive/interventional procedures, have attracted significant interest in close integration of research in life sciences, medicine, physical sciences and engineering. This is motivated by the clinical and basic science research requirement of obtaining more detailed physiological and pathological information about the body for establishing localized genesis and progression of diseases.

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  • Mobile robots provide a motivating and interesting tool to perform laboratory experiments within the context of mechatronics, microelectronics and control. Students study this particular example in system design and integration tasks at different levels of complexity. This paper describes a set of workshops in which mobile robots were constructed in order to introduce students by hands-on experiments to mechatronic systems and control system design. This was tackled in combination with a teleoperations environment for rovers. Such...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Development and pilot testing of HEXORR: Hand EXOskeleton Rehabilitation Robot

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  • The second problem with accounting profits is that, unlike cash flow, they exclude investments. A growing business will invariably have to invest more in working and fixed capital, so that it could easily have positive earnings, but cash could be draining away. On the other hand, depreciation is deducted in the calculation of earnings even though it does not involve any cash outlay. So for a mature business with assets still being depreciated, earnings could well understate cash flows. Third, earnings ignore the time value of money.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Development and pilot testing of HEXORR: Hand EXOskeleton Rehabilitation Robot

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Intelligent mechatronics book" has contents: A mechatronic perspective on robotic arms and end-effectors; a torque cancelling system for quick-motion robots; blind source separation based classification scheme for myoelectric prosthesis hand,... and other contents.

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  • 84 Chapter 2: The HTML Language Example 2.21: A table with spanned rows and columns (continued) Venus 108,200,000.72225 days243 days Earth 149,600,0001.0365 days24 hrs Mars 227,900,0001.5687 days24.6 hrs Figure 2.21 shows how the code in Example 2.21 appears in a browser. Figure 2.21: A table with spanned rows and columns number of cells in a row or column. This generally yields unpredictable results. Initially a web designer’s best friend, tables have fallen out of favor recently because robots and editing software have difficulty understanding them due to their complexity.

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  • ĐỀ THI ĐẠI HỌC TEST 15 (2) Read the passage and choose the best answer. Champagne, the king of wines and wine of kings, tastes all the better when it is drunk from an elegant, fine-quality glass. That, however, is only one of thousands of ways glass is used today. And for all those different uses, many different types of glass are produced. Glass products are manufactured in different ways. Today, glass is blown by hand in the traditional way which the Roman first developed, but now this work is done by robots, too.

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  • This book is intended for both mechanical and electronics engineers (researchers and graduate students) who wish to get some training in smart electronics devices embedded in mechanical systems. The book is partly a textbook and partly a monograph. It is a textbook as it provides a focused interdisciplinary experience for undergraduates that encompass important elements from traditional courses as well as contemporary developments in Mechtronics.

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  • "Computer, draw a robot!" said my young cousin to the first computer he had ever seen. (Since I had instructed it not to listen to strangers, the computer wasn't receptive to this command.) If you're like me, your first thought would be "how silly" or "how funny"—but this is a mistake. Our educated and modeled brains have learned how to work with computers to a certain degree. People are being educated to accommodate computers, to compensate for the lack of ability of computers to understand humans.

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  • AS HIS COACH sped through dusk-darkened Jersey meadows, Ronald Lovegear, fourteen years with Allied Electronix, embraced his burden with both arms, silently cursing the engineer who was deliberately rocking the train. In his thin chest he nursed the conviction that someday there would be an intelligent robot at the throttle of the 5:10 to Philadelphia. He carefully moved one hand and took a notebook from his pocket. That would be a good thing to mention at the office next Monday.

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